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  • Although I do the best I can, my resources and archives are limited.  Information at this site is not warranted to be accurate or complete.  Having said that ...

  • This is an ongoing project. Additional information or corrections are welcome. E-mail me at: RAMEguy@aol.com

  • Please don't e-mail me asking for video titles or scans. Generally, I don't have 'em, so there's no point in asking.

  • Abbreviations:

    • BOL = Book of Lingerie

    • NSS = Newsstand Special

    • PMOM = Playmate of the Month

    • POM = Pet of the Month

    • POY = Pet of the Year.  Names of POYs are underlined in the months of their POM appearances, and their POY appearance is identified with (POY) next to their names. 

    • * = The model has appeared in at least one hard-core adult movie or video.

    • A = Analingus

    • AFP = Anal finger penetration

    • AOP = Anal object penetration

    • C = Cunnilingus

    • F = Fellatio

    • FC = Facial cumshot

    • Fi = Fisting

    • U = Urination

    • VFP = Vaginal finger penetration

    • VOP = Vaginal object penetration

    • VP = Vaginal penetration by a penis


Pet of the Month

Other pictorials


Jul 98 Nikita* Silvia Saint* (F)
Jun 98 Kelly Havel
Pet of the Year Playoff
Tania Russof*, Samantha Michaels, Heather St. James, Jessica James (Rachel Arnott), Nikie St. Giles*
May 98 Pamela Petrokova
Jana & Keith
Sandra and Brooke (Fi, AOP)
A Taste for Adventure
Jasmine Rath
Pamela Petrokova is feature model at http://www.alsscan.com, under the name Patricie.
Apr 98 Chloe Jones
Designated Drivers
Tiffany Burlingame and Stacy Moran*
Touched by an Angel
Heather St. James and T.J. (F, C)
Handiwork (Fi)


Chloe Jones is a popular Playboy NSS model.
Mar 98 Anita Rinaldi* (VFP)
Pamela (Anderson Lee) and Tommy (Lee), The Sequel (F, VP)
Pet of the Year Runnerup
Julia Garvey
Stacey (VFP)
Feb 98 Nanna Gibson* (aka porn star Dina Jewel/Dina Juwel)
A Private Dancer
Levena (Holmes) and Michael (F, C, VP)
Monika & Martina
Baby Doll
Unknown model
Jan 98 Eva Major
Dancing with Wolf
Leslie Glass* and a guy (F, VP, FC)
Pet of the Year
Paige Summers
Star Whores: Return of the Nudi

Dyanna Lauren*, Lexus Locklear* and Adara (g/g/g)

Mirror Image
Unidentified model
Dec 97 Juliet (aka Erica Lookadoo)
Dark Angel
Two unidentified models
Holly, Mariah & Maya (VFP)
A Christmas Corollary
Janine (Lindemulder)* and Patrick (F, C, VP)
Star Slave
Rocki Roads* and Heather
Nov 97 Alexus Winston*
Asia Leaves Her Mark (VFP)
Asia Carrera* and Avalon*
Aniela (VFP)
Space Between the Clef
Andrea and Mark
Alexus Winston can be seen letting a guy penetrate her with a dildo in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.
Oct 97 Mason Marconi* (AFP, VOP)
Emma (Nixon) and Nikki (Tyler)*
Quite a Catch (F)
Sunset* and Zack Thomas
Julia (Garvey) (VFP, AFP)
Mason Marconi can be seen letting a guy penetrate her with a dildo in some vidoeos available from Purrfect Productions.
Sep 97 Rocki Roads* (U)
Howard Stern Directs (C)
Leslie Glass* and Heather
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Janine Lindemulder*
Pictures of Two Exhibitionists (VFP, AOP)
Two unidentified models
Shadow Play
Jenna Jameson* and a guy (F)
Aug 97 Roxy
Tony Ward
Holly (F, AOP)
The Ladies Who Lunch
Andrea (Mountjoy), Emerald (Heart) and Julia (Garvey) (C)
Garden of Eden
Brandi Lee Braxton
Jul 97 Elena Gilbert (VOP)
Seana (Ryan)
Darina & Karolina
Saxon & Steele
Toni LiSaxon and a guy (C, F, VP)
Jun 97 Dayna Ann (VFP)
Pet of the Year Playoff
Elizabeth Ann Hilden, Sabrina West, Diane (Sunset Thomas)* (VFP), Lexus (Locklear)*, Julia Garvey, Paige Summers
Universal Woman
Two unknown models (VOP, VFP, A)
Tales from the Dockside
Tania (Russof)* and Nicolai (F)

May 97 Andrea Kurtz (U, VP, VFP)
Claudia Bajmlova
Anderson and Taylor (C)
Toothsome Twosome (C, VFP)
Grace and Anita
Apr 97 Heather Kelly
Lexus (Locklear)*, Viktoria & Darina
Gina (LaMarca)* & Sonja (McDaniel)
Sweet Nothings
Paulette Fallon and Nikki
Mar 97 Nikie St. Giles*
Tanya's Spring Fever
Tanya Danielle
Pet of the Year Runner-up
Heidi Lynne
Cyber Pets
Julie (Strain) and Levia
Nikie St. Giles is the first POM with a nose ring.
Feb 97 Monique Nobrega
Andrea (Mountjoy)
Fear of Flying
Several unidentified models
Julia (Garvey) and Annie
Jan 97 Rachelle Arnott (aka Jessica James)
The Big, The Bad and The Beautiful
Rachelle Smith (of Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin fame)
Pet of the Year (VFP)
Elizabeth Ann Hilden
Leigh and Jessi (C)
Dec 96 Heather St. James
The Lady is a Tramp
Catherine Bailey
Baiting the Lure (VFP)
Tania (Russof)* and Selena*
Pees on Earth (C, U)
Nikki, Dyanna (Lauren)* and Elena (Gilbert)
Andi Sue, Pet Detective
Andi Sue Irwin
Nov 96 Samantha Michaels
Misha & Trisha
Sirens of Titiana
Sunset (Thomas)* and Nikki Tyler*
Oct 96 Lisa Gayle (AOP)
Janine's Dream World (VFP, AFP)
Janine Lindemulder* and Emerald Heart
Debbie, Sandy and Tonya
The Lady is a Vamp
Julia Garvey
Sep 96 Tania Russof* (VOP)
The Salon (C)
Katherine, Alexandria and Lauren
Altered States
Various models
Tony Ward
Various models
The Bodyguard
Stacy Moran* and Ashley Lauren
Aug 96 Paige Summers
The Marriage Counselor (C)
Tippy, Lynn (Alexis Christian*?) & David
Anna (Romeo)* and Brooke (Lane)*
Natalie Bach
Jul 96 Celeste Jean
Ode to Fishnet Tights
Emerald Heart
Mummy Dearest
Dyanna Lauren* and a mummy (porn star Rebecca Lords*, identifiable in only one photo)
Jun 96 Julia Garvey
Seana (Ryan?) and Brittany
Janine (Lindemulder)*
Pet of the Year Playoff
Leigh Anderson, Heidi Lynne, Veronica Gillespie, Lydia Schone, Elizabeth Ann Hilden
Pamela and Tommy Lee's Excellent Adventure
Hakan and Taylor (Hayes)*
May 96 Lexus Locklear*
Annoesika & Diana (Van Laar*?)
Nikki & Andrew (C)
Mason (Marconi)*
Apr 96 Kia Delao*
Anna Nicole Smith, The Lost Nudes
The Bride
Taylor, Larissa and Jessica (Lori Michaels*, Taylor St. Claire and Jessica)
Erin Kay
Erin Kay did some solo work in an Up 'n' Cummers video.
Mar 96 Diane* (aka porn star Sunset Thomas)(VFP)
Brandy and Sasha
Jisel (Brandy Sanders)* and Sasha Vinni* (AOP)
Iron Works
Tricia Yen* and a guy
Pet for Pets
Leslie Glass*
Feb 96 Sabrina West
Jan 96 Emerald Heart
Venus Descending
Althea, Kika and two other unidentified models
Pet of the Year
Andi Sue Irwin
Gina (LaMarca)* and Jon (C)
Dec 95 Nikki Tyler*
Sara (St. James), Felicia* and (Julia Hayes)
Andi Sue (Irwin) and Dani (F)
Taylor (Hayes)*
Nov 95 Cher* (aka porn star Jewel/Veronica Sage/Veronica Page)
Alexis (Christian)* and Dallas (C)
Cattle Annie II
Chasey Lain*, another woman and a guy
Tanya (VFP, VOP)
Oct 95 Shandra Leigh
Lydia (Schone) and Nick
Dyanna (Lauren)* and Taylor (Hayes)* (VOP, C)
Annabel Chong's World-Record Gangbang
Sep 95 Ashley Williams
The Pool Party (C)
Alexandria, Lauren and Katherine
Rachel Williams
Cattle Annie and Little Britches (F)
Annie McDoulet and Jennie Metcalf
Gina LaMarca*
Ashley Williams appeared in Playboy's tribute to petite women in Jul 95 under the name Stacy Ciccarelli.
Aug 95 Lexie Leblanc
Nicole (Nikki Dial)*, Bonita (Saint) and Michael
Emma (Nixon?) and Stacy (Moran)*
Julia Ann*
Jul 95 Dyanna Lauren*
Three-Card Mama and the Philadelphia Kid
Lydia and Sara
Angela & Gilbert
Unpublished shots of Angela performing fellatio on Gilbert are available at the Penthouse Members Only web site.
Jun 95 Elizabeth Ann Hilden
Brandi (Lexus Locklear)* and Rocco (Siffredi) Homage to Hollywood
Seana Ryan
Pet of the Year Playoff
Andi Sue Irwin, Levena Holmes, Bonita Saint, Tiffany Burlingame
Gina (LaMarca)* & Leslie (Glass)*
The hyperlink hides the underline; Elizabeth Ann Hilden was a POY.
May 95 Darina Vanickova
Truck Stop (C)
Myra and Dave
Carefree Lady
Jacqueline Simpson
Apr 95 Briana Nickles
Hungarian Rhapsody
Barbara, Szilvia and Anita (Dark)*
Swimsuit Video 2
Leslie Glass*, Stacy Moran*, Seana Ryan, Sharon Fitzpatrick, Justine Delahunty
Picture Perfect
Sasha Vinni*
Mar 95 Lynn Turner
Anna, Dianne & Guy
Pet of the Year Runner-up
Natalie Smith
Shoe Fly
Julia Ann* and Tiffany (Burlingame?)
Feb 95 Emma Nixon
Nina & Clarissa
Anthony & Barbara
Feulner's Fantasias
Jan 95 Lydia Schone
Darina & Brendan
Pet of the Year (VFP, VOP)
Gina LaMarca
Janine (Lindemulder)* and Melissa (Wolf)* (C, A)
Dec 94 Brandi Lee Braxton
Water Babies
Tiffany (Burlingame) and Gina (LaMarca)* (C)
Sean & Crystal
Home on the Range
Nov 94 Veronica Gillespie
Janine (Lindemulder)* & C.J.
Sandrine, Diana (Van Laar)*, and Sasha (Vinni)* (C)
Oct 94 Heidi Lynne
Brigitte & Kelvin
Julie (Strain) & Shannon
Sep 94 Leigh Anderson
Ice and Easy* (VOP)
Janine Lindemulder* and Julia Ann*
Aug 94 Alex Taylor (aka Andrea Molinari)
Debbie (Diamond)* and Draghixa* (C)
Danny & Melissa (C)
Portraits of Pipi
Pipi (Stacy Moran)*
Alex Taylor is a former Miss New Hampshire USA whose title was taken away after it was learned that she'd been a stripper.
Jul 94 Dakotah Summers
Lene (Hefner)* & Nikki (Knockers)* (C)
Heavenly Bodies
Cathleen Raymond* (aka Private video star Gabrielle/Gabrielle Scream)
Melissa's Encore
Melissa Wolf*
Jun 94 Taylor* (aka porn star Taylor Wayne)
Fantasies of Fabiola
Pet of the Year Playoff
Seana Ryan, Natalie Smith, Sharon Fitzpatrick, Gina LaMarca*, Michelle Tanner
Biker Chicks
Diana (Van Laar)* and Lexie Leblanc
May 94 Sonja McDaniel
The Maid
Simone and Michael
The Three Graces
Apr 94 Andrea Mountjoy
Pet of the Year Runnerup*
Leslie Glass*
Emma (Nixon) and Catalina (L'Amour)*
Mar 94 Mignon Champ*
Jo (Guest?) & Kym
The Chess Game
Mary & Shawna
Feb 94 Tiffany Burlingame
Michael & Wendy
Julie (Strain?) & Jacqueline
Jan 94 Bonita Saint
Robin & Alexis (Christian)* (C)
Pet of the Year
Sasha Vinni*
Dec 93 Levena Holmes
Emma, Jodi & Jeff
Searching for Bob Fischer (C, VFP)
Janine Lindemulder* and Amy Lynn Baxter
Claudia Schiffer
Nov 93 Melissa McGlathery
Oct 93 Stacy Moran*
Night Creatures
Tiffany and Brandi
Up, Up, and Away
Pamela and Brooke
Stacy Moran can be seen in some limited hardcore action in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.
Sep 93 Andi Sue Irwin Brandy (Jisel*?) The hyperlink hides the underline; Andi Sue Irwin was a POY.
Aug 93 Kailina
Love Match
Lena (Julia Ann)* and Sean
Brush Strokes
Kelly (Jaye)* and Nicole (Simmons)
South African Pet of the Year
Katrina Maltby
Jul 93 Michelle Tanner
Jun 93 Sam Phillips*
A Gothic Romance
Jolyn & Debra
Red Heat
Roberta and Thania
Pet of the Year Playoffs
Sasha Vinni*, Stevie Jean, Leslie Glass*, Jami Dion*, Tracy* (aka porn star K.C. Williams)
Sam Phillips is masturbated to orgasm by Monique Gabrielle in The Covergirl from Purrfect Productions.   There's also a urination sequence.
May 93 Gina LaMarca*
Lisa and Michelle
Lucy and Suki
The hyperlink hides the underline; Gina LaMarca was a POY.
Apr 93 Sharon Fitzpatrick (VFP)
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams and another model
Tales from the Cave
Jasmine, Jonquil and Juniper
Laura and Tracy (aka porn star K.C. Williams)*
One of the models in "Tales from the Cave" could be porn star Rebecca Lords*.
Mar 93 Natalie Smith
Feb 93 Julie Smith*
Pet of the Year Runnerup
Mahalia Maria*
Tropical Valentines
Sunny McKay* and another model
Jan 93 Natalie Lennox
Sex, Sighs, and Videotape
Ashley, Vanessa and Kate (one of them is porn star Keisha*)
Pet of the Year
Julie Strain
For His Eyes Only
Vera and Tammy
Natalie Lennox starred in the American Gladiators televisions series in the early 90's under the name Lace.
Dec 92 Anja Josefsen Gennifer Flowers
Nov 92 Alexis Christian*
Clean Country Living
Lynn and Daisy
Streets of Dreams
Roxy and Sylvie
True Colors
Oct 92 Chanel
The Seduction of Brandy* (C)
Jisel/Brandy Sanders* and Tori Welles*
Sep 92 Seana Ryan
Road Warrior
Diana Van Laar*
Girls' Night Out
Lena, Saska and Tracy
Jisel/Brandy Sanders*
Aug 92 Tammy Chapman
Chuck, Susan & Eva
Anna & Beth (C)
The Real Roxanne
Jul 92 Nicole Simmons
Jasmine and Laine
Robert & Elizabeth
La Femme Nicole
Nicole Gerritse
Jun 92 Tracy*(aka porn star K.C. Williams)
All Hands on Deck
Lynn (Julia Hayes) and Simon
Pet of the Year Playoff
Mahalia Maria*, Sandi Korn, Theresa Presley, Julie Strain
Susan & Danielle
May 92 Jasmine
Richie and Fran
Heather (Veronica Dol)* & Denise
Shooting Star
Teri Weigel*
Teri Weigel is also the Apr 1986 Playboy Playmate of the Month.
Apr 92 Robin Brown
The Love Train
Victoria and Casey (K.C. Williams)*
Galloping Gonads
Shelly (Racquel Darrian)*, Mark and Brian (Derrick Lane and Jon Dough)
Born to be Wild
Sara Norton
Mar 92 Jami Dion* Vanna Lace
Kirsten Stewart
Jami Dion is aka porn star Dahlia Grey; her work has apparently been limited to videos for director Andrew Blake.
Feb 92 Leslie Glass*
Jan 92 Stevie Jean Brandy  (Jisel) (POY)*
Louise, Susan and Jeanette (g/g/g)
Stevie Jean is aka Shauna O'Brien.
Dec 91 Jean Carew
Bustin' Loose
Traci* (aka Traci Topps)
Nov 91 Shannon Williams Jaqui (Mikki Brenner*?) and Paul (b/g)
Oct 91 Pamela Peters Julia Hayes
Pat, Della and Bob (b/g/g)
Sep 91 Sasha Vinni*
Madonna: The Lost Nudes
Aug 91 Ryan Matthews
Angelique and Erica
Army Brat
Bobbie Brown
Southern Comfort
Greg (Randy Spears) and Vicki (Danielle Rogers)*
Jul 91 Teneil Diane Moore
Martial Hearts*
Sunny McKay*, Heather and Joe
Jun 91 Julie Strain Krista Pflanzer The hyperlink hides the underline; Julie Strain was a POY.
May 91 Ronnie Dawn Brigitte Barclay
Apr 91 Theresa Presley Lola Anders (POY runnerup) Theresa Presley also appeared in several Playboy NSSs.
Mar 91 Sandi Korn Cindy Steele Sandi Korn is aka actress Sandra Taylor; she appeared in Playboy in Jul 95.
Feb 91 Tara Jackson Nathalie Lions
Lori Wagner* and Anneka Di Lorenzo* (g/g)
Jan 91 Mahalia Maria* Simone Brigitte (POY)
"Game, Set and Match" (g/g)
Dec 90 Diana Van Laar*
To Catch a Thief (C)
Tracy (Jisel/Brandy Sanders) and Dick

Tom and Sandy (Sandi Korn aka Sandra Taylor) (C)

Diana Van Laar also appeared in Playboy's Book of Lingerie Nov 95 and a Winter Girls newsstand special. It's also been reported that she was POM in the Dutch edition of Playboy.
Nov 90 Barbie Ashton Alex Heisig
Oct 90 Kelly Jackson* (aka porn star Racquel Darrian)
Christina & Denise
Kiss Me Kate
Kate Riches
Sunny & Stephanie (Adams)*
Sep 90 Linda Johansen Joanne McVay
Aug 90 Johnie Cheney Karen Brennan
"Romancing the Stars" (g/g)
Jul 90 Marie Duarte Joelyn Lund
"The Barbarians" (b/g)
Jun 90 Amy Lynn (aka Amy Lynn Baxter)
Joni & Liv
Pet of the Year Playoff
Lola Anders, Sunny Woods, Simone Brigitte, Katja Zajcek
Claudio & Christina
May 90 Jisel* (aka Brandy Sanders and Brandy Ledford) Tally Chanel
The hyperlink hides the underline; Jisel was a POY.
Apr 90 Jaqueline Winfield Leanna Sommers
Mar 90 Brandy O Janine Lindemulder* (POY runnerup)
Amy Kristensen* (aka porn star Zara Whites)
Feb 90 Justine Delahunty
Lisa (Reilly)
Dusty & Bev
Jan 90 Stacey Lynn Stephanie Page (POY)
Bobbie Wallbank

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