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From: "Tim Evanson" <tevanson@erols.com>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: (GAY) Leo Masters, R.I.P.
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 23:30:39

Gay porn star Leo Masters died of a heart failure due to a drug overdose on Friday, June 22, 2001.

Masters was a slender, handsome Italian pup with dark eyes and a sweet, somewhat oversize cock. He started out with now-defunct Planet Group, and quickly graduated up to Falcon's Mustang and Jocks line. But he found a boyfriend and quickly retired after only four films, despite becoming porn's favorite Joey Stefano lookalike. Masters demonstrated wonderful sexual skills opposite then-superstar Erik Houston in "Wet Load," and as a demonic dream-lover alongside well-hung ex-Marine Bill Wadkins (ramming a dildo into supersweet nerd-chic Jay Corey before dropping a facial onto Jay's sweet face) in "Dirty Dreaming." Even though he made only a few films before departing the industry, Masters always had a bit of trouble getting really hard on film (even when paired with outstanding co-stars such as Houston). Masters returned to gay porn in 1997, making videos for Karen Dior , Blade Thompson and Paul Barresi. But while he made eleven films, he never attained the popularity that he'd generated half a decade before.

More news will be forthcoming as it's learned.

On a personal note: When I first saw Leo Masters in "Dirty Dreaming," I was astonished. I masturbated over that film until it fell apart, and then I bought a new copy. He had the looks that I found wildly attractive. And when his cock was hard (which it rarely was on film, more's the shame), it was one of the most beautiful penises in the world. Watch what Leo has in his hand at the end of "Dirty Dreaming" just after he cums. His penis is long, thick, WONDERFUL. In "Come As You Are" (a small gem of a film with admittedly lousy production values), he's paired with the incomparable Nick Romano. Romano (who stupidly shaved his pubes for this film; WHY, Nick, why????) is clearly aroused by Leo Masters. His prick is raging-hard steel from the moment Leo pushes down Nick's pants until the moment he shoots. For his part, Masters is a real oral cockhound in the scene: He slobbers, drools, and slurps all over Romano's steel weapon. The men seem to want each other SO MUCH. At one point, Romano's so eager to have Leo suck his cock, he begins to plunge it wildly down Leo's throat. The synch-sound cuts out for a few seconds; perhaps Leo was choking and had to tell him to back off. (I know I'd have trouble taking Romano's enormous, bulbous knob if he was ramming it down MY throat!). The only problem is that the scene never quite takes off from there. Masters pulls out the Kris Lord dildo, and proceeds to very VERY easily take it up his own sweet butt. Romano is just stunned, and doesn't participate in the violation of Leo's lithe, dark body. And rather than fuck, the scene just ENDS. Romano lays on his back, jacks off (to a miniscule load). What, no FUCKING???????????? Master's rubs his pecs, but there's precious little real interaction between him and Romano as Romano beats off. There's a horrible, horrible jump cut to Master's face as he cums. What, not even a PRETENSE of build-up to Leo's orgasm???? We do end the scene with some gorgeous footage of Leo's magnificent, finally-hard (and finally-visible!; we've not seen it until this point in the scene!) cock. Leo pumps a somewhat decent load (although it only covers his hand and cock). Leo's tits are so hard, his nipples must almost be PAINFUL. The nipples are like tiny, steel studs sticking out from his tan, tiny pecs. His legs are slightly furry, and wonderfully tense as he clenches and pumps and quivers. And his prick.....OH HIS PRICK! It's raging hard in his fist. It's soaking wet with thick, white semen. It quivers as he touches himself. Wow.

I'm going to really, really miss Leo Masters.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Leo Masters' filmography: Come As You Are (Planet Group, 1992)
Danger Alley (Planet Group, 1992)
Dirty Dreaming (Mustang/Falcon, 1992)
Elements of Passion (Planet Group, 1992)

Wet Load (Jocks/Falcon, 1993)

Desert Paradise 3 (Sex Video/Video 10, 1997)
Sexcuses (Sex Video/Video 10, 1997)

Going West (XTC Video, 1998)
Hard On Site (XTC Video, 1998)
Killer Looks (US Male Entertainment, 1998)
On the Move (XTC Video, 1998)
Penetration on Pennsylvania Avenue (XTC Video, 1998)
Raw Meat 2 (Legend Video, 1998)
Touch Me There (Sex Video/Video 10, 1998)
Uniforms Only (Blade Productions, 1998)
The Underboss (US Male Entertainment, 1998)

You've Got Male (non-sexual role; Hollywood Sales, 1999)