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Sorority Sex Kittens Parts 1&2 (two tapes)

Victoria Paris, Ashlyn Gere, Melanie Moore, Madison, Nina Hartley (in Number 2) and 20 more female porn stars of top calibre. Of the fellas I recall Peter North (only in Part 1) T.T Boy, John Dough (I think). "Storyline" flick, on film, with some sort of lame plot on a sorority and its antics. Conatains a rather unique 25-girl orgy at the end of each tape but quality is average really. The orgy in Part 1 is really longer and better than its Part 2 counterpart; on the other hand V. Paris and A. Gere have boy/girl scenes in Part 2 alone. There is also an anal scene in each tape.

Rating:2.80 (Part 1), 2.60 (Part2). Decent, but don't expect much because you'll be disappointed.

The Party

Taylor Wayne, Carolyn Monroe, Tonisha Mills, Heather Lere, Melanie Moore. Could be better. No scenes of note, one anal (not on any of the women listed above). Boring really and lots of plastic boobs as well but the rather nice camera work saves the day. Heather Lere's scene is rather botched. There is however a rather hilarious blooper after the end credits where it is explained that Heather claims that (sic) "My pussy is not made for doggie-style"; this curious claim is demonstrated by listing a series of attempts by the poor male lead to insert his raison d'etre in Heather's pussy from that position, all of them lamentably failures.

Rating: 2.20 Go for something else if you have viable alternatives.

Introduction to French Films and Miss France Carole Tennesy

Now for the French stuff I have promised. These tapes are easily available in Europe (I have located them in several different European countries - but I'm not sure about America (haven't located them here as yet).

(Update 2/1/1995: There has been a flood of European imports in America (at least in NY and Philadelphia (my home base). It is very possible that these tapes can be now found)
Publisher is Top Erotica/Video Marc Dorcel (depends on the country you rent the tape in. It carries French versions of Sarah Young productions, Italian films (Cicciolina- Moana Pozzi), dubbed American films as well as German wilder stuff (teens, bondage, some of the grosser Magma features). French productions featuring Carolyn Monroe and Rocco are recent additions. The main directors are Mario Salieri (very nice big budget productions), Moli (usually too wild for my tastes) and my personal favourite, Marcel Ricaud.

All films are nicely produced, camera work is excellent and they cover the whole repertoire: 3somes and anal are always featured, DP almost always. The girls are almost always very attracive. Finally Tracey Adams is featured in several (I've seen 5 or 6) of these films, even though she is the "fleshy" Tracey variant. One of the main stars is a French girl, billed as Carole Tennesy, or Tennesy, or Carole, or Miss France (in a couple of blurbs it is clamied she is the ex Miss France 1985 - I can't confirm that so I can't answer any further questions on this matter).

(Update 2/1/1995: Further discussion in asm has shown that she is indeed what she claims to be).
Subject: Re: Miss France
Date: 9 Dec 1994 05:02:17 GMT

> I have seen that Carole Tennesey was the runner-up to Miss France in 1985,
> but that, just like Vanessa Williams, the winner had posed for nude pictures
> and so she was disqualified, allowing Carole to serve out the term.
> Little did they know.
> Also, I have seen some of the films you mentioned in your post in arcades in
> New York, but they were not available for sale.
I personally find her very attractive; furthermore she will perform almost *anything*. Anals and DPs are her specialty. Drawback: in at least two movies I came out convinced she was thouroughly stoned.

Now for a quick skim through the several films I have watched. Titles may vary wildly from country to country, so you have been warned. I won't venture to translate them as I am prone to making embarassing mistakes (French is only my third language).

Souris d' Hotel

Tracey Adams, Monica Tanner (a very pretty blonde) and a bunch of French guys and girls. I give this a 3.00 rating. Very nice stuff; excellent camera work, Tracey is still rather lean, one good tit fuck, one DP, a bunch of anals, satisfying girl-girl scenes and an *amazing* oral cum shot at the end of the film on Monica Tanner.

Plot guideline: (helps to locate the film if the title is changed) The adventures of a maid and a male servant in a country hotel. Tracey plays a rich American tourist the male protagonist keeps dreaming about.

[Update 5/28/1995: Ms. Tanner can be seen in Private's "The Tower, parts 1&2". She now has implants -bad ones- and does anal and DP all the time]

La protegee de Lola

Carole (see above) and Sandrine Van Herpe (a *great* European -Dutch?- sex star). Plot is rather fuzzy: something to do with memories of old times or something; I still haven't figured out who's Lola (film was dubbed in German). Average film really (by Marcel Ricaud standards), but the obligatory anals and DP are still present. Better than the average American movie.

Rating: 2.85

Violes au telephone

Tracey Adams and Sandrine Van Herpe among some other *very* good looking French girls (and guys- but I am a guy and I tend to concentrate on the girls). Three respected working girls venture in the world of porn to have fun and go through a trial photo session. Somebody gets hold of the pictures and blackmails them into performing all sorts of sexual tasks. REALLY, really nice movie. Amazing DP and gang bang on Sandrine. The anals are also quite wonderfully filmed. Loved it.

Rating: 3.40

Les putes de l' autoroute

(somehow I feel this does not need translating). Sandrine, Tracey AND Carole. The sexual adventures of three highway hookers and their clientelle (truckers mostly). Great stuff again, though I don't recall any DPs. The anals on Sandrine (first scene) and Carole (and from an RC angle to boot!) are brilliant.

Rating: a solid 3.05

Allo phantasmes! Ici docteur

(this is a silly title)
Basically an exact copy of Night Trips II (complete with the doctor fucking the nurse while the wired up "patient" watches wet dreams), so I bet somebody's ass got sued. I liked this more than the original (which doesn't say much as I simply loathed Night Trips II), for good old Marcel takes a no nonesense approach on the sex scenes with no silly artistic aspirations. Anals and DPs all over the place. Carole, looking very yummy indeed, does one of them.

Only a 2.90 though.

Le Circle Vicieux

Yet another "Story of O" spinoff: Carole screwed from every available orifice from a crowd of male performers. Unfortunately this movie also includes a rather NC gangbang on her by 3 EXTREMELY old looking geezers. The scene is only notable as proof that males CAN function sexually at such an advanced age. Can't say I liked it though.

Rating: 2.55

I could go on but the length of this post gets out of hand again. I know that I must be pissing off the Americans of the group with all these reviews of great *unavailable* movies. My hope is that the Europeans locate them, possibly dubbed in English or something and so give us (I count myself in, as I am in the US now, and badly missing these movies) a hint on where/how to find them. All these films should be legal in the U.S as they do *not* feature fisting, watersports, bondage, minors and the like.

A bunch of European productions that may be found rather more easily here (as they are VTO tapes) are the "Dirty Woman" series (they are now up to Part 6 or 7) featuring Sarah Young (Parts 1 and 2 only), Sandrine Van Herpe (ditto), Sean Michaels (Part 3 onwards) and Sybille Rauch cognomen the Panzer :-) (main star so she can be found in all of them). Parts 1 and 2 in particular are *great* (solid 3.5), with excellent orgy and with the very satisfying (for anybody who has lived in Britain for any length of time) lesbian scene between Sybille and Linzi Drew (for those not familiar with British affairs, she is a very popular page three-ish sort of public figure, star of many very soft erotic films, and also editor of the British version of Penthouse).

Im Bett mit Sybille

Also available from VTO are "Im bett mit Sybille" parts 1&2 (translation is trivial), again featuring Sybille Rauch; part 2 has a very long and very nice threesome with Sybille culminating in an also *very* nice DP.

[Update 2/1/1995: I append here a little more info from an October 1994 post of mine]
> I had seen "Im bett mit Sybil" before, while I was still in Europe. It's 
> a good movie, very raunchy and well filmed in general. There are 4 
> scenes, all boy-girl. I personally find them superior -though not 
> exceptionally so- to any of the American raunch available. There are two 
> anals and one -brief- DP. I won't go into more details as the tape may be 
> hard to find in the U.S, but if you find it, get it; it's well worth the 
> rental.
These films, along with Teresa Orlowski's "The woman who loved men" and "Born for Love" (again featuring Sybille Rauch) are sort of legendary in Europe (at least in France, Germany and the Med countries -Britain stills suffers from censorship).

Paul Thomas' Steamy Windows (1993)

Note that this is not the older (1991) DeRenzy version starring Rachel Ryan and Danielle Rodgers amongst others.

This is a new Vivid video starring Ashlyn Gere, and I am happy to say that this time Paul Thomas has produced a true gem. The sex is volcanic, there are no stupid artistic aspirations and even the plot, which usually does not matter for me, is cute and brief so as to make room for more hot sex. There are only 4 scenes, one of which is just a blowjob BUT:

Moreover the production values are excellent: the camera work is very good, the sexual position selection is the best possible (lots of reverse cowgirls) and even the orgy, which can easily be bungled producing a mess instead of a sex scene (eg the bad orgy scene in the otherwise excellent "Two Women"), is very nicely filmed.

Naturally all the girls are very beautiful, Ashlyn Gere, Roxanne Blaze and P.J Sparxx being the highlights of the show of course. In all this is one of the best blue movies I have seen in a while and can compete with the best European ones without shame.

Rating: 3.55. I would have given it a far higher mark had PJ done het sex.

There is some anal, though not of top calibre. This does not matter however, at least for me; I only consider anal/DP/TP scenes necessary to heat up the usual sort of porn crap that we are being offered.

Go out and rent it NOW. Hell, buy it even if you can spare the fifty bucks.

(Update 2/1/1995: In response to a May 18 1994 review by Thom)
Let me come to the defence of one of my favourite videos of recent years :-)

> Steamy Windows - 1993, Vivid Video  -  dir. Paul Thomas
> Ashlyn Gere   Lacy Rose
> Steve Drake   Dyanna lauren
> Roxanne Blaze Alex Sanders
> Nick East     Brad Armstrong
> PJ Sparxx

> Great start, weak finish.  My SO and I started watching this one night
> and finished it the next. We have never been so impressed with an
> x-rated video as we were with the first 30 minutes of this one.  And
> never so disappointed as we were with the final hour. 
> Ashlyn Gere and Steve Drake are a wealthy couple who have just bought a
> penthouse condo in the city.  After an argument, she removes her jacket
> in front of the huge picture window and takes him orally right in front
> of it. We thought this was a great scene.  Ashlyn keeps her bra on
> throughout, which was a nice touch not seen often enough. Sudenly she
> sees another couple, Roxanne Blaze and Nick East, through the window
> fucking.  She is scared and flees to the bedroom.  Steve cannot figure
> out if it is a reflection in the glass or if they are out on the balcony
> or what.  Roxanne and Blaze then re-appear in the bedroom with Ashlyn,
> and more energetic sex ensues. 

Both scenes are excellent. Gorgeous Roxanne is doing reverse cowgirl in both of them.

> Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is a huge orgy scene, over an hours
> worth with the rest of the cast.
Before the orgy scene there is one more scene with Ashlyn and Steve Drake; great scene, reverse cowgirl all the way and Ashlyn is making some of her best trademark grimaces. Great stuff.

The orgy scene is actually 35 minutes long (I clocked it).

> We both thought it was tedious;  a little licking here, a little fucking
> there, a chain of women licking each other, and on and on.  Who cares? 
> It just didn't do anything for us. 
Well, I understand that some people are not interested in orgy scenes. This is all fair enough, but just for those in the asm community that *are* interested I must say that this is a very nicely filmed orgy scene, perhaps as good as those found in classic films from the late 70s. Filming an orgy is a very hard task apparently, and more frequently than not it degenerates into disjoint couple actions or dizzying camera angle changes that confuse and take away all the fun. Good examples of such botched scenes are the large girl-girl scenes in Sorority Sex Kittens I&II and Sorority Pink II. Even de Renzy has not done as well as I would expect him to do in the "Two Women" final scene. But Paul Thomas surprisingly retains control in "Steamy Windows" and changes the couplings frequently enough as to prevent it from being boring. Now if only P.J did some het in this one...

> We thought that someone had finally made an x-rated video where the actors
> and actresses act, with a plot, good sets, sound and lighting.
> Unfortunately, it is only the first one third of the movie that qualifies.
I agree about the clever plot (there is a nice twist in the end), and the great production values. Unlike Blake and his cohorts, Paul Thomas has managed to bring us a good quality picture with lots of volcanic sex and with no pretentious pseudo-artistic crap. In my opinion, "Steamy Windows" ranks with John Leslie's "Chamaeleons" as the best American flicks of recent years. He is not Marcel Ricaud or Mario Salieri yet, and he is producing a lot of crap along with a rare jewel or two, but it appears that he is improving.

> Thom

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