Buttman Goes To Barcelona

From: amutimer@aol.com (AMutimer)
Subject: Buttman goes to Barcelona; the worst
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 98 17:25:28
Organization: AOL, http://www.aol.co.uk

I reckon I've seen 15 Buttman vids and pretty much every one of them does the
trick at some point or other, but not this one. There's not one big arse in it,
one or two really rough girls and a mental defective calling himself Hatman who
does the lion's share of the porking and who is, without doubt, the ugliest
looking git ever to deface one of John's films. 

"Dis...gus...ting" - Observer on Sunday

"Shite"  - Daily Telegraph 

"Hatman is a cunt" - The Times 

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Created: October 12, 1998 -- 10:56 AM