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Subject: Classic Review: Intrusion
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 17:24:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Sanctum Films
1 hour 

Housewife rape fodder- Kim Pope, Lynn Bishop 

May I sell you a rape maam? I'll give you a 45 minute free trial
period.- Michael Cattorre 

Hubby- Levi Richards 

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This movie is extremely realistic since it takes place only in one home
in real time. Housewives should not watch this unless of course they
like be roughed up and abused! 

The film starts off with credits and then shows Michael Cattorre, the
rapist, driving down the highway heading for New York. Some real kick
ass spacey type 70's music starts playing, which also continues
throughout the whole movie, and it definately sets the mood for the
jolly good time to come. 

You now see a balding guy, Levi Richards the husband of Kim, come out to
get the newspaper then go back into his house to greet his wife, Kim
Pope. He offers to get her coffee or food but she is not ready for them
yet. That music now is causing my brain cells to pulsate, it is so
awesome!   Levi asks Kim about the phone ringing at midnight the night
before and she tells him it was her friend Gail, played by Lynn Bishop.
Gail it appears will be staying with Kim while hubby is away on
business. He asks her not to go out drinking with Gail while he is away.
They talk about Gail's car being in the shop recently because Gail
ordered a car with a stick shift and got an automatic by accident. They
both will get a stick shift later on alright but I'm sure it will not be
by request! Hubby and Kim start kissing and he rubs her ass. Kim has an
o.k. body with medium natural tits. He continues on to her waiting
bossoms then she reciprocates by sucking on his nipples. He gets up on
the kitchen counter and she shifts his stick in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear in
her mouth and tastes his ball sacks. You now see the rapist's car
driving again with the music even louder. Kim wants to go in the bedroom
cause the neighbors might see through the window. He is adventurous so
he wants to grind their gears on the living room floor (he sure is a
risk taker). He goes for her mounds of flesh once on the floor and then
eats her hairpie. Kim rubs his ass while he is busy with her delights.
She lays stomach first on ground and blows him again. Car is shown
driving again. Hubby spoons her then some legs up how the hell are you
missionary. He lets go of his fuel tank on her cunt then they hug (isn't
that sweet?) 

Kim now after awhile sees hubby out the door for his business trip.
Hubby says, "Are you sure you are gonna be alright" as Kim responds, "Oh
sure Gail's gonna be here in an hour". That's a reality check for folks
who believe the world revolves around their time schedule. The big bad
rapist can strike at any hour. The rapist watches from a distance as
hubby says goodbye to Kim. 

Kim starts vacuming the house while rapist prepares his briefcase for
the toga party to come and packs some rope, pliers, and knives. The
sheets will be provided by the woman of the house. He walks to the house
and snips the telephone wires with the pliers. Ding dong the rapist is
here and she opens the door. He tells her he is an insurance salesman
but she says she is busy but he persists and bursts through the door. He
asks her if anybody else is in the house or if anybody is expected and
she says no. He takes her upstairs and ties her hands behind her back.
Kim begs him to take anything he wants and leave. He kind of acts calm
but brutal at the same time (what a combo). The rapist tells her, "I'm
gonna have to undress you, gag you but it won't be for long". (he sure
is a nice guy concerned about her not finishing her vacuuming!). She
lies down on the bed and keeps ballin her eyes out. He asks her where
she keeps her jewelery and valuables and she tells him. He gags her with
some black cloth and puts her in the bathroom. Now the next thing that
happens reeeaaally shows what a nice rapist he is. As he tries to close
the bathroom door it hits her foot and he says he is sorry! He goes
through her jewelery,wallet and silverware and puts it in his briefcase.
After going back upstairs he takes Kim out of the bathroom and throws
her on the bed. The nice rapist now gropes and kisses her all over and
tells her she has a beautiful body. Kim is meanwhile struggling, yelling
and crying her eyes to death. He then tries to make her suck his cock
after he takes her gag off. Kim says, "Why are you doing this, you
promised you wouldn't hurt me" and he says ever so eloquently "I gotta
do this, I only want to make you feel good." The guy now rubs his rape
stick all over her facebut she says she can't suck it (didn't her mom
and dad teach her to say won't not "can't" when she of course can by
opening her fucking mouth!). He then proceeds to brutally slap her face
with his dick as she really lets the tears flow for about a minute. Kim
has pissed him off now and he ties her arms and legs to the bed
spreading her wide open for the assault to come. She still resists
giving this nice gentleman a good warm oral receptacle for his pleasure
so he takes out a knife and starts rubbing it on her leg. He then takes
the blunt end of the knife and fucks her poontang with it (it is so
cool!). As the knife fuck stops she finally gives in and sucks him as he
holds the knife in one hand and the other hand is on the bedpost. He
really smacks her face hard as her face fucks her. All of a sudden the
doorbell rings and she gets a break. He then tells her that she lied to
him about not expecting anybody. Well she didn't expect him did she! He
gags her again and gets dressed to go downstairs. 

It is Gail at the door and he says he is now from Carpet World but right
after that he puts his hand over her mouth and to do what he says or he
will kill Kim. He ties Gail's hands behind her back once upstairs and
undresses her then lies on down on a chair in the room. Kim is not
forgotten as he leaves Gail and resumes his much deserved cock sucking
with Kim as he fingers her snatch. It is time for some missionary
fucking as she cries out again. He stops as he sees Gail all bored and
lonely and says, "Sorry if I have been ignoring you!". The rapist pulls
off the rest of his clothes and starts kissing Gail's neck and
shoulders. He sucks on her boobiesand he pulls the pants that are still
around her ankles off. Coochie eating is up next on his agenda then he
pulls her down on the floor for some missionary pumping. He pulls on her
hair a little here. Time for some cocksuckin and he wants her hands free
for this one. He tells her, "One yell and you're dead!" and he cuts the
ropes tied behind her back. Gail blows his deadly weapon and gargles his
gahonies while he holds his knife above her head. He rolls her over for
some doggystyle as he holds the knife in his mouth. The rapin fella now
flips the bitch back to missionary and licks her face all over. He lets
his DNA shoot on her belly. The music stops playin and he relaxes a bit
and has a threesome planned. Gail is ordered to have some sapphic sex
with Kim at knifepoint. Gail sucks Kim's titties then eats her friend's
pussy as he jerks off and Gail helps him. He now pulls Gail off and eats
some clit for himself as Gail gives him oral pleasures. 

You then get to see flashbacks of the earlier parts of the movie
intertwined with this action. The crazy ass spacey music is back on and
reaches its loudest and fastest peak as Gail gets a hold of his knife
and plunges it into him 3 times with uhhh uuhhhh uhhhhhh sounds. It goes
to a pieceful picture of outside the house with birds chirping as
everything appears ok in the world. It is a great contrast to what as
been shown. 



"She murdered herself in her sleep"
"Oh, she committed suicide"
"No! It was murder all right, 
 she hated herself!" 

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