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Black Street Hookers 6 (Devils Films)

Director:   HT          

Length: 2 hrs

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

Cast: China, Monique, Imani, Freeky

What to Expect: hooker set ups, facials, anal sex

Where to Buy:,

Formats Available: VHS & DVD


  1. China w/ TT Boy
  2. 2 DC Hookers w/ TT Boy
  3. Call Girl w/ TT Boy
  4. Monique w/ Julian St. Jox
  5. Freeky w/ TT Boy
  6. Imani w/ Jake Steed


Mon. 1:24 a.m. – The Washington DC trip continues as TT picks up the sexiest hooker in DC named China right outside the Washington Convention Center. Like her name suggests she is mixed, Black and Chinese. She has curly hair, butter smooth skin and a nice body on her. She gets TT’s cock into her mouth. TT bends her   over and fucks her box standing doggy style. They stop to get fully undressed then TT puts the wood back in her in doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and cowgirl (off the nightstand). All this leads to a big shot of cum in sexy China’s face. ..4

Tue. 11:58 – Next TT picks up 2 average DC hookers. They hustle him from $150 a piece to $250 apiece once they get to the room. Personally I would pay $50 for either of them but since this is a movie, whatever! Both girls give inaudible names and since they are not mentioned on the box I’ll just say one is light skinned, one is brown. The brown skinned chick looks like someone’s freaky aunt while the light skinned girl seems nervous. Both girls give TT head with a condom on. Then he plugs the brown skinned girl in cowgirl, doggy and missionary. The light skinned girl puts a new condom on TT and gets drilled in doggy, cowgirl, missionary and sidesaddle. The ladies didn’t expect TT to last this long and begin to voice themselves. He fucks the brown skinned chick in missionary one last time then he pulls out and cums on the light skinned girls ass. The scene sucks cause the chicks are busted, TT gotta wear a condom, they aren’t into it and towards the end the girls chat with each other like TT isn’t there…2

Since the streets are empty and nothings jumping off, TT decides to call up an escort service. The chick they send over looks fine as hell but she also looks ghetto. Her fee is $500 but TT talks her into $200. She’s all business and gives TT a condom blowjob. No name for this chick either but TT gets a nice head job from her. TT gets into her box and fucks her in missionary, sidesaddle, cowgirl and doggy. The screen goes black and you hear TT asking her what she is doing. She says she’s putting on her clothes for a minute. He tells her he ain’t done and she says she is and leaves. TT flashes us a message saying she left and stole $1200 from him. Needless to say this scene also isn’t hot…2

End of the Washington DC trip.

Sat. 5:30 p.m. – Back in L.A., Julian picks up Monique in a abandon warehouse lot.

For $100 he gets her right outside in broad daylight. Julian gets out his cock and slips it right in Monique while she is bent over his car. He pounds her box for a few minutes then she gives him some bomb head. He puts her up on the trunk and fucks her missionary style. Julian pulls out and slips his cock up Monique’s ass. He really pounds her ass doggy style and winds up cumming all over her upturned ass. Smoking….4 ½

Sun. 6:00 p.m. – Next we see TT arriving at a girls home. He tells her a friend of his said she was dating there. She invites him in and TT pays her $30. They go to the backyard by the pool and she goes down on him. This sister (I think named Freeky) is thick like a linebacker with ling braids and nice tits. She sucks TT’s cock briefly then gets her walls smashed in standing doggy, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, TT takes her to a igloo shaped doghouse and fucks the life outta her in a standing 1 leg up position. The scene shifts and now its nighttime but they are in the same position. It doesn’t last long as TT pulls out and cums all over her   Freeky face…3 ½

Sun. 2:44 p.m. – Closing out this video is the one time love of my life Imani. TT and Jake called her over and she arrives with her pimp. She looks great here with her long curly hair and hot leather outfit. TT leaves, Jake pays the pimp and Imani and Jake are all alone. She wastes less than a minute getting his cock into her mouth Jake bends her over the pool table and fucks her doggy style. Imani is hot and so is this scene. Jake continues to take my spot in her box in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary. Imani gives Jake some more head and receives a cumshot on her tits…5

OVERALL: As TT Boy found out the DC area isn’t the best place to find hoes at. With the exception of the 1st scene there’s nothing popping here and the tape doesn’t get interesting until he heads back to LA. Not a bad volume but not a burner either.


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