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Jeremy Brent, the name used for Target Studios and Erron, the named used for Colt Studio died in the late 80's or early 90's of AIDS. He was a flight steward for TWA at the time of his death, and he and his lover lived in St. Louis. In the 70's when he was making the 8mm loops for the studios he was the premier party guy, but also one of the nicest people you would like to meet. The duo Phillip and Michael who aslo did 8mm for Mangum=Griffin and Falcon Studio and later videos for Falcon both died from AIDS in the 80's from what friends in the city of San Francisco have told me. They worked as bartenders, and I had a talk with them at Bear Hollow, a bar in the Castro, which I do not think exists anymore, in 1980. Both were really warm and friendly guys.