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  • Boldface names are those of Pets of the Month.
  • Abbreviations:

    • BOL = Book of Lingerie

    • NSS = Newsstand Special

    • PMOM = Playmate of the Month

Questions and confusion

The May 1988 Penthouse features a pictorial with Randy Spears and one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women I've ever seen, with or without clothes. The pictorial is titled "Stephanie and Greg," takes place in an art museum, as I recall, and includes a shot of Stephanie getting doggied by Randy across a two-page spread. It's also noteworthy because she has quite a wonderful pair of labia on display in several shots.  Did this woman ever do anything more explicit? If so, under what names, and in what videos?  I've been given the name Jill Grayson, but I've been unable to locate any further information.
Other names that have been linked to Penthouse and porn, but whose pictorials in the former or roles in the latter are uncertain:
Lenora Bruce, Victoria Knoll, Susannah Britton (Blonde Goddess), Pricella Shields (Anthony Spinelli's Reel People), Skye (attractive, thin, small-chested blonde),  Pia Sorensen, Patrice Trudeau (also credited as Patrice La Perle), Cindy Burke and Ginger Jensen.

Porn Stars in Single-Model Penthouse Pictorials (chronologically)

Month and Year 
Posed Before or After Porn 
Brigitte Maier Jul 74


Kelly Nichols May 79 (as Marianne Walters)
Loni Sanders Apr 80 (as Haiku)
Marlene Willoughby Dec 80


Anna Ventura Mar 82 (as Carla Russell, a name she used in the movie Society Affairs)
She also used the name Jasmine Dubai in some movies and videos.
Danielle Feb 83 (as Danielle Martin)
She worked in a Nevada brothel for a while after leaving adult films in the late 80s.
Jean Afrique/Jeanette Starion Mar 83
Other Penthouse appearances: Nov 84
While not a POM, she was in seven of 27 photos, including the centerfold, in the Mar 83 POM pictorial featuring Greta Anderson. She then won a Penthouse international beauty contest before beginning a brief porn career, using the name Jean Afrique, with her SO, black porn stud Ray Victory. After a hiatus (at least in videos available in the U.S.), she's reappeared in a couple of Scandinavian videos released by Pleasure Productions under the name Jeanette Starion. My understanding is that she does b/g only with Victory.
Nina Alexander Nov 83 (as Julia Parton)
Nancy Suiter Aug 84
Hyapatia Lee Sep 84
Jodi Swafford Oct 84
Pippi Andersen Jan 85 The most notable of a few hard-core appearances was in Suze Randall's Studhunters.
Christy Canyon Feb 85
Ginger Lynn Mar 85
Raven May 85 (as Vicki Vickers)
Other Penthouse appearances: Jan 85 (g/g with Stacy Donovan); Nov 87 Girls of Penthouse NSS (as Vicki Vickers); May 87 Girls of Penthouse NSS (as Isadore Fyte)
Brooke Morales Jul 85


She's also known as Brooke Moore, a popular swimsuit model.  Her foray into porn consisted only apparently of a few loops made for Pretty Girls.
Vanessa D'Oro Jan 87 (as Tammy Lane)
Jamie Summers Mar 87
Other Penthouse appearances: May 87 (g/g with Blondi);  Jul 87 (b/g with Peter North)
Cicciolina Oct 87
Kascha Aug 88
Heather Hunter Nov 88 (as Rita)


Tamara Lee Apr 89 (as Pamela Self)
Ashlyn Gere Feb 89 (as Kimberly Marshall)
Skeeter Feb 90
Zara Whites Mar 90 (as Amy Kristensen)
Other Penthouse appearances: Nov 90 (as Amy with Rocco Siffredi); Jan 91 (as Amy with Mikki Brenner)
She is also credited in porno movies as Paulina Peters and Amy Kooiman.
Lori Wagner May 75 (as Octavia Corriel)
Other Penthouse appearances: Jun 80 (Caligula feature); Feb 91
She did a hard-core g/g scene with Sep 73 POM Anneka Di Lorenzo in the Penthouse movie Caligula, and began doing other hardcore work circa 1996.
Traci Topps  Dec 91
Her hardcore work has been g/g only.
Teri Weigel May 92
Playboy's Apr 86 PMOM.  She's the only Playboy Playmate to have done porn after her Playboy appearance.
Cathleen Raymond Jul 94 Unknown (aka Private video star Gabrielle/Gabrielle Scream.  Other video and movie credits: College Co-Eds, Nude Cowgirls, Nude Secretaries 2, Sirens of Seduction, The Perfect Gift, Seduce Me: Pamela Principle 2, Virtual Encounters.  Magazine credits: Swank [Feb 94, centerfold], Girls of Swank [Jul 94 as Gabrielle].  Adult video credits: Triple X #2 [preview for Triple X #3], Triple X #3, Triple X #7.   Hard-core magazines: Pirate #33, Private #131.)
Julia Ann Aug 95
Other Penthouse appearances:  Sep94 (g/g with Janine Lindemulder);  Mar 95 (g/g with Tiffany Burlingame); Oct 95 (b/g/g)

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Porn Stars in Multi-person Penthouse Pictorials (alphabetically)

Asia Carrera


Blondie Bee

Debbie Diamond

Anita Dark

Nikki Dial

Veronica Dol

Stacy Donovan



Shauna Grant:

Taylor Hayes

Lene Hefner

Jenna Jameson

Kelly Jaye


Nikki Knockers

Chasey Lain

Catalina L'Amour

Brooke Lane

Janette Littledove

Sunny McKay

Lori Michaels

Cody Nicole

Nikki Randall

Danielle Rogers

Anna Romeo

Taylor St. Claire -- She's appeared in an Up N Cummers (solo only) and in Helen Duval's Bedtime Stories and Andrew Blake's Paris Chic.  In at least one, she reportedly had oral sex performed on her by a man, but was not penetrated.  It's been reported to me that she also has appeared in Playboy NSSs, but that is unconfirmed.  It's been reported that she will soon appear in a b/g scene in a tape from Purrfect Productions.


Tricia Yen

Tori Welles

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