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  • Boldface names are those of Pets of the Month.
  • Abbreviations:

    • BOL = Book of Lingerie

    • NSS = Newsstand Special

    • PMOM = Playmate of the Month

    • POM = Pet of the Month

    • POY = Pet of the Year ,and it designates the model, not the issue, in which the POY layout appeared.

Questions and confusion

Valerie Rae Clark
This May 77 POM was recently noticed in a re-viewing of Caligula.  She was spotted in an orgy scene, although the observer could see no direct sexual contact.
POMs identified as having been in Caligula but whose activities are uncertain:
Juliet Morris, Helen Lang, Signe Berger, Susanne Saxon, Henrietta Kelogg, Melanie Sutherland and Carolyn Patsis.

Month and Year 
POM Before or After Porn 
Other Penthouse Appearances 
Anneka Di Lorenzo Sep 73, POY 75
Jun 80 (Caligula feature) She did a b/g (orgy) scene and a g/g scene in Caligula. Stills of the latter appeared in the Jun 80 issue.
Jane Hargrave Jul 75
Dec 76,  Oct 78 She gave a blowjob in an orgy scene in Caligula.
Bonnie Dee Nov 75


A cybercorrespondent has noted her having sex in Caligula.
Mariwin Roberts Apr 78
A one-shot wonder, she did several scenes (in fact, all the hard-core work in the movie) with the same guy in a film called Pet of the Month. She did other video (non-hard-core) work as Michelle Roberts.
Pia Snow Jul 81 (as Michelle Bauer).
Girls of Penthouse, Mar 87, (as Jane Brandon);  Girls of Penthouse, Nov 87, (g/g as Emma Bovary); Girls of Penthouse, No. 19, as Michelle Bauer; Nov 80 Penthouse (uncredited); Nov 90 Australian Penthouse (as Michelle Escobar) Her hard-core name was Pia Snow. Michelle Bauer was her name for soft-core work, and she also did some soft core as Michelle McClellan, some fetish videos as Kim Bittner and other bondage and fetish videos as Pia Sands.
Julia Perrein  Jan 82
Two cybercorrespondents say she was an establishd European star before her Penthouse appearance, and another cybercorresopndent says she did at least one scene with John Leslie.. 
Monique Gabrielle Dec 82
Although she did appear in the hard-core film Bad Girls IV, she did not participate in any hard-core activity.  She can, however, be seen doing some g/g and masturbating a guy in some videos from Purrfect Productions.
Traci Lords Sep 84
Oct 85 (b/g) The text accompanying the layout says she was 22 at the time and was a virgin until she was 19. She was either 14 or 15 at the time and started doing porn shortly after ther POM appearance.
Melissa Wolf Jun 85


At least one video of her performing in a g/g/ scene is avilable from this web site.
Angel Oct 85 (as Jennifer James)
Janine Lindemulder Dec 87
Sep 88 (g/g with Robyn); Apr 89 (g/g with Dec 88 POM Kimberly Taylor); Jun 89 (POTY playoffs); Mar 90 (POTY runnerup); Sep 90 (b/g with Tony); Mar 91; Sep 93 (g/g/g with Lene Hefner and another woman); Dec 93 (g/g with Jun 90 POM Amy Lynn Baxter); Sep 94 (g/g with Julia Ann); Nov 94 (g/g with C.J.); Jan 95 (g/g with Jun 85 POM Melissa Wolf); Feb 95; Jun 96; Oct 96 (g/g with Jan 96 POM Emerald Heart); Dec 97 (hardcore b/g pictorial) Lindemulder's porn name is generally simply Janine, and she's done g/g only in videos.
Stephanie Adams Jan 88
Oct 90 (g/g)
Mikki Brenner Nov 89
She did b/g and g/g work in the film Sex Off the Runway, which was produced in 1991 and released in 1996. She's also reportedly appeared as a blonde in the same Scandinavian videos series that Minnie Champ has appeared in.
Jisel (aka Brandy Sanders) May 90


She appears in Hawaiian Adventure with Janine and Motley Crue's Vince Neil. She also appeared in a hardcore g/g layout with Racquel Darrian in an issue of the Color Climax publication Lesbian Love.  They both perform a little oral on each other, then Jisel is vaginally penetrated with a pink dildo. Softcore versions of the layout have appeared in American newstand magazines. 
Racquel Darrian  Oct 90 (as Kelly Jackson) 
Oct 89 (b/g "Jacqui and Ken"); Apr 92 (b/g/b w/Derrick Lane and Jon Dough)
Diana Van Laar Dec 90
May 91 (g/g with Mahalia Maria); Sep 92; Sep 93; Jun 94 (g/g with Lexie); Nov 94 (g/g/g with Sasha Vinni and Sandrine); May 96 (g/g with Annoesika) She did g/g and b/g work in the film Sex Off the Runway, which was produced in 1991 and released in 1996. She has done solo, g/g and foot-fetish work and has used the name Avril Christensen.  She also has at least one appearance in a Playboy NSS.  It's also been reported that she was PMOM and POM in the Dutch editions of Playboy and Penthouse, respectively.
Mahalia Maria Jan 91
May 91 (g/g with Diana Van Laar She did g/g work in the film Sex Off the Runway, which was produced in 1991 and released in 1996.
Sasha Vinni Sep 91, 94 POY
Jun 93 (POY Playoff); Jan 94 (POY); Nov 94 (g/g/g with Dec 90 POM Diana Van Laar and Sandrine); Apr 95 (g/g); Mar 96 (g/g with Brandy) 
Leslie Glass Feb 92
Jun 93 (POY Playoff); Apr 94 (POY runner-up); Sep 94 (g/g with Sasha Vinni); Jun 95 (g/g with Gina LaMarca); Mar 96; Sep 97 (g/g w/Apr 97 POM Heather Kelly); Jan 98 (hardcore b/g, including penetration and facial cumshot)
Dahlia Grey Mar 92 (as Jami Dion)
Jun 93 (POY Playoff) Her hard-core video work has been g/g only.
K.C. Williams  Jun 92 (as Tracy)
Apr 92 (g/g);  Jun 93 (POY Playoff) She also appeared in More Dirty Debutantes 5 as Casey Fox and in a soft-core movie, The Pamela Principle, as Tracey Wolfe.  Other porn credits are as Pace Barlow and Ca See (not to be confused with Casee, which is an alternate for Careena Collins).
Alexis Christian Nov 92 
Jul 93 (g/g) Her hard-core work was limited to a handful (two, maybe) of videos for Vivid, and she did g/g only in them.
Julie K. Smith Feb 93
She does g/g scenes with Lorissa McComas and gives oral sex to a guy to completion in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.
Gina LaMarca May 93, 94 POY
Jan 95 (POY), Jun 94 (POY Playoff), Dec 94 (g/g with Feb 94 POM Tiffany Burlingame), Jun 95 (with Leslie Glass), Sep 95 (b/g, with a few shots are pretty close to hard-core, IMHO)
Sam Phillips Jun 93


She allows Monique Gabrielle to masturbate her to orgasm in a video available from Purrfect Productions.
Stacy Moran Oct 93
She's been so ubiquitous in men's magazines that cataloguing all her other appearances and the names she's used would be almost impossible.  She appears in some g/g scenes and lets a guy tit-fuck her, masturbate her and penetrate her slightly (three times) in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.
Mignon Champ Mar 94
Nov 91 (g/g/g) She's appeared in a few Scandinavian videos released in the U.S. by Pleasure Productions. She also reportedly stars in several porn movies released by ScanVip. As far as I know, her video work is under the name Minnie Champ.
Taylor Wayne Jun 94 (as Taylor)
She also appeared in porn credits as Joanna, Joanna T., Joanna Gee, Joanna G., Maggie Snatcher, and Farron Hytes (this name is spelled or misspelled in many variations and should not to be confused with Farron Heights (used by Eva Allen)). She may also be Joanna Ferry (Sweet Poison).
Dyanna Lauren Jul 95
Oct 95 (g/g with Taylor Hayes);  Jul 96 (mummy/g); Dec 96 (g/g/g with Nikki Tyler and Elena); Jan 98 (g/g.g with Lexus Locklear and one other model)
Jewel Nov 95 (as Cher)
She also did hard-core work under the names Veronica Page, Veronica Sage, Veronica Lake, Veronica Sanders, Cici (care: there is another Cici) and Jewel Knight.
Nikki Tyler Dec 95
Nov 96 (g/g with Sunset Thomas); Dec 96 (g/g/g with Dyanna Lauren and Elena); Oct 97 (g/g with Emma)
Sunset Thomas Mar 96 (as Diane)
Nov 96 (g/g with Nikki Tyler) Jun 97 (POY Playoff) Oct 97 (b/g with husband Zach) 
Kia Delao Apr 96
She's known simply as Kia [pronounced "kiyuh"] in More Dirty Debutantes 21 and Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 7; this is NOT the Asian Kia who has appeared in a host of videos. MDD 21 and DIDD 7, her scenes in which were apparently shot at the same time, are the only confirmed hard-core appearances of this lady that I have.) 
Lexus Locklear May 96
Jun 95 (b/g with Rocco Siffredi);  Jun 97 (POY Playoff); Jan 98 (g/g.g with Dyanna Lauren and another model)
Tania Russof  Sep 96
Dec 96 (g/g with Selena);  Jun 97 (b/g with Nikolai) She has appeared in several Private productions and has, so far, worked exclusively for that firm.
Nikie St. Giles Mar 97
She made her debut and only hardcore appearance (g/g only) in Zazel.
Rocki Roads Sep 97


Mason Marconi OCt 97


Apr 96 She can be seen letting a guy penetrate her with a dildo in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.
Alexus Winston Nov 97


She can be seen performing cunnilingus and letting a guy penetrate her with a dildo in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.
Nanna Gibson Feb 98


She's also known as Dina Jewel and Dina Juwel.
Anita Rinaldi Mar 98