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    • BOL = Book of Lingerie

    • NSS = Newsstand Special

    • PMOM = Playmate of the Month

    • POM = Pet of the Month

Questions and confusion

None at the present time.

"Playboy model" defined

The term "Playboy model" is used by many models who have appeared in the magazine, and the variety of situations in which Playboy uses photos lends to the confusion.  This page has two sections: a list of Playboy models (as defined by me) who have done explicit adult videos or movies and a list of all known appearances in Playboy by women who have done such work.

For my purposes and purposes of this website, I restrict the definition of the term "Playboy model" to:

I exclude as "Playboy models" those women whose appearances have been limited to:

Playboy models who have done porn
Julie Ashton
Playboy appearances: Mar 96
Other appearances of note: See below.

Comments: A prominent personality on the Playboy Network, Julie appeared in the "Stripper Next Door" pictorial in Mar 96 under the name, "Ashton."

N'J De Bahia
Playboy appearances: BOL Mar/Apr 96
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She was an established French porn star when she appeared in one NSS just before her first U.S. video, for Vivid, was released. She's since appeared in one other U.S. video and has another scheduled for release in early 98.

Kristine DeBell
Playboy appearances: Cover, Apr 76
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She performed hard-core scenes in Alice in Wonderland and later had a regular role on the ABC soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Asia Carrera (Jessica Bennett)
Playboy appearances: BOL Sep 95
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She appeared in the Sep 95 BOL after beginning adult-video work, reportedly much to the chagrin of the Playboy people, who found out who "Jessica Bennett" was only after the slick hit the stands (ahem).

Racquel Darrian (Kelly Jackson)
Playboy appearances: Mar 96
Other appearances of note: Penthouse POM Oct 90
Comments: She is not to be confused with the Kelly Jackson mentioned below, the former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who moved from there to Playboy NSS modeling and then to porn, where she's uses the name Kelly Jaye.

Elisa Florez
Playboy appearances: Jan 87
Other appearances of note:
Comments: This former aide to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) appeared in Playboy in connection with her one and only porn appearance, in Behind the Green Door, Part 2, in which she was billed as Missy Manners.

Monique Gabrielle
Playboy appearances: "On the Scene [Jul 86] and "B-Movie Bimbos [Jul 89]"
Other appearances of note: Dec 82 Penthouse POM
Comments: She can be seen in various sex acts in some videos available from Purrfect Productions.

Lene Hefner
Playboy appearances: BOL: Nov/Dec 88, Mar/Apr 95; Playboy Women: Richard Fegley
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She appeared in NSSs before and after doing adult videos.

Kelly Jaye (Kelly Jackson)
Playboy appearances: BOL: Sep/Oct 92, Nov/Dec 92, Mar/Apr 93, May/Jun 93, Jul/Aug 93; College Girls 95; Bathing Beauties 91, 92; Girls of Summer 91, 92; Playboy's Nudes 92; Wet & Wild Women 93
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She also is a former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader and is not to be confused with the Kelly Jackson who appeared as a Penthouse POM in Oct 90 and who is better known as porn star Racquel Darrian.

Susan Kiger
Playboy appearances: PMOM Jan 77; Cover: Mar 77, Nov 77, Apr 79
Other appearances of note:
Comments: The only Playmate to do porn before she became a Playmate, she appeared in the hard-core film Deadly Love.

Gina LaMarca
Playboy appearances: Aug 97 ("Biker Babes," as Gina Severini)
Other appearances of note: Penthouse POM May 93 and POY 95; Penthouse Sep 95, Jan 96 (b/g), Apr 97 (g/g)

Samantha Laurent
Playboy appearances: Many NSSs in the mid-to-late 90s
Other appearances of note: Scans available on the Internet suggest that she has done some near-hardcore layouts for magazines of the Hustler and Barely Legal type, but dates and issues are unknown.
Comments: A finalist in the 1997 BoL model-of-the-year contest, Samantha Laurent appeared in at least five videos for Private in 1993 and 1994, using the name Samantha Shamal:
Forbidden Desires - Private Film 7, Lady in Spain - Private Film 6, Private Video Magazine 6, Private Video Magazine 7, and Private Video Magazine 8.

Nicki Lewis
Playboy appearances: Apr 96 ("Women of the Internet")
Other appearances of note: Many adult-magazine appearances, primarily in the U.K.
Comments: An English model and, for lack of a better term, sex personality, she appeared in the porn video Ben Dover's English Lesson.

Lorissa McComas
Playboy appearances: Multiple NSSs starting in Sep 91.
Other appearances of note: Swank Jan 94; For Adults Only Jun 94; Club Aug 94; a host of other men's magazines.
Comments: This popular NSS model and B-movie actress (Lapdancing, Stormswept, to name two) appears in some videos available from Purrfect Productions, in which she gives and receives oral (g/g only), masturbates to orgasm and is penetrated by toys wielded by Feb 93 Penthouse Pet of the Month Julie K. Smith.

Bridget Monet (Dana Cannon)
Playboy appearances: Mar 84
Other appearances of note:
Comments: Appeared in a pictorial entitled "Pre-Med Student Porn Star" under the name Dana Cannon, the surname being the stage surname of her boyfriend, Dave Cannon, with whom she worked on screen almost exclusively.

Brooke Moore
Playboy appearances: BOL: Mar/Apr 91, Jul/Aug 94
Other appearances of note: Penthouse (Jul 85), Girls of Penthouse (May 1988), Hard Work Out, Best of Club No.8, Knave Vol 16 No. 8 (as Sugar Rae).
Comments: She's also known as Brooke Morales.  She's also appeared in at least one hard-core film in the "Pretty Girls" series, No. 302, with Jerry Butler.  Stills from it are in Pretty Girls magazine issue 47.

Constance Money
Playboy appearances: Jul 77, Jul 78 and May 79
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She appeared three times in Playboy: in July 77 as one of the "New Girls of Porn," in a feature pictorial in July 78 and in May 79 as part of a Ken Marcus portfolio.

Charmaine Sinclair
Playboy appearances: BOL: Sept/Oct 92, Sep/Oct 94, Nov/Dec 95, Jan/Feb 95; Women of Color Summer 1997
Other appearances of note:
Comments: She's made several other appearances in Playboy NSSs using both this name and the name Charmaine Garth. Her resume includes some hard-core video and still work from the early 90s, though it's apparently European in origin and generally not available in the U.S.  The link is to a site that has a list of her video appearances archived.

Diana Van Laar
Playboy appearances: BOL Nov/Dec 95 and a Winter Girls NSS
Other appearances of note: Dec 90 Penthouse POM
Comments: It's also been reported that she was PMOM and POM in the Dutch editions of Playboy and Penthouse, respectively.

Teri Weigel
Playboy appearances: Apr 86 PMOM; see below for other appearances in Playboy magazine itself; BOL: May/Jun 89, Sep/Oct 90 BOL,
Other appearances of note: May 92 Penthouse
Comments: The only Playmate to do hard-core adult videos after becoming a Playmate.

Playboy appearances by actresses who have done porn

Much of the information that appears below was culled from Playboy Index: The Women of Playboy 1967-1998, © 1998, by Andrew Crossett, (adc@spectra.net), which, according to the author, is a complete list of every woman who has been pictured in Playboy during that 31-year period.  Mr. Crossett has my gratitude for the assistance this index has provided me in assembling this website.

Still, I need your help in perfecting the list.  I don't recognize many of the names here, particularly ones from the 70s and abroad, though I feel comfortable in listing them if they've appeared in a pictorial entitled "Porno Chic," "The Porno Girls" or "The New Girls of Porn."  If there's someone who's on the list who shouldn't be, I'd appreciate a note.  The index mentioned above also includes references to some actresses and models whose names I'm familiar with and who may have done adult videos or movies ... but then again who may not have.  If you have any additional information to add, please let me know.

On to the list:


Allen, Ginger Lynn

Alleyne, Marvo

Anderson, Karin

Arnold, Maria

Ashton, Juli

Bauer, Michelle

BlaqueLord, Serena

Bond, Rene

Bourbon, Barbara

Bovee, Leslie

Brennan, Colleen

Britton, Susanna

Britton, Susanna

Burgess, Catharine

Cannon, Laura

Chambers, Marilyn

Clayton, Abigail

Collins, Jayme

Connors, Carol

Cousteau, Desiree

Dominique, Laurien

Donavan, Elizabeth

Fields, Susannah

Florez, Elisa

Forsa, Maria

Fox, Samantha

Frydenberg, Lone

Glass, Leslie

Greon, Kelly

Hart, Veronica

Haven, Annette

Hope, Kim

Hunt, Amber

Jameson, Jenna

Jennings, Jean

Kiger, Susan  (Jan 77, PMOM)

Knudsten, Vivi

Lahaie, Brigitte

Lain, Chasey

Lang, Helen

LaVeaux, Shayla

Lewis, Nicki

Lockhart, Carla

Lords, Traci

Lovelace, Linda

Lovstrand, Mette

Lynn, Tyna

Magazine, Michelle

Maier, Brigitte

Martin, Jacqueline

McBain, Susan

Mendum, Mary


Mikkelsen, Helene

Mitchell, Sharon

Monet, Bridgette

Money, Constance

Muir, Amanda

Natividad, Kitten

Nix, Stacy (aka Barbara Dare)

Pettyjohn, Angelique

Porter, Cherie

Pozzi, Moana

Randall, Suze (She has no hardcore work to her credit, as far as I know, but she is included here because of the significance of her contributions to erotic photography as an artist.


Rexroth, Mary

Royalle, Candida

Russell, Tina

Scott, Valerie


Severini, Gina (aka Penthouse POY Gina LaMarca)

Smith, Cheryl

Smith, Emily

Smith, Julie K.(Feb 93 Penthouse POM)

Springs, Alice

Staller, Ilona (aka Cicciolina)

Suiter, Nancy

Tagge, Lisbeth

Weigel, Teri (Apr 86, PMOM)

Welles, Tori

Westergaard, Lisbeth

Whites, Zara

Wieternik, Nora

Young, Brooke

Young, Taylor