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                       Have an Orgasmic Day, eh?

                               -The Phantasm


Starring: Ariana, Candy Lane, Lolli Pop, Megan, Tatyana, Bill, Jerry, Gerry
Pike, Luc Wilder & Special appearance by Rick X-Mas

Actresses IDed at the beginning, very helpful!

Premise:  Ariana with nipple, labia, tongue, and bellybutton rings &
numerous tattoos gets dancers to do the nasty on film.  She is assisted by
Luc Wilder who has just as many tattoos including a cool grim reaper tattoo
on his inner hip.  Ariana introduces the ladies from her bathtub in between
each scene.

1. Candy Lane - She is a brunette with straight hair midway down her back.
She has a great body, and dance moves.  Also has large, round breasts that
look  enhanced on her small body (approx. 5'4" tall).  I really like her
small waist, and incredible butt.  She has a playboy bunny white-out above
her right inner hip.  From her somewhat unattractive face, I'd guess that
she was 23 to 25, and has obviously been dancing for awhile.  She dances on
stage, and then comes down to dance for Bill and Ariana.  Bill starts off
with some licking, then takes a BJ on the couch.  Bill is a regular
looking, pale, white guy with a beard and mustache.  He's got a good sized
cock that he uses in a brief titty fuck.  She rides cowgirl with one good
shot of her wide red pussy.  He picks her up, and carries her to the bed
for a missionary.  He then starts licking her ass, and fingering her twat.
Ariana comes over for Candy's supposedly first girl/girl.  Ariana works her
over slowly, then eats her while Bill gets his cock sucked.  Ariana brings
her to a reasonable O, and then Candy goes cowgirl on Bill again while
Ariana sits on Bill's face.  Bill finally whips it out, and cums on her
ass. 1 to 100: 71

2. Lolli Popp - Lolli is a tiny blonde with curly hair.  She doesn't look
like she is sure that she wants to be there.  She is even paler than that
guy Bill was!  Rick X-Mas is a photographer dude who introduces Lolli to
Ariana and Luc.  Lolli has small to medium breasts with regular size areola,
a shaved pussy with a triangle cut above, and thin pussy lips.  She masts,
and inserts a finger showing her wetness on the lineoleum after a dance.
She has a birthmark on her lower, inner, left thigh, and a tiny little bud
clit.  Ariana takes her upstairs to the bedroom for some action.  Ariana
does a Two, then Three Finger on her while licking her "like a lolli pop
should be licked".  She breaks out the tiny vibe on the clit while two
fingering from each hand at once.  Lolli probably pops an orgasm. Scene
cuts to Lolli licking & fingering Ariana.  Ariana breaks out Luc's dick
so Lolli can blow him, and get popped by Luc missionary & then doggy with
an Extreme Closeup of the penetration.  Luc eats her & 2 fingers her
lightly before missionary action resumes with Lolli rubbing Ariana's twat
while she films.  The shoot ends in a facial. 1 to 100: 83

3. Tatyana - She is a European blonde with a great body.  Gerry Pike is in
the scene as well.  He is a long haired brunette dude dancer.  He wiggles it
& takes it off for a double BJ from Ariana and Tatyana.  They eventually
begin to hit it off, and move from the patio to inside on the couch.  Tatyana
has a pretty face, and smile.  Ariana gets her out of her weird hippy outfit,
and sucks her tits & pussy.  Tatyana has round, firm looking breasts, and a
large pussy that is shaved below with stripe above.  Tatyana licks Ariana, 
and the scene cuts to a 69 position where Luc comes over for the Doggy style 
fuck of Tatyana. There is some good camera work that shows all of the action.
Tatyana then rides reverse cow girl (R/C/G) for awhile, and Ariana sits on
Luc's face.  She gets off of Luc after Ariana squeals, & 3 fingers Ariana's
twat while Luc has a finger in her ass for the DP.  Luc then puts on a condom,
and fucks Ariana while Tatyana sits on her face.  Ariana then solo licks 
Tatyana to a probable O, and Gerry Pike cums on both women's faces at the end.
Tatyana does a little dance at the end showing her fine, big butt.. 
1 to 100: 75

4. Megan and Jerry - Megan is a curly haired brunette with the long hair going
down her back.  She has a very nice body, including a killer ass, and strong
dancer's legs.  Her face is beautiful with seductive eyes and sexy lips. She 
has small, natural breasts with hard nipples. She is shaven below in the 
traditional style.  She fingers her ass & pussy at the end of her sexy dance 
on stage for a DP while Jerry rubs Ariana's twat in the audience.  Jerry is an 
overweight guy with a crew cut, and a little penis.  He is also apparently 
Megan's significant other (I typed jealously; what does Megan see in this 
guy?!)  Scene goes to the bedroom  where Jerry eats Megan's pretty pussy to an
orgasm.  She then sucks Jerry's small cock, sharing it with Ariana.  Ariana 
does the 2 fingers from each hand thing while Megan rubs herself.  Megan takes
a ride on the condom slide courtesy of Luc.  She uses the vibe on herself while
R/C/G then Doggy on Luc, while sucking Jerry's cock.  She probably cums here, 
too.  Jerry Littledick pulls out of her mouth & cums; Luc cums on her chest.  
Best fuck of the tape! 1-100: 89

Phantasm Rating: 1 to 5: 3.97 - Rent it if you like dancers, and want to see
them get fucked.  The girls are all attractive, but do not have the demeanor 
of the debutantes in Ed Power & Randy West's Pro-Am pics.  Megan is the best
of the tape, but just the thought of her screwing a limp-dick like Jerry was
enough to keep the scene's rating below 90. 

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