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Revision History

Special Thanks Department

Revision History

7 Jan 02

Removed Hal G from the agents section; updated Bare Facts info. Some satellite info has been updated between the last update and this one.

17 Apr 01

Added Dave Cummings article to Part 3

14 Feb 01

Satellite info (thanks FM!) and Axis Australia,

18 Jan 01

Stephen Geoffreys' gay porn involvement

3 Jan 01

Porn is legal in England

22 Jun 00

Updated satellite info; tweaked Part 2's netiquette section; fixed some links here and there; added Rough Sex info into Part 11;

22 Dec 99

Took out #pornchat from the IRC listings; updated IRC software links, added bit why GBG20 is no longer available.

20 Dec 99

Finally got the rest of the parts into the new format. Part 11 has been slightly tweaked as has part 6.

6 Dec 99

Added info on the underage status of some stars (Part 7), Added info on pornstars as escorts (part 5).

24 Nov 99

Fixed and edited Part 9. Corrected the GBG entries in Part 7.

23 Nov 99

Added "Do cameramen get in on the action" into part 4. Updated part 7 and got it in line with the new design.

3 Nov 99

Revised parts 2 and 4 and put them into the new format.

2 Nov 99

Revised parts 1 and 3; got them into a new format and cleaned them up for the current climate. Put index page into new format.

6.06a - Jun 99 (rame.net)

Changed old links in part 7.

6.06 - Jan 99 (rame.net)

!!!!!!pornstar-trading IRC channel updated to reflect move from EFNet to DALNet.

6.05 - Sept 98 (rame.net)

Satellite info updated, a formal announcement of ACME in the glossary and as another resource

6.04 - June 98 (rame.net)

glossary terms (META, PAW, AIM) updated, James Hong did a non-sex role in porn, Fake Detective site URL updated

6.03 - April 98 (rame.net)

Tricia Devereaux and John Stagliano HIV status, legality of incest as pertains to obscenity, clarification on Janine not doing guys even tho she fuckced Vince Neil. Info on the Nitro Cruise and the AVN/Spice vacation, Satellite information, new IRC channels

6.02 - February 98 (rame.net)

Kylie Ireland in Strange Days; Why show the guy's face before the cumshot

6.01 - November/December 97 (rame.net)

Added bit about Jon dough boning 101 gals; Fran Drescher did not do porn. The Gay video Awards ticket info; new sisters in porn; GBG 19 cast; porn music CD; few new mailorder addresses; slight upgrade to Aussie porn laws; Eric Edwards as a couples director; Bijou video giude review link;

6.00a - August 97 (Director)

My final tweaks before giving the FAQ up. Mostly updated URLs for the web version. I made no chnages to the ASCII version. Eventually I'll (or someone'll) do a lynx -dump and generate the ASCII. It's been fun these last 3 years maintaining the FAQ. I got to talk to a lot of nice (and some not-so-nice) people in the course of maintaining it; I hope the next guy gets as much nice feedback as I have.

6.00 - Dec 96 (Director)

Gave Zeno his credit as Hart Williams; created new part one for rec.arts.movies.erotica; added name of Jamie Summers' soft core appearance; Jayne Kennedy clarification; Xuxa clarification; more on Pamela and Tommy Lee; Dave Nelson's porn career; Marilyn Chambers' post-porn career; Greg Dark's day job; DeRenzy signs with EvilAngel; more on how much porn stars make; ISBN info on Total Exposure and Superstars; Worlds Biggest Gangbang 2; more on-line personalities; Riley's books; AVN awards info; Movies Unlimited Info; Atlanta loses a porn shop; Penthouse models who have done porn; Why Janine does girls (again!); Ontario laws are loosened; how not to get screwed when buying adult videos;diphallus is the name of the two-headed dick not the condition; Candy Evans info; deletion of Peter North information; Gangbang Girl cast lists updated; What is all this phone sex crap invading a.s.m.; More Dana Plato info; where to buy celeb porn; Linda Blair's non-porno past; Brady girls; 18" dish porn; Bijou CD-ROM; writing scripts; Hermaphrodites; F.O.X.E. info; Free Speech Coalition info; Stag loop availability, #!!!!!!pornstar-trading info; more glossary; gay agents; selling spec flicks, breaking in, bunches of other stuff I have lost track of

5.70 - Mar 96 (Director)

Removed the last mentions of Videosan's FTP site which I over looked; direction to the Atlanta porn shops and some history on porn in Georgia; legal stuff surrounding amateur vids; Penthouse is no longer selling the Tonya tape; Jasmine St. Clair's address for the 2nd gangbang; Janine caught in a single gal lie?; Updated Bare Facts info; Maureen McCormick nude?; Lust on the Internet; Gang Bang Girls list; Richard Exon is really Senator James Exon (duh! Hello, factcheckers?); VJ in porn?; Alyssa Milano in porn?; retired stars; american satellite porn programming

5.70 - Feb 96 (Director)

Removed the last mentions of Videosan's FTP site which I over looked; direction to the Atlanta porn shops and some history on porn in Georgia; legal stuff surrounding amateur vids; Penthouse is no longer selling the Tonya tape; Jasmine St. Clair's address for the 2nd gangbang

5.65 - Feb 96 (Director)

Added Krysti Lynn to dead porn stars section; updated web sites; added Excalibur and VCA web sites; added "twink" and "mish" to the glossary; added more tips on how to become a gay porn star; shaded the meaning of pandering a little bit; added Annie Sprinkle book; web based houses of smut; famous people on the net; Lydia Chanel's underage admission; Canada has Traci Lords; Canada's wacky provincial porn laws; Pamela Anderson Lee's dirty polaroids; Dana Plato's career didn't include porn; The Cindy Brady rumor; more info on porn in Atlanta; the kooky laws of Australia; 1995 AVN winners; YourChoice address in Amsterdam; international availability; goodnight sweet videosan and spotlight; IRC channels; glossary terms; net by e-mail update; adding rtfm.mit.edu mailserver info; FOXE show info; Teri Hatcher's porn past (ha!); janine's divorce; more toning of PT section; "pointer sex info on the net" info; how are STDs prevented?; sales figures, etc.; Playboy/Penthouse crossovers...

5.50 - Oct 95 (Director)

Moved "What else is there to know" into Part 1; moved the "fake tits" debate; renamed "Some interesting statistics" to "How many people read alt.sex.movies?"; added the July 95 readership stats from Brian Reid; updated the Who's Who section; gay fluffers; gay fisting; on busting porn mail order guys; more on the no shoes debate; how to get into porn update; added Bill Majors' company to the mail order list; more dead and not-so-dead porn stars added; Cicciolina stuff added; porn in Atlanta; the science of having two dicks; gay porn history book; updated varied e-mail addresses sprinkled throughout; Victoria Paris and Traci Lords anals; corrections and a chart for Euro satellite TV; Excalibur and Video Age sections; agents in porn; Video Xcitement update; how to rent a porn movie; laserdisc stores; couples films; busted into 12 parts; snuff flicks go back in; underage porn stars; Peter North's book on Spice; Ashlyn Gere in Space: Above and Beyond; Who owns the porn studios; who do so many men in porn last so long and women vice versa; why go into porn at all; do stars like porn; Stacey Donovan hates you; birth control; porn on CD-ROM; pricing for The Bare Facts; actors who direct; women and orgasms; why porn performers are not prostitutes under California law; the Erotic 11; why is the sound so bad; Naked Came the Stranger; how to handle "taboo" tapes in the US; various legal issues; Wonka's censorship; FAQ; binaries groups; history of a.s.m.; keep binaries out; couples directors (Leslie, Svetlana, Royalle, Blake, Thomas), updated gay porn salaries; updated Joey Stefano bibliography; ice dildoes.

5.01 (HTML version) - July/August 95 (Director)

Moved fake tits section to more appropriate place with other great unanswered questions, moved the "What does it all mean" text to Section 3. Added George Shaffer's Who's Who Insiders section to the "who's famous on the net" section,

5.00 - Apr-May-June 95 (Director)

Formatting changes in the Revision History, Special Thanks; rewrote the How to get the FAQ section; Corrected Buttslammers 4 in AVN Awards list; Added "books on porn" section; Added amateur video section; director's salaries; how long it takes to make a video; writing scripts; labeling laws; minor revisions of sections of Part I; more wonderful stuff on gay cinema from Tim Evanson (and a corrected spelling of his name...); moved the copyright to the first part and added it to each additional part; added porn folks on the 'Net; deleted "Is that Brandy" and "Is that PC" as they are covered in the "People on the net" section; added some language from the welcome message; added stuff about Tiffany Million's pro wrestling career; snipped most of the AVN article re: Savannah's death; moved the glossary to part 1; added and deleted stuff pertaining to the Web; split FAQ into 9 (!!!) parts; added Web sites for advertisers; updated the special thanks section; and many many more things I cannot remember doing...

4.31 - Feb 95 (Director)

Made a few minor requested changes to people's contributions; corrected some grammar and formatting.

4.30 - Feb 95 (Director)

So 16 hours took it's toll a little... I forgot to finish the Borsky piece in part 4. It's done now. Also filled in a little trivia about Borsky's partner, Jackson St. Louis.

4.25 - Feb 95 (Director)

Major overhaul of entire document, many sections rewritten or heavily revised. Added sections on USENET rank, Linda Lovelace, Patrick Collins, deleted Snuff and most Traci Lords stuff that was no longer germane, added Pamela Anderson to the list of stars who didn't screw on film, and more I can't remember since I did the updates in a 16 hour marathon...

4.00 - Jan 95 (Director)

Expansion of "Penis Size" and "How to Get Into Porn" sections, the definition of TROLL, expansion of "sixth" section for housekeeping purposes, Star Billing in Adult Vids (left out of 3.65), How to Direct Porn Movies, How to Piss off an Editor, Select 1994 AVN award winners, Who writes the songs? and mail order houses...

3.65 - Dec 94 (Director)

Minor polishing, added Videosan's GETFTP help file, Paul Thomas is Peter in JCS, Stallone rebuttal, Ashyln's X-Files appearance, Penis Size, Star Billing in Adult Vids, Brandy Stuff, Cool Web Sites

3.60 - Dec 94 (Director)

Added updated help file from GETBIO server. Killed Porn=Crime section (not the right place for that debate), rewrote sections on your local House of Smut and movies to watch for first timers.

3.51 - Dec 94 (Director)

Minor cosmetic changes. No textual changes that I remember.

3.50 - Dec 94 (Director)

Removal of Abserver from FAQ, and notification of destruction of SEND ASMFAQ bonus, addition of clarifications in the MPAA rating system. Adding of Teri Weigel into "famed" porn stars, editing of Jayne Kennedy BIO. Addition of stuff on Paul Thomas and why he sucks. Major overhaul of part 2 formatting. Addition of text regarding porno-legit/legit-porno crossovers. Adding of copyright notices. Splitting of FAQ into 5 parts. (Whew!)

3.37 - Nov 94 (Director)

Corrections regarding Janine Lindemulder's son and Brandy Alexandre's dislike of anals.

3.36 - Nov 94 (Director)

Adding sections on Janine Lindemulder and Brandy Alexandre. Renumbered sections dealing with porn stars.

3.35 - Oct 94 (Director)

Adding of sections on Xuxa, Angelique Pettijohn, Jayne Kennedy and the Go-Go's. Description of porn vs. nudity. Addition of Blowfish address, FTP site and Compu$erve availability information.

3.30 - Oct 94 (Director)

Adding of a few more definitions (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, DL), a clarification, and a new section on How To Become a Porn Star (or How To Not Bother...)

3.25 - Oct 94 (Director)

Adding of Hustler Erotic Video Guide, Adam Film World.

3.2 - Oct 94 (Director)

Adding of new subjects, awards, Traci Lords Mw/C episode guide, definitions and a balancing of subjects with the gay porn point of view from Tim Evanson

3.1 - Sep 94 (Director)

Adding of FTP sites, alt.test, salaries, AVN awards, graphics formats, Blockbuster update, and other corrections over 3.0

3.0 - Sep 94 (Director)

Hypertext and DOS overhaul and inclusion of Wasserman's FAQ

2.1 - Apr 94 (Hoju)

Creation of the "celebrity myth" section; Info about bio server; Video source addresses

2.0 - Mar 94 (Hoju)

Addition of table of contents; New section: "X" in X-rated; Style changes to censorship section

1.1 - Feb 94 (Hoju)

Various style/information improvements

1.0 - Jan 94 (Hoju)

Initial release

Special Thanks Department

No FAQ is really ever the work of one person. It is added to, shaped and refined with the assistance of many people. This is why I have eschewed the title of "author" and prefer "keeper", "editor", or "maintainer".

A great many people contributed to this FAQ in one way or another. I have made every attempt to give credit where credit is due; both to place blame if something is wrong, and to allow for citations, in case something is right :-)

In any event, the following people have contributed in a significant way to this document; and they deserve my (and your) thanks.

First, for all of their help in proofreading and punching up certain sections and editing others, my "beta team": Peter van Aarle (aarle@bart.nl), Brad Williams (brwi@ix.netcom.com), Tim Evanson (tevanson@erols.com) and Frans Postma (fpostma@xs4all.nl)

And for their individual contributions without which this FAQ would be not half as great at it is (I assume some of the e- mail addresses are incorrect as you move down the page...):

Tim Evanson (tevanson@erols.com)

for giving me pages and pages and pages of stuff regarding gay porn and its terminologies.

S. Andrew Roberts (shamu@kincyb.com)

for his insights into the technical side of the industry.


for posting the article on Savannah's death and running the GETBIO and GETFTP servers while they lasted

Patrick Riley (p_riley@pipeline.com)

for his repeated contributions to the newsgroup (and by virtue, this FAQ) and the part on hermaphrodites and classic films.

Bill Majors (bill.majors@hedonism.com)

for his insights into government censorship and the legalities of adult movie making.

Asia Carrera (asiac@earthlink.net)

for proofreading my homepage and giving me small corrections here and there

Harris Minter (harris.minter@datadim.com)

for his clarifcations of the MPAA rating system; and extensive work on how Blockbuster works

Cmovieman (cmovieman@aol.com)

for the piece on how not to get screwed when buying adult videos

Brandy Alexandre (brandy@kamikaze.org)

for keeping alt.sex.movies "lively" to say the least, and giving us all an unflinching first-hand glimpse of the workings of a porn set.

Patrick J. Santucci (ce549@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)

for his work on the censorship portion of this document.

Crafty, (new e-mail address forgotten)

for contributing some info on Tonya Harding, etc. and beta testing the Hypertext Windows version (which is obsolete since I have a web site now...)

Frans Postma (fpostma@inter.NL.net)

for the info on UK laws, Excalibur, The Movie Database and other stuff.

Marvin (Marvin1024@aol.com)

for a paragraph regarding why no celebs did porn first, and a sensible rebuttal regarding Stallone's porno past.

Dark Man (an68050@anon.penet.fi)

for posting the Streisand piece

Jason Heimbaugh (jason@heimbaugh.com)

for pointing me to the alt.folklore.urban archive and giving me the stuff on snuff.

David Harris (harris@pmail.gen.nz)

for allowing me to use his Netiquette posting. He retains his copyright over that area. It is used with permission.

Doug Miller (dgmiller@clark.net)

for telling me what DL stands for.

Mezzrow53 (mezzrow53@aol.com)

for the definitions of cowgirl and its converse, reverse cowgirl.

Gordon (ggs@netcom.com) and David Anderson (lando5@iii1.iii.net)

for their piece on Angelique Pettijohn

Frederick Bernard (freber@unix.infoserve.net)

for giving me the list of laserdisc mail order shops

Cinemaniac (an118941@anon.penet.fi)

for the treatise on couples porn.

G.Y.B (an350456@anon.penet.fi)

for providing me with the Euro satellite TV chart

Alain Bourassa (Bourassa_Alain@itr.qc.ca)

for providing info on the French underage performers, Canadian laws regarding porn and some Satellite info

Marc Wasserman (mwasserm@du.edu)

for compiling questions that became the backbone for the later sections of this FAQ after he lost access to asm.


for starting this FAQ.


Newsgroup problems: e-mail rame-request@rame.net.
Website problems: e-mail webmaster@rame.net

Questions about adult movies should be posted or mailed to the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica. The staff at the above addresses cannot answer your questions; the folks in the newsgroup probably can.