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Three films by Steve Perry.

Forbidden Desires

Frans recommended Private's "Forbidden Desires". Thanks Frans, you made my weekend. This is a great film, in the best Euro tradition: very raunchy, genrally very pretty to gorgeous NATURAL girls and tremendous camera work. What can I say.

This is a British film directed by Steve Perry. I'm pretty certain that the poor Brits will see none of it :-). There are several outdoor shots in London (not sex scenes, just filler) that made me totally depressed and homesick (well, I'm not British but I've lived there for a very long while). Damned Drajica was strolling about Knightsbridge and through Kensington Gardens and gracing the exact spots I was cherishing all these years. Damn, damn, damn. All those strolls in Hyde Park and I never bumped into Drajica :-)

The cast is a mix of Brits (2 of them) and Continental Europeans, I believe mostly Eastern ones. April Summer has an accent that reminds me of Slavic origin. Drajica is a Eastern European name as well; what is she - Croatian?

[Update 3/9/95 - Nope, she's French of Yuogoslav-Hungarian descent. She is also known as Draghixa, Drajica Laurent and other aliases]
Anyway the really pretty ladies are April Summer, a very nice brunette with an OK boob job (OK in that it's not gross), Lana Cox a positively *gorgeous* blonde and of course, Drajica Laurent, a wonder of nature. She is an extremely pretty girl, but not in a glamorous sort of way. Well, her body is a bit incredible :-) with big, natural breasts and great legs, but her face is more of the homely, cute high-school girl rather than the glitzy model. Adorable -particularly when she graces us with that rare smile. I believe she's been in other videos, such as "Gang Bang Face Bath No. *", some "Up 'n Cummers" thing or other, but this was the first time I saw her.

There is not much of a plot (or dialogue for that matter) but who gives a flying fuck for plot when the sex is so hot? Before we get to the good stuff let me go through the filler scenes: Drajica blows a flight attendant and gets a facial; a rather plain dark girl, Rosanna Melendez -one of the two Brits- does a bunch of guys and is DPed.

[Update 6/6/1995. I was unfair. Rosanna is actually quite attractive: her body is a knockout and her face isn't that bad either. In this film she wore a pair of unflattering spectacles (which I normally like) and she wan not cast in a very flattering light. She's no Drajica to be sure, but she's certainly not chopped liver either]
OK now for the good stuff. A fella does April Summer, including reverse cowgirl and anal, while Drajica watches (but NOT masturbating). Then there is a gym scene with a bunch of guys, Drajica and another girl, Lydia Chanel. Not much of a face but great body. Lydia does reverse cowgirl and does a long and hard DP. Drajica meanwhile does a bit of fucking and sucking but the camera is mostly away from her (damn). No anal for her here. All this while April Summer is serviced by another girl, Samantha Shamal (boring scene and the continuous cuts between this and the gym scene are distracting).

Then a fella does Drajica in a hallway while April watches from a hidden camera and masturbates. Here we get the works. Drajica takes off all her clothes (there is even some brief stuff for foot fetishists), and does the whole rotation: doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl (wow!). About a minute of nicely filmed anal ends with a facial. Great scene.

Finally a large orgy: April, Drajica, 4 other ladies and the gorgeous Lana Cox. I'm sure I've seen her elsewhere, perhaps in one of those stupid Electric Blue video magazines. Anyway she has a classic face, a brilliant complexion and a tremendous body, complete with small, shapely breasts that are in perfect balance with her athletic body. This gorgeous creature first strips and then goes down on Drajica while the people in the orgy get started. The g-g scene is brief but thoroughly enjoyable. Lana Cox then disappears and does not have any b-g sex. Bollocks.

Meanwhile the orgy has got to full swing. It is nicely filmed but it's mostly a lot of pairs, no big chains and the like. Still it's very nice. Drajica does a reverse cowgirl with anal insertion (wow!!!), while almost every other lady also does a reverse cowgirl too. Only one other girl does anal, one Kai Nobel, a red-haired freckled Swede. She also does RAC (i.e. RC with anal insertion), then some DP, then some more doggy anal. She smiles throughout the scene. Well done. The scene (and the film) end somewhat abruptly but overall everybody is happy at the end.

So is the Emperor who gives this little smut treasure a 3.35. Thoroughly enjoyable raunch, it does not suffer from the usual Private shortcoming (dubbing) since it's a British film. However it lacks that captivating intensity that is needed to catapult it towards 3.50. Still, a must rent.

[Update 3/9/95. US versions of the film have cut out a couple of scenes. You have been warned. The above is the *US* version review - lucky Europeans]
[Update 5/28/1996. I have seen the original, uncut, version at last. There are two scenes missing: the first involves Kai Nobel, Erica Piri and a Fella doing it in and around a Rolls. The scene was apparently cut because the girls are supposed to be "schoolgirls" (no, I'm not joking). The other scene cut is from the end of the tape and explains the abrupt ending that I mentioned in the original review above. It involves Draghixa, April Summer and the ubiquitous Eric Weiss. This was most probably cut because Draghixa is supposed to be April's stepdaughter in the film (that's right, not even a real daughter). Self-censorship is getting sillier by the day

The additional scenes are nice and make the movie seem more complete. I therefore must hike up the rating to 3.35 (from 3.25)]

Lady in Spain

I will not review "Lady in Spain" at length, since Frans has done an excellent job in itemizing each scene and examining it in detail. I will just give my general impressions.

Thanks again Frans, as expected your recommendation was great. "Lady in Spain" is a Steve Perry film, the twin of "Forbidden Desires", recently the subject of an Imperial review. It is a significantly better effort than its sibling. First off, all girls look their best. Even Rosanna Melendes, owner of an admittedly plain face, turns out to have a most delightful figure.

[Update 6/6/1994. There I go again. Somebody put pepper in my mouth please :-)]
Drajica is of course the main attraction; her incredible body is shown in its full glory at great lenghts. I will probably shock Frans however, by saying that the real queen of the movie turns out to be the other Brit, Stephanie Hart-Rogers. She is an extremely beautiful lady, with a gorgeous body of her own. Although certainly not as stunning as Drajica, Steph has a most delightful smile, and thankfully she graces us very frequently with it.

[Update 6/6/1995. I was wrong again. Stephanie (known as SH-R to her fans) is FAR prettier than Draghixa. So sue me, Frans :-)]
Smiles are of course a well-known "Private" trademark, but this is exceptional even by their lofty standards. The Emperor was delighted. Also smiling sweetly is Samantha Shamal, another lovely creature. She was also featured in "Forbidden Desires" but unfortunately only in a semi-lame girl-girl scene (perhaps in the final orgy as well, but as usual my memory is crap). Here we get a good, hearty dose of Sam.

All the expected Euro advantages are here. Most scenes are outdoors (and in lovely Spain to boot!), the camera work beats the crap out of any American lamer (though Steve Perry uncharacteristically overdoes it a bit with the close-up); there is plenty of anal (4 anals +1 DP) but it's certainly not central to the movie, exactly as I like it. Another big plus is the orgy in the end.

The Imperial Verdict: "Forbidden Desires" was a must-rent, though a marginal purchase (IMHO always). "Lady in Spain" is a definite keeper, particularly for our American crowd. Rating: 3.45

Money for Nothing - Sex for Free

"Money for Nothing - Sex for Free" is the -silly- title of the third Steve Perry movie available through Private Films. No Draghixa this time, Frans, but your good pal :-) Kai Nobel and the always charming Stephanie Hart-Rodgers. In addition there is a very pretty Indian (I believe) gal whose hopelessly exotic name I have forgotten (of course :-)) and another nice brunette whose name I have again forgotten. The film is again set in Spain and has all the usual Private advantages: RCs, RACs, DPs (Stephanie does one, to my delight), anals (the one or Kai Nobel is brilliantly filmed and *long*), outdoor scenes, smiling at the camera, good full-body shots, a big orgy etc etc (I could go on). The big star like Draghixa is missing however (Kai just doesn't cut it) and somehow this is not as memorable an endeavour as its brethren "Forbidden Desires" and "Lady in Spain". Still, it's a must rent and a possible purchase for those among us who have a more liberal budget. Rating: 3.15

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