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Imperator is as mysterious as he is famous. He developed the dazzling rating system that some us strive to emulate. He has shown great restraint in giving almost no videos a 4. You won't find his reviews on the back of video boxes... because they're critical and best of all, usually on the mark.

Imperator doesn't just review individual movies like most of the other reviewers on rec.arts.movies.erotica -- rather, he groups movies together due to a common theme or reason. As such, skipping from link to link can lessen the impact of his reviews.

So, at his request, individual films are not linked to their reviews off of the table of contents. The interior links (links within reviews pointing you to other reviews and related materials) will remain intact. I think that due to the thematic natur e of his work, Imperator will often refer back to a review you may have missed. The link gives you a chance to catch up.

NEWS FLASH: Imp posts first review in two years!

Part 1

Allo Phantasmes! Ici Docteur
Dirty Woman Series (Only 1 & 2 Mentioned)
Im Bett Mit Sybil 1 & 2
La Protegee De Lola
Le Circle Vicieux
Les Putes De L' Autoroute
Sorority Sex Kittens Parts 1 & 2
Souris D' Hotel
Steamy Windows
The Party
Violes Au Telephone

Part 2

A Dirty Western
Crossing Over
Legend Iii
Nothing To Hide 2:Justine
Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann
Voices In My Bed
Wild One

Part 3

Beauty And The Beast 1 & 2
Elements Of Desire
Forbidden Bodies
Malibu Spice
Princess Seka
The Mating Pot
The Naked Goddess, Part 1 & 2
The New Barbarians 1 & 2
The Passion Of Heather Lere
The Smart Ass

Part 4

Anal Europe: The Fisherman's Wife
Bad Girl & Bar Job
Cosmic Clinic (Dr. Angelica)
Heidi-X: Part 6
Hot Season
Kinky Villa
Memories Of A Lifetime
Tits Practice
War Games

Part 5

Baby Face 2
Candy's Little Sister Sugar
Debbie Does Dallas
Debbie Does Dallas 2
Debbie Does Dallas 3
Laying The Ghost
Legal Tender
New Wave Hookers 2
Put It In Gere
Ready Freddy
Shayla's Gang

Part 6

Satanic Inferno

Part 7

Dirty Letters
Miss 21St Century
Nikki Never Says No
Talk Dirty To Me, Part 3
The Seduction Of Cindy

Part 8

Let's Get Physical
Private Film: Beauties In Paradise
Private Film: Club Private In The Seychelles

Part 9

7 Into Snowy
8 To 4
Camp Beaver Lake
Hustler Video Magazine No. 1
Putting It All Behind Nr.2

Part 10

Blonde Justice 3
Project: Ginger
The Pink Pussycat
Video Paradise

Part 11

Blonde Bombshell
Breasts And Beyond (Part 2)
Eyewitness Nudes
Sinderella Part 2; Stepsister
The Best Of Breasts
With Love, Annette

Part 12

Foxy Lady 1
Hello Norma Jeane
Images Of Desire
Private Performance
Sex (Ninn)
Swedish Erotica Hard: Double Dicked/Double Licked

Part 13

Private Film: Forbidden Desires
Private Film: Lady In Spain
Private Film: Money For Nothing - Sex For Free

Part 14

Bare Market
Bonnie & Clyde: Outlaws Of Love Part 1
Buttman's Inferno
Lady In Blue
Lucy Makes It Big
Samantha's Private Fantasies

Part 15

1001 Erotic Nights
1001 Erotic Nights, Part 2
Alice In Wonderland
Autobiography Of A Flea
Pleasure Seekers
White Bunbusters

Part 16

Body And Soul
Stripper Nurses
Those Lynn Girls

Part 17

Interview With A Vamp
La Massaia In Calore (The Housewife In Heat)
The Olympus Of Lust

Part 18

3 Wives
A Taste Of Angela
Dial N Again
Fantasy Nights
Forced Love
Miami Spice 1 & 2
Only The Best 3: Then Till Now
Sindy Does Anal 1 & 2
The Spectacle

Part 19

A Taste Of Candy
A Taste Of Victoria
Rocking With Seka
The Dinner Party
Too Naughty To Say No

Part 20

After Eight
Anal Encounters 6
Backdoor Bonanza Nr. 4
Brazen Brunettes
Buttman Back In Rio
Buttman's European Vacation
The Life And Loves Of Nikki Charm
Tower Of Power
V. The Hot One

Part 21

American Desire
Buttman's Wet Dream
I Like To Watch
Lethal Passion
Miss Passion
Panty Raid
Private Film: Anal Academy
Real Legends Of The Adult Cinema
Romeo And Juliet
The Sensuous Detective
Worthy Women

Part 22

Double Pleasure
Private Video Magazine, #7
The Enchantress
The Opening Of Misty Beethoven

Part 23

Brief Affair
Coven 2, The
Coven, The
Pretty Peaches
Pretty Peaches 3
Sam's Fantasy
Trouble Maker
Two Women
Victoria's Secret

Part 24

Back To Anal Alley
Between The Cheeks
Between The Cheeks 2
Buttman's Bouncing British Babes
Caught From Behind 16 - The Reunion
Private Film: Chateau De Passion
Private Films: The Tower & The Tower 2
Sex Yacht

Part 25

Andrew Blake's Desire

Part 26

Adult Affairs
Butt Detective
Devil In Miss Jones 5: The Inferno
New Wave Hookers 4
The Best Butt(E) In The West

Part 27

Behind The Green Door
Let's Talk Sex
Love Godesses
Nothing To Hide
Pandora's Mirror
Seka's Fantasies
Talk Dirty To Me

Part 28

Bend Over Babes
Breastman's Ultimate Orgy
Breastman's Wet T-Shirt Contest
Butt Freak
Buttsizer, King Of Rears
Prick Power
Saturday Night Beaver
The Go-Go Girls

Part 29

Cloud 9
Pajama Party X, Part 3 - Girls' Night In
Pubic Access
Scarlet Woman
Sex 2 (Vivid)

Part 30

Barbara Broadcast
Between Lovers
Bodies In Heat
Desires Within Young Girls
Health Spa
Mary, Mary
Sex World
Taxi Girls

Part 31

A Little Bit of Hanky Panky
Coed Fever
Electric Blue
Girls on Fire
Hot Racquets
Passion In Venice
Pink Lagoon
Portrait of Seduction
Surrender in Paradise

Part 32

The Overfiend Saga
Amanda By Night
Summer Camp Girls
American Pie
Private Film: Anal Clinic
Private Film: The Gigolo 1 & 2

Part 33

La Blue Girl
Buttman In The Crack
Gluteus to the Maximus
Behind the Sphinc Door
Sex Freaks
Gang Bang Angels
Cumback Pussy 6
Essentially Juli
Misty Cam's International Sex Tour 1
Tatiana (3 parts)
Erectus X

Number of Titles: 240