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Tim Evanson ( wrote:

> I know that the Gay Video Guide Awards (the "Dickies) were held last 

> Thursday, Dec. 5.  I wish I'd gone!  (I wish someone who went would post 

> about them...)

Hey all,

I went and they were really rather uneventful. One of the first hosts mentioned to everybody that the LA Vice Squad was in the audience so we all had to be on our best behavior. Later in the show a fax from the Vice was read stating a list of rules the promoters had to follow. Like the video clips had to be censored, no uncovered genitalia, no lewd conduct... etc. They sure know how to ruin a party. Anyway,...

The Gay Video Guide Gay Erotic Video Awards were held Mon., Dec. 2 at the Hollywood Palladium. The big winner of the event was All Worlds Video. They took home eight awards mostly focusing around their videos "Our Trespasses" and "Flesh & Blood" (best video of the year).

For the first time ever, the Best Newcomer also won the Best Actor award, handsome Kurt Young. He also took the award for Best Erotic Scene for his role in Trade Winds opposite Derek Cameron (and what a scene it was!!)

Young's first appearance on the stage was kind of unprofessional. He blurted out something about how people were being treated or something like that. Come to find out, he was scheduled to do an on stage number with boyfriend David Thompson and was cut at the last minute by show director Gender for time considerations. I'm sure most of those in attendance were thinking this performer had a beef against the entire industry. He did apologize for his actions while on stage to graciously accept his third award for the evening.

Matt Gunther, in high spirits, rolled on-stage in his wheel chair as one of the presenters. Other presenters included Steve O'Donnell, Dino Phillips, Will Clark, Grant Wood, Jordan Young, Chad Donovan, Paul Baressi, Hawk McAllistar, Bo Summers, Matt Easton (who flashed his pretty butt because he didn't win Best Bottom) and many other hot porn stars.

This year, the proceeds of the show will go to benefit Being Alive/Los Angeles, Continuum HIV Day Services in San Francisco and Special Delivery in San Diego. I just talked to Sabin, the shows producer, and he said the auction items alone raised almost $5000.

The hosts included Chi Chi LaRue, Jake Andrews, director Jim Steel, Johnny Hanson (who I might add is even more handsome in person), Sharon Kane and Drew Andrews.

The show was dedicated to the late Christian Fox and Jon King, and industry people Ben Barker, Brad Braverman, photographer Derek Powers and actor Brandon Wilde.

1996 Gay Erotic Video Award Winners

Best Humanitarian: Troy Steele

Hall Of Fame Recipient: Chuck Holmes of Falcon Studios

Best Supporting Actor: Scott Baldwin, Our Trespasses (All Worlds Video)

Best Packaging: Todd Alan (All Worlds Video)

Best Editing: Michael Ninn, Nightwalk (HIS Video Gold)

Best Cinematography: Bruce Cam, Desert Train (Titan Media)

Best Art Direction: Night Walk (HIS Video Gold)

Best Non-Sexual Role: Jeanna Fine, Our Trespasses (All Worlds Video)

Best Newcomer: Kurt Young

Best Music: Dino & Earl Ninn, Nightwalk (HIS Video Gold)

Best CD-ROM: Is Your Big Brother Home? (Titan Media)

Best Sex Comedy: The Hills Have Bis (Catalina Video)

Best Depiction Of Safe Sex: Why Marines Don't Kiss (All Worlds Video)

Best Oral Scene: Sonny Markham & Adam Rom, In Man's Country (Studio 2000)

Best Group Scene: Matt Bradshaw, Kevin Wolfe & Todd Stevens, The Renegade (Falcon)

Best Cum Shot: Lukas Ridgeston Lukas' Story (Bel Ami)

Best Bottom: Adam Wilde

Best Top: Matt Bradshaw

Best International Video: Lukas' Story 3 (Bel Ami)

Best Bisexual Video: The Hills Have Bis (Catalina Video)

Best Solo Video: Party of One (Catalina Video)

Best Special Interest Video: Call to Arms (Hot House Entertainment)

Best Screenplay: Jerry Douglas, Flesh & Blood (All Worlds Video)

Best Erotic Scene: Kurt Young & Derek Cameron, Tradewinds (Huge Video)

Best Actor: Kurt Young, Flesh & Blood (All Worlds Video)

Best Director: Jerry Douglas, Flesh & Blood (All Worlds Video)

Best Video Of The Year: Flesh & Blood (All Worlds Video)

If you'd like any further information about any of these videos, email me. We have them all available.

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