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From: (Imperator)
Date: Fri,  2 Sep 1994 05:02:24 UTC

Laying the Ghost

Probably the best Savannah movie I have seen. A very cute John Leslie vehicle for a bunch of very hot stars: Savannah, Angela Summers (yum), Taylor Wayne (pre-boobjob and looking mighty cute I might add), Brigitte Aime, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, TT Boy, Peter North and a couple more. The plot is quite entertaining for a fuck video -the FF button should remain unused throughout. I particularly enjoy Taylor's Britishisms.

The sex is very hot -- well done John: Savannah actually smiles a lot and, if you can believe that, looks rather inspired during some of the sex scenes. She has 3 of them: a 3some with Brigitte and a fella, a mmf (BJ only) with TT Boy and Peter North and a normal b-g with Byron. The latter is the least enjoyable of her scenes, since she is more close to her normal, subdued self, and her scene alternates with a very nice Taylor Wayne-Angela Summers g-g and thus gets the short end of the stick (so to speak). Angela also does a *great* 3some with the ghosts (TT and North) in the final scene of the film. As usual she looks gorgeous and very enthusiastic.

Rating 3.05; the only real flaw is that Taylor keeps her top on all bloody time (apparently she used to be ashamed of her original tits -WHY?- and so got the boobjob; read her interview in Rich's site).

Legal Tender

Poor movie but at least Victoria Paris gets a digit up the butt. I'm not kidding; Buck Adams is the culprit. Also in the flick are Raqven Richards, Aja, Tracy Adams (semi-lean), Peter North, Jerry Butler (disgustingly fat and sweaty and honestly gimme-Ron-Jeremy-any-day-at-least- he-is-funny). Rest of movie sucks ass (no, not literally :-)).

A 2.45

Ready Freddy

After the fingering comes the rimming. Gawd, will Victoria Paris ever act as if she is *feeling* something? Rimmer is Sunny McKay. Also in the movie are Heather Lere and the universally unpopular T.T Boy. Not bad

Rating: 2.80

Put it in Gere

Yep, Randy West puts it indeed. Up her butt to be precise. The movie does not suck as much as some people have claimed in asm. I was so biased against this movie that only the 85 cent Greek rental convinced me to give it a try. The main scene is not that horrible, and is longish. Randy seems excited at the prospect of invading Ashlyn's prosterior (who wouldn't?) and there is lots of rimming and ass-fingering prior to the main act. Definetely *not* the worst anal scene with Ashlyn; "Realities" and "Voices in my bed" sucked more -"Two Women" on the other hand was far better. Rest of the movie is again not as bad as I expected. But then I like Gail Force so I may be biased. In any case I give it a 2.90 (I am an Ashlyn fan)

Imperator on: The "Debbie Does Dallas" Series

Debbie Does Dallas

The original Bambi Woods silliness. I don't know why, but it still has an irresistible appeal to me and most people I know. A friend has a theory that porn hounds tend to identify with R.Bolla's character (a dorky shopkeeper that dreams of being a football player and nailing the top cheerleader) and thus revel when he finally scores. I will agree and add that high school is a most erotic setting for almost any male. *My* theory is that most males (regardless of looks or popularity) have some "bitter" memoriues of the time: girls grow up faster than guys and naturally prefer to date older fellas rather than their own immature age group. Even if he gets dates at 15 a guy will usually have at least one girl in his class he idolizes and places on a pedestral (cheerleaders are a usual choice -this only a guess since in Europe the institution is unknown :-)) and who'll be unattainbale for him (usually because she'll date some 20 year old with a mean bike :-).

In any case the sex is nice, though Bambi is only in the last scene (perhaps this anticipation to see her finally do it actually adds to the film's erotic content). I liked it. Rating: 3.50

Debbie Does Dallas 2

I hadn't seen this for ages: wonderful movie Like the original, the plot is cute but rather silly; Debbie goes to her aunt's bordello and snoops around until she finally becomes one of the girls there, Bambi Woods is gorgeous (drool, drool), Ron Jeremy is funny and -gasp- thin (he's still hairy of course :-)) and so does not damage the film. There is quite a bit of NC-stuff that VCA amazingly has left uncut. All of Bambi's scenes are excellent, particularly her 3-girl scene in the cathouse. On a good day I'd give it a 4.00 but the silly plost really doesn't let me be as liberal as I would like to be. Call it 3.60

Debbie Does Dallas 3

How can a good movie suck? Answer: you get a good movie, with good looking actors, including Joanna Storm looking absolutely ravishing, a youthful (=not the usual sweating and bloated version) Jerry Butler and Kristara Barrington; add Ron Jeremy (still thin) and his famous lecture to the cows, great camera work and nice position selection and then call it a Debbie sequel without any Bambi Woods scenes. Oh sure, there *is* one but it is a REPEAT of one of the scenes in Debbie 2 (the one with R.Bolla, yet again). Aarrrgh. Anyway, a 2.50 'cos I'm still annoyed (it's not bad really, so do rent it if you don't mind the repetition).

New Wave Hookers 2

Great trailer, disappointing movie. Cameo, Savannah, Madison (pre-boob inflation and tongue piercing), Sandra Scream, Danielle Rogers and more. Honestly I expected better sex from a Dark Bros film. This thing was subdued. The plot was cute though, as usual. A 2.70. Try not to think what might have been (as I did), it will spoil the fun (as it did for me). Danielle looks her best ever in this one IMHO.

[Sept 7, 1994]

Now, let's see. A couple of old (mid 80s) features that are worth the rental:


This is the Chuck Vincent 1985 version NOT the recent much maligned John Leslie ripoff of Buttman. Sheri St. Clair, Taija Rae, Tish Ambrose, Sharon Kane, Robert Bullock. For those among us who enjoy a decent plot this one is a must. All the performers are of course very good looking (Sheri and Taija are two of my all time favourites) and the direction is impeccable. Only gripe is that with the above cast one would expect the sex to be volcanic; it isn't. It is just decent -somebody who unlike myself is not a huge Sherri fan could get bored. All positions are doggy-style and this after a point can get boring. Also Sherri does not do any anal, normally her standard repertoire. There is a bit of rimming but that's all. Taija only appears in one sex scene (with R. Bullock) - another minus. Still the movie is excellent, so if you are in the mood for something that departs from the old colon-reaming-and-facial-galore, or if your girlfriend is about, this one is for you. Girlfriends should like this flick for another reason too: girl-girl interaction is very low-key (only scene is Sherri and Tish, and this is only as part of a 3some -actually it's the best scene in the movie). So there you go.

A 2.90

Baby Face 2

De Renzy film, so this is by definition up there with the best. And Alex doesn't let us down: his direction is fast and slick as usual, the camera angles perfect and the cast is *hot*: Taija Rae, Stacy Donovan, Lois Ayres, Kristarrah Barrington, Melissa Melndez and my all time fave (unless I'm in an Abigail, Annette or Angellica mood :-)), Candy Evans. Of the guys we have the standard complement: Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Jerry Butler, etc. All girls look gorgeous. Candy in particular is at her most luminous and she still has her original chest. Taija is unfortunately blonde in this one (damn!) but she still carries those delightful extra pounds that truly make her look like a most yummy doughnut. Mmmmmm, yes :-). The plot is weird and it features Jamie Gillis too prominently for my taste but the sex scenes are long and hot and wild. Unfortunately there are no specialty scenes (anal etc.) but it doesn't matter. Another mid-80s gem: rating 3.50
[Update 5/28/1995: Quoth the Dutch Master on a private message]
From: (Peter van Aarle)
Subject: Re: Baby face 2
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 01:52:44 +0200

> Well, I finished watching it.
> It's a very nice movie, but I have two complaints:
> 1) just about the only link to the original is the poster of Babyface  
> hanging over the tv :-)  And the surprise ending with the aunt turning  
> out to be the mother in part 1 (and I STILL don't know what her name is :-( 
> 2) even this movie was censored slightly: in the orgy Kristara is playing 
> with a candle, but they cut every piece of footage where she actually 
> inserts it, and Jamie Gillis is using asome nipple clamps on Careena's 
> nipple and labia, but they cut that as well. Instead they looped the 
> Taija/Stacy g/g 6 or 7 times! Stupid US rules!

[Note: Peter has my old VCA tape (NTSC) so the above covers everybody in the US of A]

Candy's Little Sister Sugar

This one is quite well known, but since I recently rediscovered it I will review it. Ariel Knight, John Leslie, Nina Hartley, Lauryl Canyon, Robert Bullock, Mike Horner, Randy Spears, His Voluminousness Mr. North and more gals and lads whose name escape me just now (as usual :-)). Boy, is this one hot!

First off there are 6 long scenes of which one is an orgy.

Scene sequence:

  1. Robert Bullock-Ariel (good scene: reverse cowgirl included)
  2. Leslie-Canyon (another reverse; Lauryl has a tremendous hard body- she can easily beat me up and I'm not a weakling :-))
  3. Ariel-Horner-North 3some (best scene in the movie; just brilliant)
  4. Lauryl-Nina girl-girl (Nina takes a dildo up that round butt)
  5. Randy Spears-Ariel-some other gal (good scene- more reverse cowgirls)
  6. The orgy (OK but not great).
Overall this is one hot feature; I give it a 3.45.

Shayla's Gang

Now for one of the latest releases: "Shayla's Gang", starring, surprise-surprise, Shayla and a bunch of guys. The guys are the standard male porn mainstays: North, Byron, T.T Boy, Wallice, Joey Silvera (sporting a rather cool beard that makes him look less like the small-time criminal his standard shaven appearance reminds me). Well, if you are like me and like anals and DPs but don't care for facials, this is a great movie.

Shayla gets absolutely pounded: first scene she is with Silvera and some other guy, and she gets it up the butt. Next she does it with another fellow (one of those new guys in the circuit whose name I forget all the time- oh well). She DPs herself with a large dildo while she is getting fucked. Then comes a long and hard TP with North(mouth), Byron (pussy) and Wallice (ass). There is looping but still the scene is very good and the camera work excellent.

Finally 5 guys do her as she hangs down from the ceiling in a device that looks like a cross between a gynaecologists chair and a chandelier. Again not bad, but there is looping once againg and I got bored. Overall this is a good effort. I like Shayla a lot and was thrilled to see her get really into some hot and wild stuff. The camera work is generally very good (Scotty Fox is responsible). Unfortunately there are several drawbacks: There is some amount of looping -thankfully of the good shots. The editing is a bit shoddy and ruins the good work of the cameramen. Finally, Shayla wears way too much makeup -lots of blacks that contrast badly with her blonde hair, bright complexion and her adorable tanlines; I also hate those fake eyelashes she wears all the time. Still the flick is decent; however if you like gang-bangs for the facials don't bother with this one -there are none.

Rating: 3.00. It does deliver what it promises, and this I call respect towards the customer. In my eyes this offsets the movies technical limitations.

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