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Date: Mon,  8 Nov 1993 05:06:22 UTC
Subject: Review: Gangbang Girl vol. 10
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First off, if anyone knows which volume has Debbie Diamond in it, I'll
be eternally gratefule.  Hearing she lost weight is making me cry...

Keywords: toes, gang-bang, anal, dp

This movie gets my highest wank rating of all time, if you're into hot
and nasty sex, no plot, just a bunch of guys plugging some lucky
woman, this is definitely worthwhile.

Excellent production values, much better than the "Gang Bang" amateur
series, the featured female in each of the three thirty minute scenes
were each _quite_ attractive, there was professional quality good
lighting, no crappy wobbly camera moves, excellent sound, no intrusive
directors yelling insturctions like you find in so many low budget
porn films these days.  Oh yeah, somebody invested in a Toaster (r).

Scene 1:

Tina Tyler.  

She's actually a decent actress, much to my surprise, during the fake
TV talk show interview segue into getting banged on a boardroom desk
in a corporate setting.

Good and nasty; if you're into facials, 7+ guys cream all over her
face in the final scene; out of thirty minutes, a good solid 2o is her
being plugged.  Q: Is JAke Steed in _every_ gang-bang film ever
made???  Most all the guys had nice big meaty cocks, yeah I know it
probably means I'm a closet case if I"m watching the guys dicks.  Who

One scene early on made me cringe, this guy with an _enormous_ cock
whacks it _really_ hard on the desk like half-a-dozen times.  MAde the
other guys in the movie wince too 8>)

Scene Two:

Sharon Kane

More guys with big dicks do her, the guy with the Spanish accent was
pretty funny; he was into sucking her toes.  The scene that got my nut
though was when the guy who plays the interviewer picks her up and
fucks her standing up with her legs around her hips and her arms
around his neck; I"ve seen these scenes attempted in lots of films,
but this guy _really_ fucked her.

Scene Three:

Lydia Chanel

I think she's supposed to be Japanese-Italian from Paris If I'm not
mistaken?  Her English is lousy, and during the hottest scenes she's
squealing "a oui, a oui!" ("oh yes, oh yes!")  Starts off in leather,
but they're all quickly naked so if you have a leather fetish this one
won't satisfy it... trust me 8>)

She does an anal train as well as vaginal, and a dp scene, the more
unusual fashion, with her on her back with a cock in her ass while the
guy on top is fucking her vaginally; for dp it was pretty good; too
many of the ones I've seen are just two dicks in one woman with no
motion, no _fucking_; the guy on top was definitely sawing away.

One drawback:

Ron Jeremy.

Bleagh.  At least he shared screen time with six or seven other guys
who are not such gross pigs.

All in all, an eminently wankable film.  In fact, I'm exhausted. 8>)!

WELL worth the 3.25 two-night rental..

Mark E.
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