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Copyright and other necessary stuff

Notice to Spaghetti Publishers


Citation entry

How to get this FAQ

Welcome to rec.arts.movies.erotica!

The rec.arts.movies.erotica charter

Are there any other sex movie related groups?

If I can't post binaries in r.a.m.e., where can I post them?

Where can I post ads or swap tapes?

Who we are...

Why is RAME moderated?

If this group is moderated, why is there spam in it??!?

Are there sex movie related IRC channels?



Adult movies (aka, porn flicks, stag films, etc.) were born shortly after movies themselves. According to its entry in the newsgroups file, rec.arts.movies.erotica exists to discuss "aspects of erotic movies."

The people who read this newsgroup are, on average, well adjusted people who think that the viewing of pornographic materials is, in the worst case harmless, and in the best case enlightening and enjoyable.

X-rated movies are a fantasy, and as long as people keep that in mind, it will not warp or destroy anyone's moral character. Even if you forget it, it probably won't warp you.

Usenet has been around for a long time, and in the course of that time, people come and people go and still others remain. This FAQ has been put together with the aid and assistance of a great many people, mostly to inform, entertain, educate and enlighten... but also to spare them the pain of hearing another "Did Marina Sirtis do porn?" question. ;-)

The first part of the FAQ deals with netiquette -- how to behave when not only in this newsgroup, but poking around the 'net in general. The remaining parts deal with specific topics within the newsgroup.

I hope you enjoy this FAQ. It has been a labor of love for me to keep it up, since I receive no compensation for the maintenance, other than the joys of knowing people like it. So, if you like it, please send me a paycheck of kind words.

Should you have any questions you think should appear in here, comments about this FAQ or anything else, drop me a line at faq@rame.net.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Copyright and other necessary stuff

Notice to Spaghetti Publishers

A spaghetti publisher is one whose philosophy of publishing is to "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks." Over the last few months, they been very busy putting out badly written Internet books, and are looking for yet more material they can rush into print in their ever greedier search for easy $.

Lately, spaghetti publishers have taken to exploiting FAQs and lists, often publishing them without obtaining written permission. This is an abuse of the copyright laws, and threatens the continued viability of the FAQ system which benefits us all. These are the same publishers who would sue at the drop of a hat if anyone so much as used a figure from their books without permission.

This FAQ is Copyright 1994-2000 by rame.net, and is made available as a service to the Internet community. It may not be sold in any medium, including electronic, CD-ROM, or database, packaged with any commercial product, or published in print, without the explicit, written permission of rame.net.

I urge other FAQ authors to include this notice as part of their FAQs.

This language comes from the comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc faq, maintained Bernard Aboba.


This FAQ is presented with no warranties or guarantees of ANY KIND including correctness or fitness for any particular purpose. The author(s) of this document have attempted to verify correctness of the data contained herein; however, slip-ups can and do happen. If you use this data, you do so at your own risk.

Citation entry

This FAQ may be cited as:

rame.net. "The Adult Movie FAQ", 1994-2000 http://www.rame.net/faq/.

How to get this FAQ

The current version of this document will always be available for viewing on the World Wide Web at http://www.rame.net/faq/

I have stopped maintaining the text version, concentrating only on the HTML version.

Comments, corrections, additions, and suggestions are always encouraged. Please either post them to rec.arts.movies.erotica, or, preferably, email them directly to us at faq@rame.net, and we will incorporate them into future versions of this FAQ.

Welcome to rec.arts.movies.erotica!

This section of the FAQ is meant just to get you acquainted with the group, its terms and its history.

There is quite a social stigma surrounding adult entertainment, and it is a shame that after so many years of enlightened civilization, people still think we're a bunch of old men running around in raincoats, jerking off in movie theatres.

Nowadays, we dress in clothes from the Gap and make love with our viewing partners in the privacy of our own homes. Times have changed, though the perceptions have not.

Porn is a billion-dollar industry. With numbers like that, it is hard to ignore.

The rec.arts.movies.erotica charter

Our charter states:

rec.arts.movies.erotica is a moderated USENET newsgroup dedicated to the intelligent and mature discussion of erotic films and videos -- hardcore, softcore or mainstream, gay or heterosexual. Discussion should be limited to reviews of current and not-so-current releases, gossip, behind the scenes stories, social, economic and legal issues surrounding erotic films, and discussion of actors and actresses (and directors and producers and...). Unacceptable submissions include spams, commercials and binaries.

This group is intended for text messages only. Binaries should be uuencoded and posted to the appropriate groups within the alt.binaries hierarchy, or, preferably, made available through the World Wide Web or anonymous FTP.

Are there any other sex movie related groups?

Yes, there are two; both are unmoderated. One of them is overrun with spam and will not be of much use to you anymore, the other one is newer, not cluttered with spam and unmoderated.

The old one is alt.sex.movies. RAME was created because the atmosphere in a.s.m. was becoming less and less conducive to discussions of porn flicks. Flame wars were the rule of the day and ever increasing levels of spam made it difficult to keep up a conversation. So RAME was created as a moderated group where discussion about erotic movies (not just hardcore) could occur without the hassles of flame wars, spams and other counter-productive Usenet detritus.

The new one is alt.cult-movies.erotica (ACME). It was created in July/August of 1998 by Brandy Alexandre to fill the need of an unmoderated alternative to rec.arts.movies.erotica. Posts which were rejected for posting in RAME often appear there as well as other independent threads. The group is feisty, to say the least. :-) It tends to traffic in posts that were "censored" by the moderators. (Missing the point that since the "censored" article can be posted there, they have not been "censored" at all; just rejected.)

Posters interested in erotic movies are encouraged to read all groups available to them, and post to the ones they feel most comfortable.

If I can't post binaries in r.a.m.e., where can I post them?

There's a whole slew of USENET groups dedicated to movies or pictures you can see on your PC. Search your news spool for the words "erotica" and "binaries" (If you don't know how to do this, ask your news admin.. it's their job to know...) For starters, you can check out the following groups:


This list is obviously not canonical, and I don't intend it to be. Please don't mail me asking how to access USENET groups. That is a question best answered by your tech support people, and I will ignore it.


Where can I post ads or swap tapes?

The moderators of rame have designated a section on the rame.net web site to be specifically for advertising. You can post or respond to ads at http://www.rame.net/classifieds Full details are available at the site.

EBay, the popular auction site, has a growing adult section, tho its restrictions on searching limit its usability. There's a bunch of other auction sites popping up -- Excalibur has a section for swappers now and EroticBid recently joined the scene (June 2000)...

If you prefer to stay on Usenet, the groups for advertising are alt.sex.erotica.marketplace and its sibling alt.sex.erotica.market.place.

If you want to trade video tapes, try alt.sex.video-swap or alt.sex.wanted. (The latter group has turned into a haven for "wannafucks" but was intended as a group for people wanting things sexually related, not for wanting sex.)

Use the Usenet groups at your own risk.

Keep in mind there are also other websites that offer adult merchandise for sale or trade. Check your favorite search engine for "auctions"

Who we are...

The people in rec.arts.movies.erotica are pretty helpful, and have a good sense of humor. However, some things to remember when posting...

Sometimes, people don't read the FAQ, and we get a little testy. It's only fair. We read it, and now you're reading it. It's like a rite of passage.

We offer many goods and services. Well, not so much goods, though there is a healthy amount of trading and some commerce going on too -- Just don't ask for Traci Lords' flicks... :)

But we excel at services. If there's stuff you need to know, you do have places to turn...

The people in rec.arts.movies.erotica are pretty helpful, and have a good sense of humor. However, some things to remember when posting...

1. Don't ask for replies via e-mail (if the QUESTION is worth posting, the ANSWER will be valuable to everyone in the group). Also, it implies YOUR time is more valuable than THEIRS, since you're expecting them to read all the posts to see yours, yet you're not willing to scan the subjects to see their reply.

2. when following up on a posting, please delete any non-relevant lines from the original post (including header and sig). Posting more than 10 lines from the original post is too much. Posting no lines from the original is too little.


1. if the answers you receive are not what you wanted, DON'T FLAME!, just post a follow-up note thanking the respondents for their suggestions so far, and provide a clarified problem statement.

2. if you receive no responses, DON'T PANIC!, give it a couple of days: it takes a while for postings to propagate around the world; sometimes your posting is similar to one posted in the previous couple of weeks and people are sick of the topic (check your news server's archive); sometimes your question is a 'toughie' which requires some thinking/research time; and sometimes everyone's just too busy.

If you get no reply after a week, try again with additional clarification, and consider using the following format:

1. FLATTERY SECTION: "I've learned a lot from the FAQs and watching the postings for the last month, but now I have a really tough problem for you gurus"

2. BEGGING FOR HELP: "I've checked the FAQs, Videosan, etc... any advice would be appreciated (please post responses to this newsgroup as I don't read my e-mail very often)"

- if the answers are useful, a quick e-mail thanking the respondent(s) is always appreciated

This language is taken from the excellent comp.lang.basic.visual.* "Welcome message." Used with permission for which I am eternally grateful.

Why is RAME moderated?

In a nutshell, RAME is moderated to prevent the Usenet abuse that occurred in alt.sex.movies to happen again to the fans of erotic movies. An influx of spam, binaries and flamewars hurt alt.sex.movies quite a bit, and the only escape from these three detriments was a moderated group.

A quick note about moderation...

There are two types of moderation, OBJECTIVE moderation and SUBJECTIVE moderation. The difference between the two is a computer usually handles the first, and a human usually handles the second.

Objective moderation keeps out certain articles that fit hard and fast criteria. Subjective moderation keeps out articles that subject to interpretation fall outside the guidelines of the group.

RAME is subjectively moderated. While we see a large part of our jobs to keep spam and binaries out of the group, we also see it is our responsibility to keep the group smooth. Round table discussions are often moderated to keep the discussion on topic, focussed and from getting out of hand. Usenet is no different.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) defines a moderator as:

Moderator \Mod"er*a`tor\, n. [L.: cf. F. mod['e]rateur.]

1. One who, or that which, moderates, restrains, or pacifies. --Sir W. Raleigh. Angling was . . . a moderator of passions. --Walton.

2. The officer who presides over an assembly to preserve order, propose questions, regulate the proceedings, and declare the votes.

3. In the University of Oxford, an examiner for moderations; at Cambridge, the superintendent of examinations for degrees; at Dublin, either the first (senior) or second (junior) in rank in an examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

4. A mechanical arrangement for regulating motion in a machine, or producing equality of effect.

So the moderators' task is "to preserve order, propose questions, and regulate the proceedings." Fulfillment of that task is not possible, in our humble opinions, with objective moderation.

For further information, we recommend the Moderated Newsgroup FAQ.

If this group is moderated, why is there spam in it??!?

Well, it's not our fault. Really. :-)

Spam can sometimes by pass the approval process, and forge its way into the stream. The only combat against this is the CancelMoose(tm) software we employ which cancels articles in RAME which are not explcitly approved by the moderators. However, the moose takes a bit of time to cancel the articles, and not all servers honor cancel messages, so you may see the occasional message.

We regret the inconvenience it can cause.

Are there sex movie related IRC channels?

From where I sit there are three:

#!!!!!!pornstar-trading: one of the oldest groups on IRC for discussing porn. The channel is open 24/7. For the full story, check out their website at http://www.ve-scans.com/pst

#acme: This channel has a long history, initially called #asm when it was associated with alt.sex.movies. When a.s.m. vanished and rame took its place, the Usenet group alt.cult-movies.erotica was created by Brandy Alexandre to provide an alternative place to post about erotic movie, free of moderation. And with the new group, comes the new channel. The group meets on irc.eskimo.com (or other NewNet servers) Wednesday nights at 8 PM Eastern (GMT -0500). Keep in mind that Brandy's moderation policy is if you are "detrimental to the industry and lives of those within it" you "are not welcome."

For information on what IRC is, we suggest you check out the mIRC homepage which offers a wealth of information concerning IRC and it's premiere Windows client, mIRC. If you are on another platform, or just want to look around, you can go to Yahoo's listing of IRC software.



How DOES one explain this to the uninitiated? Easiest way: each person performs oral sex on the other. The most comfortable way to achieve this is for one partner to lay down belly-to-belly on the other. (Kinda like the 6 and the 9 look... hence the name!)


This refers to the removal of something (dick, finger, dildo, or any other object) from a rectal cavity and the placing of said object into a mouth without any editing or other production chicanery. The object should remain visible at all times. It is usually preferred that the ass and mouth belong to the same person, but it is not mandatory.


The newsgroup alt.cult-movies.erotica which was created by Brandy Alexandre as an unmoderated alternative to rec.arts.movies.erotica.


As Far As I Know


A Friend of a Friend -- Often used when relating urban myths.


Adult Industry Medicine. According to a PR flyer, "Under the umbrella of the Free Speech Coalition, we would like to introduce AIM. From its seed at the Protecting Adult Welfare Foundation, we have a new and innovative full service clinic to bring to the adult industry." According to Luke Ford, Sharon Mitchell said "We'll be a one-stop shop for the adult industry's health concerns. For example, one day I will have an gynecologist there. The next day, an internist. The next day, a seminar on plastic surgery. We'll give the talent the full benefit of their insurance. Or, we'll find out what they want. Peer counseling, psychotherapy... Parenting classes. Yoga. Whatever the community wants, we'll be able to provide." Website at http://www.aim-med.org/

alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica or abpe or a.b.m.e.

alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica is a newsgroup which has gigabytes and gigabytes of moving copyright violations posted to it every month. You will often find nude movies of your favorite stars there. Check out their FAQ for more details!

alt.binaries.pictures.erotica or abpe or a.b.p.e.

alt.binaries.pictures.erotica is a newsgroup which has gigabytes and gigabytes of copyright violations posted to it every month. You will often find nude pics of your favorite stars there. Check out their FAQ for more details!


alt.flame is a newsgroup dedicated to flaming of all shapes and styles. If you feel a prolonged flame war coming on, it is best to carry on over there, because most people don't want to watch your arguments.




A term used to refer to the extraordinary ability to suck one's own cock. Often, the male involved has to either have incredible flexibility or have a fairly large penis. Al Eingang, Grant Fagan, and Scott O'Hara are known for their amazing autofellatio talents. Ron Jeremy can also "keep himself amused."


Audio Video Interleave: This is Microsoft's standard for capturing video to play back to your computer. Like its single-frame counterpart .BMP, AVI files are huge and take forever to download. Most people prefer MPEGs, though there is some bickering over standards and a good Windows viewer.

B-G or M/F

Boy-girl/ male-female; denotes a standard boy-girl sex scene. Often stretched to describe any type of scene - i.e b-g-g or MFF are both valid descriptors for two gals and a guy.


See "Bondage"


A term used in gay porn usually to refer to a performer with a lot of body hair. Bears are also usually older, with facial hair, and tend to be stocky.


Bondage films usually involve ropes, fetters, chains, or manacles. American law usually forbids that sex occur while the performer is still bound, or that the performer show that he/she can remove the bondage without assistance.

BJ or Hummer

A blowjob.


A three letter acronym for "By The Way..."


A sexual position where the girl is on top of the guy face to face, sitting up and riding. The opposite is the reverse cowgirl, where the girl faces away from the guy.

cum dodger

A performer (usually female) who does her best to avoid getting cum on her face.

cum shot or money shot

The part of the movie when the man ejaculates.

cum swap

A relatively new occurrence which is increasing in popularity; the exchange of saliva and semen from the mouth of one person to the other and sometimes back again. Related to felching.


Double Anal Penetration -- Two cocks in the ass. And you thought constipation was bad!


Double Penetration - One penis in the vagina, the other in the anus. In gay porn, DP means two cocks in one ass, as seen in several Falcon and Robert Prion films from 1991 - 1994 (most notably the "Abduction" series from Falcon). In hetero films, that is known as a DAP. Jim Holliday calls this position a "sandwich" and considers a DP what we call a DPP.


Double Pussy Penetration -- Just as it says; two cocks in one pussy. Stretch baby stretch! Jim Holliday calls this a "DP"

Evil Empire

Coined by AVN, the people whose works are distributed by Evil Angel are sometimes collectively referred to as the "Evil Empire." The empire currently consists of John "Buttman" Stagliano, Bruce Seven, Alex de Renzy, Joey Silvera, Rocco Siffredi and John Leslie.


Frequently Asked Questions. Sometimes people call it Frequently Answered Questions, but more often than not the questions are answered with "READ THE FAQ!"


Broadened to mean eating the semen expelled from your or someone else's vagina or ass. Excellent example with Rebecca Lord and Vanessa Chase in Gangbang Girl, Vol. 14.


Finger-fucking gone awry. One finger, two finger, three finger, four! The Thumb! Holy cow, my whole hand is up there! Most communities feel that fisting is obscene, so mainstream pornographers tend to stay away from it.

Tim says: I don't know about hetero porn, but in gay porn 1) It isn't "finger-fucking gone AWRY" (hey, it was a joke...); 2) it's done in the ass not the vagina; 3) even mainstream photographers such as Falcon and Catalina have recently done fisting movies, including Falcon's recent foray into double- fisting (i.e., one guy has each hand up another man's ass).


A flame is an incendiary remark meant to provoke or insult. Some people have brought flaming to an art form. They can be found in the group alt.flame.


A fluffer is a person hired to keep the male performers erect during breaks in filming. They were popular during the 70s, and now they are usually reserved for those ridiculously huge gangbangs. More details are contained in later parts of this FAQ.


File Transport Protocol - A method of copying files between machines connected to the Internet. Most sites provide "Anonymous FTP" which allows you to log in to a server anonymously (i.e. you don't need an account) and get or put files there.


An acronym for "For What It's Worth..."

Gangbang (or GB)

When many participants (usually male) have their way with one (usually) female. Gangbangs usually contain more than 4 people.

G/G (or g-g)

Girl-Girl. A lesbian sexual encounter.


Graphics Interchange Format - A file format for viewing files on a computer. The GIF format was developed by CompuServe and has become one of the graphic standards. It's now under dispute by a bunch of greedy weasels over at Unisys.

Golden Showers (often abbreviated GS)

Urinating on someone who wants to be urinated on. Related to Brown Showers which involves fecal matter instead of urine.


Mike South says: "GONZO is defined in the AVN as any movie which makes use of a "talking camera" i.e. POV (point of view) style shooting, where the cameraman is also the actor. It would also include the involvement of the audience as part of the movie, not just third party spectators. This would apply to myself, Buttman, etc. And going way back even before Buttman, Ugly George in New York, who was to the best of my knowledge the first "Gonzo" shooter."

The term itself probably came from the works of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, whose first hand accounts of various events was called "gonzo journalism." The porn style in question is basically a first hand account of finding people fucking or finding people to fuck.


If I Remember (Recall) Correctly


In My Humble Opinion


Internet Relay Chat. A real-time conferencing system. For more information, check out the mIRC FAQ homepage.

Leather films

Usually a film in which the performers wear leather harnesses, jackets, caps, pants or chaps, vests, etc. Leather films tend to feature rougher sex. Leather films are a major gay porn genre, although many het films also feature leather.


Laugh Out Loud. Used to show that something someone said was funny.

MM or m/m

Male-male action, usually used in reference to bisexual videos where the men engage in sexual activity with each other rather than only with the woman.


META means it is about the group rather than on-topic. It's an odd little term and I never came across it except on the Net. For instance, a discussion about the discussion you're having is considered a meta-discussion.

Does that make sense? So the post does not deal with sex movies, though it does deal with the newsgroup.

A better description was sent to us recently: "Although it originally meant "after" (Aristotle wrote Metaphysics after he wrote Physics), it has become to mean a discipline designed to deal critically or automatically with the original one. It is used frequently in mathematics and computers (metasyntax, metacompiler)."


Male/Female/Female. See a threesome. See N-Way.


Short for missionary -- a sexual position allegedly taught to the natives by missionaries... man on top between the woman's parted legs. The term is most often used in reviews: "Tom and Tori then mish for a little while..."


Motion Picture Association of America, or in the familiar, the ratings board. This board of seven "parents" rates the films Hollywood makes based on what they feel is suitable for audience members. They allegedly base their choices on the merits, although smaller films (like Almodovar's) are often more strictly judged than the "blockbusters." Of course, everyone involved denies this.


A term used to refer to the multiple-pairings available in porn. If sex between two people is a coupling, and three people is a three-way, anything over that tends to be an N-Way.


OB = obligatory. Since off-topic posts are (allegedly) verboten, you add a sentence or two at the end of your off-topic post that is on-topic, but unrelated to your post, so you made your OBligiatory sex movie reference...


Protecting Adult Welfare. Support group for adult film performers run by Bill Margold. A not-so-informative web page can be found at http://www.pawfoundation.org. Of PAW, Margold says "I want ... PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare) to be my version of Synanon (a halfway house for heroin addicts), except make it S-i-n instead of S-y-n, a-n-o-n."


Not only a bread, but Pain In The Ass. "Boy, that Jerry... what a PITA..."


A term derived from the olden days when men usually wore raincoats into porn theatres to mask both their identities and the fact that they were masturbating. Today on RAME, the term has come to mean a type of movie without any type of plot - just fucking (and raw fucking at that). A Vivid movie will probably never make a "raincoater" list. Raincoaters tend to prefer a more extreme type of porn which often includes (but is not limited to) gaping assholes, ultra-hardcore anal fucking and fisting.


rec.arts.movies.erotica. A moderated newsgroup that also deals with erotic movies. Started by a bunch of a.s.m. readers who got fed up with all the ads and binaries.

Reverse Cowgirl or RC

A sexual position where the girl on top of guy, facing his feet, sitting up and riding him. This seems to be a favorite of asm readers as it allows fairly unfettered and more "natural" camera work.

Reverse Anal Cowgirl or RAC

Same as RC, but with anal instead of vaginal penetration.


The act of licking someone's anus. If you could lick your own anus, there is probably a lot of money to be made...


Rolling On Floor Laughing -- The next step above LOL


Read the Fucking Manual - The cry of system administrators and other poor souls who must deal with people asking obvious questions over and over. "How do you save a document? Read the fucking manual, that's how!"


Sado-masochism. Usually sex which involves bondage (see above) but also the infliction of pain and/or humiliation. American law usually forbids sexual activity while S&M occurs.


The act of posting the same or similar message separately (so that only one newsgroup shows in the newsgroup header) to large numbers of newsgroups. An ad for a baseball card sale which shows up in every alt.sex.* newsgroup is spam unless it is VELVEETA.


Usually performed after sex, when two individuals lie on their sides, facing the same direction, and perfectly fit together, like two spoons.


Picture a big can with a post sticking out of the top of it. You sit upon the post. The post is designed so it stimulates both the clitoris and the vaginal walls. The post is also hooked up to a motor which can move the post in four ways, up, back and side to side with varying degrees of intensity.


Three Letter Acronym


Triple Penetration - One in pussy, one in ass, one in her mouth. Wow!


A term used in gay porn to refer to a performer who does not kiss, suck cock, or get fucked in the ass. Also referred to as "straight trade." Good examples include Jeff Stryker and Rex Chandler, and early in his career, Ryan Idol.


A deliberately confused and incorrect post posted to a Usenet group to generate a flurry of responses from people trying to set the record straight. Other trollers enter the fray adding more and more misinformation that the thread eventually dies of strangulation


A term used to describe certain gay performers. A twink is young, smooth, pretty. Not necessarily blond, although that's the archetype. Other attributes thought of as twinky are: Almost invariably NO musculature, and acts like a little boy, too. Usually a bottom. Most guys would consider a touch of baby fat to be essentially twinky, but Tim doesn't.


A message crossposted to many newsgroups, i.e. has many newsgroups listed in the newsgroup header. It is generally accepted that any message posted to more than 10 newsgroups is velveeta. Some purists maintain that no message can be relevant to more than five newsgroups.

Watersports (often abbreviated WS)

See Golden Showers.


World Wide Web - A hypertext linking system that connects machines on the 'Net by subject matter. Web servers are set up by (some say deranged) people who are interested in a certain topic. They mine the 'Net for related information, and place pointers to that information from their server.

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Newsgroup problems: e-mail rame-request@rame.net.
Website problems: e-mail webmaster@rame.net

Questions about adult movies should be posted or mailed to the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica. The staff at the above addresses cannot answer your questions; the folks in the newsgroup probably can.