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From: "Tim Evanson" <tevanson@erols.com>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: (GAY) Steve Regis, R.I.P.
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 02:13:16 EDT

It is with a very sad heart that I report that veteran gay porn star and well-hung super-daddy Steve Regis (real name: Randy Wendelin) died on Thursday, July 26, 2001 on Land's End Beach in San Francisco.

Regis, who had suffered from severe heart problems for the last 7 years, died of heart failure. He and his lover were walking on the beach in the afternoon. Regis stumbled, became light headed and fell against lover Tom Finan. He died in Finan's arms while a friend called for paramedics. The EMTs pronounced him dead on the scene. Regis and Finan had been partners for 7 years.

Regis was active in gay porn in the early to mid 1990s, and retired largely because of his health problems. Working primarily for Catalina, Falcon, HIS Video and Fox, Regis became a regular figure. His powerful, hairy body and mischievious good looks -- not to mention his rather enormous penis -- made him very popular among fans who wanted to see power-fucking at its best. His easy grin and the gentle way he handled his partners tempered his "rough trade" image, however. Even though Regis gave his partners a hard-core butt-pounding, you knew that deep down he was just a big teddy-bear who wanted to cuddle and snuggle after a rape-fantasy scene.

Even though Regis retired from gay porn in late 1994, he stayed active. A life-long love of live theater led him to appear on stage a number of times in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He won decent reviews for his work, and fans were often surprised at how talented he was.

By all accounts, Steve Regis was a gracious, warm human being. Regis' heart was big and embracing despite the damage it suffered. Directors often said he was the sweetest person they had ever met, and he was always sweet and accommodating when porn fans approached him after his "legit theater" appearances. Although he'd put his porn past behind him, he never rejected it. He was proud of what he'd done, and he was always happy to reminisce with fans.

A list of Regis' films is below.

A memorial celebration of Regis' life will be held in San Francisco later in August. Regis always told friends that he wanted two things in life. The first was to die in lover Tom Finan's arms. He got that wish. The second was that his name be inscribed at the Circle of Friends at the AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park. If you would like to make Steve Regis' dream come true, you can make a donation payable to the AIDS Memorial Groove, c/o Tom Finan, 3250 16th Street #5, San Francisco, CA 94103.



Powertool 2 (Catalina, 1990)
Pacific Coast Highway 2 (Catalina, 1991)
Sex in Tight Places (Catalina, 1991)
Brief Encounters (Catalina, 1992)
Brawnzmen, The (Vizuns Video, 1992)
Cocksure (All Worlds, 1992)
Desert Drifters (Falcon/Jocks, 1992)
Honolulu Hardbodies (Conquest International, 1992) Into the Night (HIS Video, 1992)
Men in Love (Dynamic Productions, 1992) Voice Male (Catalina, 1992)
Waterworks (Falcon/Mustang, 1992)
Body Search (HIS Video, 1993)
Cruising Park (HIS Video, 1993)
Getting It Firm (Forum Studios, 1993)
Hey Tony! What's the Story? (Bijou, 1993) Just Can't Stop (Falcon/Mustang, 1993)
Manplay (HIS Video, 1993)
Palm Springs Paradise (Catalina, 1993)
Sex Crimes (Catalina, 1993)
Sex-Holics (Fox, 1993)
Snowbumz (Vizuns Video, 1992)
Studz (Planet Group, 1993)
Sunsex Boulevard (HIS Video, 1993)
Ten-Plus, Vol. 2 (Stryker Productions, 1993)
X-treme Close-up (Catalina, 1993)
Catalina Musclemen (Catalina, 1994)
Club Sex-a-holics (Fox, 1994)
Hair Klub for Men Only (Mature Men, 1994) License to Thrill (Fox, 1994)
Slaves for Hire (Zeus Productions, 1994)

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