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AVN's De Renzy Obit

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, Calif. - AVN Hall of Fame Director Alex de Renzy died this morning at a local hospital at 4 a.m. this morning after suffering a stroke and diabetic attack a few days ago. De Renzy, who resided in San Francisco, suffered the stroke after coming to Los Angeles to work on a shoot. De Renzy's associates asked that the name of the hospital he was admitted to not be identified.

Gino Colbert, an award winning gay director, who once worked as De Renzy's assistant director, said his mentor "was truly one of the greatest filmmakers in the business. I'm was a close close friend that worked with him for years. He was a pioneer. His movies were all character driven. He launched the careers of Sharon Kane, Aunt Peg, and Desirée Cousteau. When I was already making movies he was one of my role models, because I had grown up watching his films. "

Colbert said the legendary director had been fighting for the rights of the adult industry for decades. "In the sixties, he had a theater in San Francisco called 'The Screening Room'. That is where all these movies he made premiered. He was constantly being arrested, and being taken in and booked. He would fight every charge, and he is responsible for many laws being changed - a true pioneer. He definitely paved the way for a lot of us."

Sharon Mitchell, founder of AIM HealthCare, said, "He was a wonderful man. Even before Bruce Seven, you could consider him the father of girl-girl gonzo. Alex was the innovator of that style of shooting. I remember him pairing lots of girls up when he started directing girl-girl stuff, and have those orgy scenarios. I became a great friend of his. It's an incredible loss. I consider it a true privilege to have worked with Alex DeRenzy, and I know that his spirit as well as his movies shall live on."

Veteran performer Bill Margold told AVN.com, "He reminded me of a pirate. He had a total and absolute outlaw mentality. He was one of the giants. De Renzy created what is considered to be the single hottest scene in the history of the industry. That's the boiler room scene in Femmes De Sade. That scene in the boiler room is unparalleled volcanic sexuality. Wherever he is, he is entertaining people. I guarantee you, whoever runs the show up, or down, is getting a bang for his buck. He left a body of work that I don't think any other director in this business could match, because he made more."

Patrick Collins, owner of Elegant Angel said, "I knew his work before I knew him. The work that he did was groundbreaking. The quality was, in every aspect- the quality of the eroticism, as well as the production value- was unsurpassed. He was a very quiet introspective genius. He loved his family. He had a lot of kids. He was a risk taker, and I'm a better person for having known him."

John Stagliano, the owner of Evil Angel, had this statement posted on Evil Angel's website: "Since the beginning of hardcore porn, my favorite director by far has been Alex de Renzy. I have always gone out of my way to see his work. His work with the video camera in capturing hot sex is the best! I've learned much from him. And his stories are as weirdly erotic as ever. Alex is the first great pornographer and I'm proud to be selling his videos."

Russell Hampshire, owner of VCA told AVN.com, "He was one of the all time greatest filmmakers. He was a great filmmaker, and I'm sorry to hear of his passing away. I own a lot of his titles. Baby Face 1 and 2, Pretty Peaches etc. My hat's off to him."

De Renzy won the 1988 AVN Award for Best Director-Film, for Pretty Peaches 2. He also won the 1992 AVN Award for Best Director-Video for Two Women. Since entering the adult business in 1969, De Renzy, who directed anal fare for Rosebud under the name Rex Borsky made more than 200 titles.

Eli Dapolonia