Private Gold #24: Operation Sex Siege

From: (Morgoth)
Subject: review: Private Gold #24 - "Operation Sex Siege"
Date: Sun, 24 May 98 18:00:14
Organization: Middle Earth

Private Gold #24 - "Operation Sex Siege"
mini-review by Morgoth

Pros: interesting story, very attractive women, lots of messy facials,
     pretty good introduction for those unused to big-budget porn
Cons: maybe too much plot, guns in a porn movie?, some poor lighting

*[--In preface, please forgive the short length of my reviews.  I don't take
*[--notes as we watch.  This is just a brief overview.

Both my girlfriend and I loved Nic Cramer's "Private Dancer."  It takes
romantic porn to a new level.  We were kinda skeptical about "Operation
Sex Siege," but pleasantly surprised.

This film tries very hard to be "Under Siege," but with lots of fucking. 
The action takes place on a cruiseship.  Gun fights and even some outright
killing are sprinkled throughout the movie.  If you can't stand porn
without some kind of plot, this is a movie made just for you.  On the
other hand, if you hate plot, try this one anyway.  The sex is worthwhile
and you can FF through the firefights.

The women in this movie are bouncy and happy, some of them toting guns
around and trying very hard to look serious.  The story is confusing and
sometimes laughable, but that's part of the fun.  The women are all
beautiful--right up there with the Private's crème de la crème.

Gratefully, some of the action takes place outside, but several scenes
suffer from the same shot-inside-a-boat bad lighting.  The camera work is

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