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From: Gloria Leonard
Date sent: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 04:51:34 EDT
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Wade Nichols (AKA Dennis Parker) was a major leading man in the late 70's, early 80s - "Take Off," "Maraschino Cherry," "Captain Lust" and others. He left the adult biz and recorded an album (as Dennis Parker) for the same guy who allegedly made The Village People's success - I believe the title of the record was something like "Fly Like an Eagle." He then enjoyed a successful run for several years as detective Derek Mallory on the now-defunct soap, "The Edge of Night." Although he was "straight for pay," he was in fact, gay and died of AIDS complications - either late 80s, early 90s. As one of the few porn stars to successfully cross over into mainstream, it would be nice if you included him in the Dead Porn Stars roster. Thanks for your consideration. Gloria Leonard

Gloria continues:

Hi Jeff

Although I didn't see much of him during the last few years of his life and cannot absolutely confirm, I am 98% certain that Wade/Dennis' death was indeed the result of AIDS. This is actually the first time I've heard the suicide rumor! In either case, he is certifiably dead! Don't know if this meets your criteria, but another personality also died of AIDS - essentially a writer/journalist, Marco Vassi did the occasional porn film and was one of the most interesting, colorful characters I ever knew, in or out of the adult industry.

I appreciate your intentions of accuracy and the ambivalent homage to our "gone but not forgotten" porn pals.



From: p_riley@pipeline.com (Patrick Riley)
Subject: Re: HIV cases in straight porn
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 98 23:49:34
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luzdedos1@aol.com (Luzdedos1) wrote:

John Holmes, R.J. Reynolds, Wade Nichols, and Chuck Vincent died of AIDSin the late mid to late '80s.

If you want to be precise, Wade Nichols allegedly committed suicide by gunshot in 1985 however the reason is believed to be that he had developed AIDS (whether that was "serocoverted to HIV+" or " developed some of the symptoms of AIDS"--e.g. Kaposi's sarcoma--I don't know).

Marc Stevens died of AIDS in 1989. There was initially some controversy about the cause of his death, one source alleging a heart attack from to much dope was the cause, not AIDS, however I have two other sources who say the cause was AIDS and I believe the latter two.

Lisa (Trego) DeLeeuw died of AIDS at age 35 on 11-11-93.

A porn performer named Dusty disappeared in November 1992 and is widelythought to have tested HIV positive. Carrie Morgan left the industry in Spring 1993 for similar reason. France's Barbara Doll left in April 1995.

According to the industry promotional newsletter, all of these later tested negative but then there's the tooth fairy.

Roxanne Hall tested falsely positive in September of 1995.

Likewise supposedly negative on later tests and since she's still working (next Buttwoman I believe) it's probably true.

Patrick Riley
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