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Subject: Dead Porn Stars
From: Stefan Kahrs
Date sent: 23 Mar 1997 19:02:34 +0000

A couple of possible additions to your list of dead porn stars:

- I've read that Moana Pozzi died of _liver_ cancer, so that's a bit more specific than in the FAQ page

2 more suicides:

- Mary Millington committed suicide in 1979 (she was hugely popular in the UK).

In a suicide note she blamed the authorities for constantly molesting her.

She was facing (or had faced) prosecution for distribution of obscene material (porn is illegal in the UK), tax evasion, prostitution, and shop-lifting (Millington was a kleptomaniac).

- Claudia Fielers committed suicide about 1976 (could be slightly earlier).

She made several pornos (mostly soft, but apparently also the odd hard one) in the early seventies.