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File Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 21:05:09

Ultimate Pictures
Dir: Cameron Grant


Julia Ann, Celeste, Shayla LaVeaux, Deidre Holland, PJ Sparxx, Paula Price, Misty Rain, Dyanna Lauren, Tracy West, Woody Long, Mark Davis, Tiffany Mynx, Asia Carrera, Aaron Colt, Micky Ray, Daisy, Draghixa, Maeva
Julia Ann gets a wacky channel on her satellite dish which makes her want to fuck and watch the people on TV fuck. She does it well.
Scene Descriptions
These scenes are named as well, so I will go with the convention:
"Reflective Pool"
Nice shots of a gal masturbating in a moodily-lit pool of water.
Celeste, Misty Rain
Babes in hoods and fishnet body stockings. Celeste looks very natural and without a lot of makeup and looks betterthan I have ever scene her. Misty looks great too. There is some rimming here and some dildo work. A very hot scene. Julia Ann masturbates through this (and most other) scenes.
Julia Ann, Dyanna Lauren
Whatever. Dull scene. Standard lez stuff. Ho hum.
Celeste, Woody Long
AWESOME! Oils and everything. These two are really into each other, and it shows. Woody blows a massive load at Celeste's face, she takes it all, and the director lingers on the aftermath for THREE MINUTES! HEAVEN!
Julia Ann, Aaron Colt
Fun with a wax candle. Wax drips all over. Julia doesn't flinch. A good scene. My notes are sketchy from here on out. I was getting a bit aroused....
Tracey West
This is in the credits, but did not appear in my notes. Either it was very short or cut. I would be surprised if it was cut.

It turns out, it was just very short, intercut with the "Candlelight" scene, I believe. Tracey West sent me e-mail about it as did a bunch of other people.

Anyway, Tracy said "...It is my Famouse Fire Dance That I do as a Feature on the road. I never really was a porn star always been a fire dancer!! That is why they had me voo doo that movie!"

My thanks to everyone who pointed this out.

"White Lace"
Draghixa, Daisy
Two gals in white lace get it on. A lovely scene. Daisy is an early incarnation of Jenna Jameson.
Paula Price, Asia, Celeste
No notes on this one, other than it involves a strap on and a large lucite dildo. I remember it as being rather good. I dig that Celeste.
Julia Ann, Aaron Colt, Shayla
Again, no notes. Sorry guys! I remember it as being good. That Julia Ann is awesome! Aaron cums on Shayla's shoulder and Julia's tits. That Aaron is a bit of a drag...
PJ Sparxx, Diedre Holland
If I recall this was in black and white and grainy. It was pretty hot, as would be expected from these two performers.
Tiffany Mynx, Mickey Ray (really Mark Davis)
This guy didn't look like Micky Ray, but if they say so... (7/9/95 - It was Mark Davis) He and Tiff go at it for a while, and he plants a load on her face. Very nice. A good facial.
Everybody wants to be Blake. Perhaps this guy is, since he too is produced by Patti Rhodes-Lincoln. I've never seen the two together in the same room....

This was a "classy" production, more in line with Blake's stuff. There wasn't a dog in the bunch, and a lot of the actresses looked better than they ever have. Julia Ann and Celeste stand out the most from this tape. They are truly exquisite and fuck good too.

Yeah, I know a lot of them are too plastic for some tastes, but for me, its OK, sometimes.

Since I can't read my notes, I have to imagine I was occupied with something else at the time. Maybe I was writing Lefty? ;-)

RATING: 3.35

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