From: (Frans Postma)
Date: 26 Mar 95 14:38:02 
Subject: review: SEX
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Well, well...look what arrived last week; Micheal Ninn's Sex. I think this
movie was a little-bit overhyped in the states or so. 'cos when you watch
it ithout having read all's pretty much a standard film.

Short listing first;

Micheal Ninn, VCA-Platinum, 1994
. Sunset Thomas, Gerry Pike
. Tiffany Million, Ritchie Razor
. Chasey Lain, Jon Dough
. Debi Diamond,  Misty Rain, Diva, Gerry Pike
. Asia Carerra, Misty Rain
. Diedre Holland, Jon Dough
. Tiffany Million, Gerry Pike

If you just discard the entire story-line (which is boring and pretentious
as hell) you basicly get a movie with more-then usuall short scenes. I've
noticed that Gerry Pike/Jerry Pike or how-ever you spell it seems to play
in movies with a "heavy" plot (i.e. not written by Mark Cashman or Raven
Touchstone)...and such movies usually suck.

When I finished watching this movie (with a lot of FF-button use) I looked
at the back of the box and noticed that the "approx. running time 115
minutes" label....that's probably what saved this movie; they didn't
sacrifice some sex for the story you see. Now you can just skip over the
plot and enjoy some nice scenes.

About that soundtrack;
a. Are they really offering it on CD?
b. Doesn't it sound like soft-enigma clone?
c. Did I detect some familly-bussiness in the credits (Micheal has a
    brother with a keyboard I guess :-)

For some reason I didn't like the Thomas/Pike scene that much, though much
people on asm seem to agree that it's the best scene of the tape. I don't
like Gerry Pike that's for sure...

Then we get to see Tiffany Million (RoboFox 3:) with some totally unknown
fella...hmmm, more or less to my own suprise I didn't FF this scene.
(Tiffany kept her bra on most of the time, that saved me from having to
look at those ridiculous(sp?) breasts of her)

Chasey Lain with Jon Dough is so-so, it's always nice to look at Chasey of
course...but there  isn't much heat in this scene.

Next up, we've the wierd video-screen dream sequence. For some reasons all
the girls in this scene wear cleopatra-wigs (black, short hair). Still this
is one of the better scenes in the movie. It's off course difficult to keep
the heat out of scene with Misty Rain and Debbie Diamond :-)
(still the camera angles and lighting leaves something to be desired)

Quite suddenly we switch to Misty Rain/Asia Carrera(I think, dunno for
sure) girl-girl scene. At least we get SOME heat in a scene and we even get
some good camera-angles. And just we you think you gonna have a good scene,
who come in? Yep, Deidre Holland and John Dough. Apart from the fact that
they seem to do most of their het-scenes together (Deidre at least), Deidre
had some boobjob...not an improvement.
(I better not go on about this subject...Never-ending sadness :)

Anyway the scene itself is not _that_ bad, but we do not get good full-body
shots of Deidre (I like to see a full-body shot of the girls) and when we
do get such a shot, you get to see """"enhanced"""" boobs (notice the

Final scene is with Pike and Million, I didn't do much for me....but taste
may (probably will) vary...I just definitly don't like Pike and I'm not a
die-hard fan of Tiffany 'sillicone' Million either. (hell, she _had_ nice
breasts why the overblown boob-job?)

Hmm, did I read "Kaitlyn Ashley" on the end-credits? Strange, she's nowhere
to be seen (in sex-scenes that is, I'll discuss crediting non-sex
performers another time)

Totally other question: could anybody tell me the rating _Immortal Desire_
 got ?? (AVN/AFW whatever) I'm just curious if I've got to invert those
 rating to match my taste 

Verdict: Only some good scenes, there must be tons of better movies out
    there, I for the life of me don't know why this movie was rated 4* or
    best-movie ever. I watched _Darker side of Shayla_ after this one and
    it was MUCH better. (hehe, nice to compare Ninn and Norman :)
    Rating: 1.3 (you CAN rent it, don't blame me if you don't like it:)

Have a nice day...

PS: Did anybody notice Colt Steele looks like Ridge Forrester??