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Definition of Terms: Porno v. Just Plain Naked


Backstage Issues

Have any New York Times best-sellers ever been made into adult films?

Does the porn industry have an awards show?

Where can I meet pornstars?

Are pornstars available for escorting?

Award Winners...

Who owns the porn studios?

Why do porn babes wear shoes all the damned time?

Is my dick smaller than a porn star's?

Where can I buy a pair of tits that big?

So do people like fake tits?

Why do so many porn starlets shave their nether regions?

How do porn stars handle birth control on sets?

How do porn stars prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?

Do these starlets really fuck all the guys they claim to have in those "Worlds Biggest Gangbang?"

Did Jon Dough realy ball 101 women at once?

At the "World's Largest Gangbang," there were a bunch of fluffers. Are fluffers normal on porn sets?

What is a "sybian?"

Definition of Terms: Porno v. Just Plain Naked

It is important at this point to discuss the difference porno films and nudity.

Many actors and actresses have appeared nude in films. So many so, that there is a whole book devoted to chronicling their appearances. The book is called The Bare Facts, and there is more information on it elsewhere in the FAQ.

Porno movies, on the other hand, have brought forth no major stars. Only Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn Allen have successfully broken out of the porno world and into the mainstream, even if the mainstream is a series of straight-to- video movies and the occasional fringe TV appearance.

Readers have mentioned that Leena seems to be making some headway. She is a model for some skin cream and made an appearance on Howard Stern. She's also in a Taco Bell commercial and appeared in "Sherman Way," a Showtime TV series.

Also, a gay theatrical play called "Making Porn," which features Rex Chandler has been making the rounds. And yes, it is about the gay porn industry. Word is his acting really sucks.

Peter van Aarle adds:

True, in fact hardcore actress status is usually a bad thing for any later mainstream career. Case in point: Annette Haven was originally cast to play the female lead in Brian depalma's Body Double. But then Columbia found out how x-rated she was (and they were a subsidiary of Coca-Cola who felt it wasn't right for their image) and that was that. In fact Annette now states she is happy she didn't do it since originally the script called for a 'simple' stabbing murder. Annette signed the contract and then DePalma changed it to that power drill stuff, and as Annette says "I was actually very relieved when Columbia put the nix on me. I didn't really want to be in a film with gory violence".

Other adult stars have appeared in mainstream work (Ron Jeremy seems to be popping up in cameo roles lately, notably The Chase and Kiling Zoe, and Ashlyn Gere was on The X-Files this season) though their involvement in the X-rated world generally prevents them from becoming huge stars anyway.

Other examples of non-crossover is Teri Weigel. She appears in a few episodes of Married with Children, then goes hardcore. According to an interview she gave to the tabloid TV show "Hard Copy," Married with Children doesn't even know her anymore. Why? Because she's on film sucking dick.

Some say it's the tease and the whore syndrome. Prance around suggestively, and you're cast. Actually follow through, and don't call us, we'll call you...

Besides, they are stars in their own right in the porn world, and in Hollywood, they're just day players.

Tim Evanson says:

Gay porn stars seem to have a harder time in obtaining mainstream work than heterosexual porn stars do. Although many gay male porn stars began their modelling career in muscle magazines or for PLAYGIRL, returning to the modelling or acting world has proven difficult.

Exceptions are relatively few: Brian Buzzini is a bisexual male who modelled for PLAYGIRL but later became a model for Calvin Klein and for Cool Water cologne. The late Joey Stefano appeared in Madonna's book SEX, and gay porn actor Randy Mixer has appeared on several billboards advertising upscale department stores on LA's Rodeo Drive. Occasionally, gay porn stars will appear in untitled photos in muscle magazines such as EXERCISE--FOR MEN ONLY and MUSCLE AND FITNESS and MEN'S WORKOUT. But for the most part, true acting jobs and long-term modelling contracts are rare indeed.


Quickly, let me just talk about a notable exception: Caligula.

Caligula was made in the late 70s/early 80s by Bob Guccione, publisher of Penthouse. He got quite a few famous people (Malcolm McDowell, Sir John Gielgud, Peter O'Toole) to act in his movie about the depraved Roman emperor. Later, after principal shooting was done, he added hardcore scenes which the "famed" talent had nothing to do with. In fact, after he released the hardcore version, the famed people all rather horrified and tried to distance themselves from the project. So, while they were in a movie which contained hardcore footage, I do not consider them to have been in a porn movie, as they (a) did not participate in the action; and (b) probably were not aware that it was going to be hardcore.

So, to recap, no major stars have done porno. Many have appeared nude, but none have been caught fucking on an intentionally produced for mass distribution tape. (I use that unweildy phrase because, as you will see, a few stars' private home moves have gone public.)

Backstage Issues

Have any New York Times best-sellers ever been made into adult films?

As far as I know, only one: 1975's Naked Came the Stranger.

William George Ferguson says:

The (X-rated) movie was the rights-purchased, official movie version of the book. The book had made the New York Times bestseller list before it was revealed that Penelope Ash was actually a group of Newsday writers doing a parody (the one female member of the group posed for the back cover author's photo).

After the revelation, the book reached number 1 on the NYT bestseller list. This is, as far as I know, the only example of a true best selling book having a hard-core porn movie as its official movie version.

Does the porn industry have an awards show?

Yes it does. The Adult Video News (AVN) awards are held every January during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Categories include the standard performance categories (Best Actor, Actress, Supporting roles, Director, Picture) in both Film and Video subcategories.

There are also awards for best sex scene, best three way, etc.

You can get info on this year's show at http://www.avn.com/top.link/3527 /awards/info.html

Although AVN has categories for gay porn that have recently been greatly expanded. In 1984 and 1985, the Gay Producers Association also hosted awards and the X- Rated Critics Organization hosted gay porn awards from 1985 through 1991.

However, the most important gay awards show is the gay- only Gay Video Guide Awards, or "Dickies," presented every year in Los Angeles by the magazine Gay Video Guide.

Where can I meet pornstars?

There are a number of video award shows and fan meet-and- greet events throughout the year. Also, since a lot of the girls do dance tours, you might be able to meet them one at a time in your local club.

But of the major shows, there are three or four...

The Winter Consumer Electronics Show

This show is an industry only event (where "industry" ranges from video store owner on up) that is usually scheduled in the first week or two of January in Las Vegas.

Adult video companies set up their own show nearby the regular show pavillion where a video store owner could walk around, get autographed posters for their shops, pictures with the stars (clothed) and other video swag.

Get the details at the CES website: http://www.cesweb.org

In 1999, there was a gathering of RAMErs at CES. I am told there will be one in 2000 as well. Watch the rame homepage for details.

Adult Video News Awards

The best place for information about the AVN shows is AVN itself, or the AVN web site at http://www.avn.com/top.link/3527

Well, if next year's is like this year's (and it probably is) then write to:

AVN Awards Show
6700 Valjean Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Tel: 1-800-521-2474 or 1-310-842-7450
FAX: 1-310-842-7454
Credit card orders by phone: (800) 521-2474

Gay Video Guide

The GVG Erotic Gay Video Awards, the "Dickies", are open to the public on a first-come first-served basis. Tim Evanson passes this along:

The Gay Video Guide "Gay Erotic Video Awards" will be held Monday, December 8, 1997 at 6 p.m. at the Hollywood Palace, 1735 Vine Street, Hollywood (across from Capitol Records). Tickets are $25 to $200, but a sell-out is close at hand. Anyone interested should call 213-658-4065.

The event has been around for over five years, with donations being made to AIDS charities. In 1996, the proceeds of the show went to benefit Being Alive/Los Angeles, Continuum HIV Day Services in San Francisco, and Special Delivery in San Diego. Sabin, the show's producer, and said the auction items alone raised almost $5,000 in 1996 with perhaps as much as $60,000 more to come once final totals are made from the other fund-raisers at the show. In 1995, $60,000 was donated to "Aid for AIDS."

F.O.X.E. (Fans of X-Rated Entertainment)

F.O.X.E. is a fan group, and they sponsor a number of fan meet-and-greets,culminating in the F.O.X.E. Awards Show.

The 7th F.O.X.E. Awards Show is being held on Sunday, Feb. 16, 1997. You have to be a member of F.O.X.E. to attend the show.

Any questions about the show (or future events) should be directed to the F.O.X.E. hotline at (213) 656-6545.

Peter van Aarle tells me that the show is officially called the F.O.X.E. Fan Favorite Awards... FOXE members can enter ballots to choose their "favorite male", "favorite female" and "favorite vixen" (=new female performer).

Last year, tickets were $40 apiece (or $100 for 3).

To become a member ($25 to join), the address of FOXE:

8231 Delongpre Ave. #1
West Hollywood, CA 90046

East Coast Video Show

The East Coast Video Show is also an "industry only" sponsored by ExpoCon. Traditionally, the show takes place in Atlantic City during the first week of October. The best place to find detailed and correct scheduling information is their web site, http://www.ecvshow.com

The ECVS hosts a large adult video section cordoned off from the main show. There you'll have a series of cramped booths with a porn starlet or two signing autographs and posing for pictures.

In 1999, there was a successful RAME Get-Together that is also planned for the 2000 show.

Are pornstars available for escorting?

As a general rule, no. Tho the exceptions are growing rapidly.

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel outisde of Carson City, Nevada, has found that it has become rather profitable to have pornstars on their roster. You can get a list of the pornstar appearances at http://www.sex-in-nevada.com/xxxstar.htm

Another resource is maintained by a fella named Waldo: The Porn Star Escort page can be found at http://pornstar.pornworx.com/pse/pse.htm. The only comment I have on this page is Waldo relies on "Nici's Girls" for some of his information; and Nici's Girls has been accused of using pornstar names and likenesses to promote as if they were escorting for them, when in fact those pornstars are not under their employ (and often don't escort.)

Award Winners...

Adult Video News Awards

The lists of AVN award winners from 1994 - present can be found at the Adult Movie FAQ web site at http://www.rame.net/faq/avn

Gay Video Guide Awards

The lists of GVG award winners from 1994 - present can be found at the Adult Movie FAQ web site at http://www.rame.net/faq/gvg

Who owns the porn studios?

Blowfish says:

As in most businesses, there are several tiers of distribution.

For example, most of the major manufacturers service large accounts themselves, and pass smaller accounts onto distributors such as General Video (which is actually a franchise; each regional GVA branch is more-or-less independently owned). Some manufacturers, such as VCX, service smaller accounts directly.

Distributors are also involved in the production. For example, Bay Management, the holding company that owns the GVA-West franchise, also manages adult movie stores in the Bay Area, owns Sin City, the producer, and Profit Pak, a magazine repackaging operation.

Why do porn babes wear shoes all the damned time?

In almost all the sex scenes, the women are completely naked except for their shoes.

The big main reasons that actresses almost universally wear high heels are: (1) they make legs look sexier by accentuating the curve of the calves; (2) to appeal to shoe fetishists, and (3) (this is probably the most important practical reason) because soundstages are dirty places with cold concrete floors and the actresses want to keep their feet clean and warm.

Someone actually asked Ashlyn Gere, a popular video actress, why this was in an interview. She said, quite simply, that the floors are dirty and most of them didn't want to step on anything sharp. True or not, that's what she said.

This is becoming a topic of debate lately. Certain factions feel that the floors of porn studios can't be that dirty, and Ron Jeremy walks around in bare feet... Others say the studios are that dirty.

Bill Majors jumps into the fray by stating that "the stages are NOT all that dirty. However, they ARE all that dangerous. Nails, wires, tacks, staples, etc., are often to be found about, and one never can keep it clean. Why? Well, if a show is shot on several sets then there is always movement, set dressing, and such. If a lamp falls and breaks, while it is swept up, there is often no time to vacuum, and/or mop, and so being shoeless is really not a good idea. However, I do believe that your first reason about the shape, etc., is the real reason."

There is a picture floating around of Nikki Charm and Wayne Summers, and the bottoms of Nikki's feet are clearly seen, and they are FILTHY. (Picture at http://www.rame.net/faq/support/nikkifeet.html) So, who knows?

The fact that the shoe thing persists pisses off bare foot fetishists everywhere. They say the dirt should be sacrificed for their kink. Maybe they're right. You decide.

Is my dick smaller than a porn star's?

Hart Williams observes:

Generally, most male penii in porn run about the same general size. For years, I heard "They're ENORMOUS!," but with a few exceptions (Holmes, Jeremy, Long Dong Silver [fave of Justice Clarence Thomas], almost all are 'a little bigger than average' (whatever the hell that means -- an actress told me). On the set, they were not intimidating, else this author is the same size and missed his calling -- and he doubts it, sincerely. Tom Byron, for instance, looks enormous, but he's pretty much the same size as anyone else. But, in his early days, he was a sub-6-foot male, and skinny, and it looked HUGE (this was a question from several early female fans of the biz).

Paul Newman is about 5'6" or 7", and Alan Ladd was standing on an apple crate in "Shane," else the actress was in a ditch. This being the case in the "Real Movies," it shouldn't be too great a leap to understand it's true in porn, too.

Most males haven't seen another man erect close up, and the picture gives you no frame of reference as to the size of the actors, height-wise or pecker-wise. Back in the movie days, a monster shot of a spurting one-eyed- wonder-worm could be ten or twenty feet high on the screen. Talk about no frame of reference....

If you're worried about comparisons, a good way to judge is to look at the guys hands when they grab their own dicks, and compare it to yours. Most guys hands are about the same size, so you could use that as a frame of reference.

Tim Evanson, my reporter on the gay scene says:

The average gay porn star's height is 5'8". Thus any penis that looks 8" on film is probably only 6.5" or 7" in real life. Famous gay porn stars with "enormous" cocks are, really, much smaller:

NamePurported SizeActual Size
Jeff Stryker10"7.5"
Ryan Idol9"7"
Scott O'Hara12"9"
Alex Carrington10"8"
BJ Slater11"9"
Kris Lord12"8"

Often, gay porn stars clip their pubic hair or shave it entirely, enhancing the appearance of size. Most also shave their testicles, which enhances size as well. Several use a "cock pump" to enhance vascularity and size temporarily before oral sex or anal penetration. Many stars also use cock rings of leather or steel to enhance erections and trap blood in the penis -- causing a larger look.

Also, do not compare the "realistic" dildos often marketed as "modeled from Jeff Stryker's own penis" (the most famous examples being the Jeff Stryker, Kris Lord, and Foot Long Sean Davis models) to real penis size. Firms purposefully enlarge these dildos (so says my friend, who worked as a graphic artist at one).

Another poster concerned with non-subjectivity recalls:

Masters & Johnson and some other firm had each done penis studies in the 1970s... this data comes from his recollection of those studies...

The penis is correctly measured from the top, i.e. get an erection, place the ruler in the V formed by the top of the penis and the pubic bone, swing the penis through 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal, noting the angle at which the penis extends furthest along the ruler. Measure to the adjacent perpendicular point to the tip...

There were two averages. One study gave 5.5 inches (14 cm) the other 6.5 inches (16.5 cm). The scientists/ doctors were surprised as the samples were quite large (numbers I mean not the penises in question). They should have yielded closer results.

Where can I buy a pair of tits that big?

This is a very frequently asked question, and I think we all wish that it had a frequently quoted answer.

The increased bust size, more commonly known as the fake tit, is an increasing trend in adult entertainment. Many go-go dancers get the implants because it will net them more money on the runway. Porn stars are another story...

Porn stars are now starting to use movies to promote their dance tours. A porn flick can guarantee a good return at the dance club box office, and in return, raise your fees. Savannah was about to get $5,000 for a week's worth of dancing at a club, if she hadn't shot herself first. Compared to the salaries for shooting movies outlined earlier in our FAQ (up to $1000/day usually less) it's not a bad take.

So do people like fake tits?

There is a bit of backlash against fake tits in the industry with Jim Holliday's feature Real TIckeTs, featuring all natural stars, and Alex Jordan's production company Realistic Pictures who insisted on using real breasted women in their productions.

It appears that the "real tit" movie is just becoming another niche market...

Even though there are actresses who refuse to get implants, it does not seem to stop the flood of people getting them...

Of those actresses that have had breast surgery, it is generally agreed upon that saline implants are much more desirable than silicone, not only for the medical reasons, but saline has a more realistic bounce. For an example of saline tits, check out the new, arguably improved, Sierra. For an example of bad silicone, check out Mona Lisa, Kelly Jaye, Madison, etc.

For examples of ridiculous amounts of breast enhancements, check out Wendy Whoppers and Tiffany Towers.

Of course, this is not to say that we hate large breasted women. Au contraire! We love them! We just hate large breasted women who look like someone shoved two melons under their skin and left horrible scars.

For more information on real breasted women, check out the Natural Buson Alliance compiled by Heretic and others. It is stored at Heretic's Web Site: http://home.eznet.net/~rwilhelm/asm/bbb.html

Why do so many porn starlets shave their nether regions?

Nick Long says:

In my opinion, there are three major reasons for 'shaved'. Directors today like the exposed look and gets them raves in reviews for 'showing it all' and they don't like the penetration shot blocked by hair.

Second reason is that many of the gals do dance tours, shaving is required in order to wear the itsy-bitsy bottoms they dance in, plus it gets them better tips in the dance bars when the guys can 'see it all'.

Third, most gals agree it seems to aid in the on set hygiene situation and as a matter of fact, there is less irritation when shaved than when dealing with hair friction, lube matting, etc.

Didn't say they were all 'good' reasons, just reasons. :)

How do porn stars handle birth control on sets?

As I understand it, (in no order) the vaginal sponge, the pill or diaphragm are the most popular methods. It allows spontaneous sex with no annoying "additions" to the sex scene.

Pulling out also seems to be a popular option ;-)

The condom is not so much used for birth control purposes as it is for preventing the spread of venereal diseases, something neither the sponge, the pill or the diaphragm can prevent.

How do porn stars prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?

Condoms mostly, and an HIV test.

However, Jerry Butler notes in his book that STDs are quite common in porn, and that many performers used to look the other way in the 1980s. It's not clear whether this is still the case, however.

The HIV test is a very serious part of keeping the industry alive. In het porn, studios require performers to have a current PCR (polymerase chain reaction) HIV test, which uses DNA technology to test for fragments of the HIV virus in the blood. It is known that HIV takes about 3 months before it is present in the blood in amounts large enough to be detectable by HIV anti-body testing. Since the PCR test is able to detect even fragments of DNA, the PCR test can detect HIV in the blood about a week after infection.

The problem with PCR testing is that few labs doing the test are FDA-approved, and the FDA has not approved the accuracy of the test for HIV testing. A second problem is that some performers appear to have faked their test results and did not have the test done.

You can get more info on HIV testing from the industry's own watchdog group, Adult Industry Medicine

There is an apocryphal story circulating that Rebecca Lords was not allowed to shoot a solo masturbation scene because she did not have a current test. In 1995, Barbara Doll had several false-positive HIV tests but in the end she proved to be HIV-negative.

Gay porn studios generally require the use of condoms on the set, obviating the need to have a current PCR test in hand. This also helps reduce the spread of other STDs in gay porn.

Do these starlets really fuck all the guys they claim to have in those "Worlds Biggest Gangbang?"

In a word, no.

The pornographers, being fine upstanding citizens who would never attempt to defraud their customers and patrons, basicially lie. Annabel Chong did not have sex with 251 men, she has "sex" 251 times -- which is to say 85 guys plowed her about 3 times each.

This trend has continued in recent years with Jasmin St. Clair's record at 300 "men", then Houston coming along with The Houston 500... there's talk of doing 2000 in 2000 -- but really -- even if you only got a minute with the starlet, that's 2000 minutes of sex -- or 33 hours -- if you assume she can handle two guys at once you get the number to a somewhat more managable 16.5 hours... make that 5 guys at one -- three jerking off while the other two haver a go -- and you can get thru it all in a normal workday. :-)

Check in time for The Houston 500 started at 8:00 AM and the last pop shot was at 7:30 PM -- so less than 12 hours to get thru what ended up being 620 men... that's a little over 1 minute per guy -- assuming that they started at 8 AM (they didn't) and she had no breaks (she had a short one after every 5 guys) ... so the math is not on her side that she fucked 620 different social security numbers...

Of the Annabel Chong gangbang, Nick Long says that John T. Bone had 7 additional (paid) staff members on site working registration (to handle AIDS results, etc.) that are not normally on any other set. There were only 83 to register (repeaters/ threepeaters/and morepeaters accounted for the 250 [plus Ronnie (Ron Jeremy) baby for 251]) so there was more than enough staff, in fact, too many. Originally hoping for the actual 300 to show, the 10 man security staff was overwhelming for the lack of security for them to do. :)

One of our own, Hugh Richard Jorgan, was there as one of Annabelle's lucky 251. He wrote a lengthy article which was later published in the Spectator, a San Francisco magazine. He was also kind enough to let me archive it at my web site: http://www.rame.net/faq/support/gangbang.html

One of the guys at the Jasmin St. Claire shoot summed it up this way: "A cunt that would rather not be there and hates having ANY of the guys touching her. Tons of inane interviews with all the dweebs that did show (only 70 this time) and not one word from Jasmin herself."

One of the participants was nice enough to write about his time there, and he gave me a copy to archive at my web site. It can be found at: http://www.rame.net/faq/support/gangbang2.html

Did Jon Dough realy ball 101 women at once?

The long version of the question is: "Does Jon screw 100 women for a minute apiece? Or is it "John T. Bone math" (he screws 20 women 5 times each, so that equals 100 women)?"

Mark Kernes, a writer at AVN sez:

Nope. The shooting was spread out over two days, with 55 women the first day and 46 about two weeks later. What happens is that Dough penetrates every woman for a couple of minutes, but only actually cums five or six times (I haven't seen the tapes - it's a two-tape set - yet.) Sexual action involves b.j.s, doggie, missionary, anal and a whole hell of a lot of girl/girl action... and I've got the 3D pictures to prove it!

At the "World's Largest Gangbang," there were a bunch of fluffers. Are fluffers normal on porn sets?

Not anymore. On a "regular" one-day wonder, you often have more cast members than just two, so the money is stretched past the point of allowing fluffers... plus you have trained wood on hand, so the necessity of a fluffer should be lessened.

Nick Long says:

If memory serves correctly, 'fluffers' were used more in the days of 8mm loop shoots where the camera rolled all the time to cut down on edit problems (not high-tech stuff then) and fluffers were used so the guys could jump in hard and get the job done. On sets today, if you have a fluffer, it would be the 'added attraction starlets' to the features, it's just that now they appear in the vid instead of working on the side and out of sight.

As with everything, there are exceptions to rules, and the Chong and St. Clair gangbangs were some exceptions. These exceptions occurred because of untrained wood and the latitude of the budget.

Nick says:

Besides. when they expected 300 individual bodies to show up, can you imagine the boredom setting in with 295 naked guys standing around talking to each other while 5 each took their turn?? What a PICTURE! :)

Again, there are still fluffers, but they appear as the 'extra talent' used in a vid to add more people and credits.

Tim Evanson tells me that on gay sets, things work a little differently...

Some gay porn stars have noted in interviews that they still find "fluffers" on the set by using crew members. In an interview in SAVAGE MALE, gay porn star Doug Forbes noted that he and several of his co-stars have often leapt off-stage and grabbed the hand of a crew member who they find attractive. They engage in sex with that crew member until their erection comes back up or the cum begins flowing. Unlike fluffers in the olden days (who were employed or specifically invited to the set to be fluffers), the "fluffer" today is more likely to be just another bystander the star finds hot.

What is a "sybian?"

The sybian is a featured device in some of Seymore Butts' movies (Seymore and Shane Do Ireland, S&S On The Loose) and Kerri Downs has made a closet industry out of it. In fact, Kerri can be seen in HBO's Real Sex 16 demonstrating the sybian on some unsuspecting soul :-)

According to the IAFD here are some movies featuring the sybian (I think they all feature Kerri)

  • Bondage sybian rides [1994]
  • Hot Sybian orgasms [1993]
  • Sybian maximus [1995]
  • Sybian overload [1994]
  • Sybian rides again [1993]

Now to what it is.

Picture a big can with a post sticking out of the top of it. You sit upon the post. The post is designed so it stimulates both the clitoris and the vaginal walls. The post is also hooked up to a motor which can move the post in four ways, up, back and side to side with varying degrees of intensity.

Vanessa Chase goes wild on it in "S&S Do Ireland" and Krista goes especially bonkers in "S&S On the Loose"

Naturally, there's a web site at http://www.sybian.com


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