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	Director: John Leslie
	Distributed by:  VCA, 1989

	Starring: Tori Welles, Victoria Paris, Selena Steele, Debi Diamond,
	   April West, Pamela Rose, Lynn Francis, Tom Byron, Buck Adams,
	   Peter North, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, Ray Victory, Axel Horn,
	   Richard Pacheco.

	The movie opens up on a woman Diana (Welles) talking with her
psychiatrist Dr. York (Pacheco) about her husband Mark (Byron).  She says
she's fed up of him always on her back about everything she does, and most
importantly, that she can do just about anything she wants to (like change
bodies) and that has him very worried.  After counselling, Diana goes off to
a party where she takes on the form on another woman (West) and has sex (but
we never see the transformations happen, as in all cases throughout the film,
it just 'suddenly' happens).

Scene 1:  April West, Scott Irish and Axel Horn.

	Looks like a strange party, all the people are as still as mannequins.
The three of them fuck on a couch.  Short scene.

	Diana goes home after the party and has a small arguement with Mark.
Then she takes a shower and comes out as another woman (Diamond billed as
Debi Hanson here).  Mark gets frustrated with her again, but then they make up
by having sex.

Scene 2:  Debi Diamond and Tom Byron.

	Hot scene with an average facial.

	Diana and Mark go out to dinner that night and waiting around, Diana
spots a woman and a waiter/manager (Paris and North) slipping into a backroom,
then she follows them and joins in on their fun.

Scene 3:  Tori Welles, Victoria Paris and Peter North.

	Dirty talk, hot sex and a killer facial cumshot on Welles makes this
scene a winner.

	As they head on out back into the restaurant, Diana takes on the 
identity of the woman (Paris), who is met up with a stranger (Adams) that 
takes her to a party where his wife (Rose) is playing a game of cards.  Adams
explains that the male winner of one round and the female winner of another
round fuck eachother on the table.  They both sit and watch as Ray Victory 
wins a round, then two women (Rose and Francis) win another round, making it 
a threesome.  Adams and Paris (Welles) start their own fire.

Scene 4:  Victoria Paris and Buck Adams/Pamela Rose, Lynn Francis and 
	  Ray Victory.

	Switching from both groups in the same room adds more heat to the
sexings.  Paris and Adams are hot.

	When Diana goes back home to Mark, they slightly argue again, then she
breaks the tension by coming on to him.

Scene 5:  Tori Welles and Tom Byron.

	Average, fairly short scene.

	Later on, Diana goes to Dr. York for more conversation, this time she
comes on to him, but he refuses the offer.  Afterwards, she goes to a bar and
takes on the identity of yet another woman (Steele), who is confronted by her
(Steele's character's) boyfriend, Joey Silvera.  We don't know the exact story
between them, but they go someplace quiet and fuck.

Scene 6:  Selena Steele and Joey Silvera.

	One of Steele's first performances.  Good scene.

	The next day, Mark goes to Dr. York in place of Diana.  They talk a
bit, with the idea of having both of them visit him at the same time.  At a
dinner party that night, Diana catches the eye of Buck Adams and refreshes
his memory about the other night (where she was Paris).  After a bit, they go
back to her place and fuck.

Scene 7:  Tori Welles and Buck Adams.

	Highly intense scene.  Pretty short, however, but very hot.

	The story twists and turns, and we find out Tom Byron had switched
his identity to that of Buck Adams (and this is supposedly the first time
he's ever switched bodies, so he says).  The story unfolds completely with
one more, final, unsuspected twist and the movie ends.

	This movie is a definite must see.  A definite for fans of Tori Welles
and John Leslie.  One of 1989's highly acclaimed features, this movie has a
lot to offer.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.