Historically significant movies

These are movies which may not be the best ever made, but which are significant for other (usually historical) reasons...

The public showing of explicit feature films in the US started in 1969 in San Francisco, and by early 1970 it had spread to Los Angeles and New York.
Those first films were documentaries and quasi-documentaries packed with 'redeeming social value' so as to prevent the possibility of convictions for obscenity (under the three pronged test for obscenity set by the US Supreme Court: 1) appeals to the prurient interest, 2) patently offensive because it affronts contemporary community standards, 3) utterly without redeeming social value).
Some of the better known examples of these 'documentaries' include:

But of course most of these film makers were not really interested in making documentaries, so gradually more and more movies started appearing that were real movies with the added benefit of explicit sex, and the age of pornography had truly begun.

Mona the virgin nymph (1970, dir: Bill Osco)
This was one of the first sexually explicit movies released for theatrical release with a plot (unlike the 'documentaries' of the previous years), and even today, 25 years later, it's still enjoyable to watch even though it's different from todays movies.
Hot circuit (1971, dir: Richard Lerner, AFV)
This winner of the New York Erotic Film Festival is filled with now totally unknown performers, and it was the first explicit movie based on that old stand-by plot borrowed from 'La Ronde': A meets B, who meets C, C meets D, etcetera, until finally X meets A again.
Schoolgirl (1971, dir: David Gerber, Caballero)
This very early movie obviously shows it's age but is an interesting early effort with plot (about a female student told to do research on some kind of subculture, and she chooses the sexual subculture) and erotic content.
Act of confession (1972, dir: Anthony Spinelli)
This is one pornographic movie which has never been (and probably never will be) widely released to the general public (either in cinema's or on video tape) due to it's theme. In fact it is reputed that when it was shown to East Coast pornography distributors they offered to buy to rights to it in order to be able to destroy it and prevent it's theatrical release (an offer which Spinelli declined).
The problem of the movie is that it not only tells the ribald adventures of a novice nun before she takes her vows, but the ending includes a bearded man in white robes walking on water and receiving oral sex...
Deep throat (1972, dir: Gerald Damiano, Arrow)
Deep Throat is the movie that started the whole 'porn chic' of the early 70's, with serious critics raving over it. In reality the film isn't very good and really shows it's age.
However it is by all estimates one of the all time top ten money grosser in US film history. And no we are not talking the top ten of adult movies, we are talking the top ten of all movies, right up there with Star Wars and Back to the Future...
Teenage fantasies (1972, dir: Frank Spokeman, AFV)
This has Rene Bond narrating and performing oral sex between the scenes that try to explain various mysteries of the human sexuality.
Teenage sex kitten (1972, dir: Anne Perry-Rhine)
A Rene Bond movie with a depressing story about two happy go lucky girls and their boyfriends, where one of the girls is kidnapped.
Defiance (1974, dir: Armand Weston, VCX, aka: Defiance of Good)
This is an early example of a movie with S&M and B&D theme, although most of the terror for the main character is psychological of nature.
Devil's ecstasy (1974, dir: Brandon Carter, VCX)
Not only is this a movie which used the occult/witchcraft/satanism theme to good effect, it also features the lovely Cyndee Summers in nearly every scene.
China girl (1974, dir: Edwin Durrell, Essex)
A good early example of an erotic movie that concentrated on story more than on raunch.
Fantasy girls (1974, dir: Alex deRenzy, VCA)
An early DeRenzy effort with a slim plot but his usual good erotic content, which marked the first appearance of a young actor called Joey Silvera.
Memories within miss Aggie (1974, dir: Gerald Damiano, AFV)
This is a weird psychological thriller which is not very erotic (of course the Psycho-like story might not be very helpful there).
Sometime sweet Susan (1974, dir: Fred Donaldson, VCA)
This is a very nice film with god acting that however is lacking somewhat in erotic content to make it an all-out classic.
Anyone but my husband (1975, dir: Robert Norman)
A nice example of a movie with the 'if he cheats on you do it to him' plot. Notable for the fact that C.J. Laing manages to deep throat all of Tony 'the hook' Perez' 13" cock!
Dirty western (1975, dir: Adele Robbins, AFV)
As an attempt at an explicit Western this movie succeed just as well as most B-grade Westerns, but as an attempt at a porno movie this has problems (lack of sexual heat, and far to many rape scenes to make it erotic).
Night caller (1975, dir: Anthony Spinelli, AFV)
A film dealing with an obscene phone caller who becomes a stalker, but of course this one does show the explicit sex.
Sexteen (1975, dir: Howard Ziehm, VCA)
An early example of how the 'loop carrier' can be a good movie.
Alice in Wonderland (1976, dir: Bud Townsend, Caballero)
A very nice adult adaptation of the Lewis Caroll classic starring Playmate Kristine DeBell as Alice. This movie has been released in many versions from R to XXX.
Ceremony the ritual of love (1976, dir: Fred Star, AVC)
A very nice movie where during a wedding we flash back to some of the sexual escapades between the people attending the ceremony.
Coming attractions (1976, dir: Duncan Starr, VCA, aka:Sex drive)
An interesting and different sex film that makes it difficult to distinguish reality from fantasy.
Count the ways (1976, dir: Ann Perry-Rhine, Caballero)
A movie made by a woman, which shows in the attention to story and production values, but with enough erotic content to satisfy most viewers.
Diversions (1976, dir: Derek Ford)
One of the very few good explicit movies made in the UK.
Dixie (1976, dir: Steve Brown, Video Home Entertainment)
This, the debut of stunning Abigail Clayton, is a very nice movie with the familiar and ever popular 'young naive girl learns about sex' plot.
Joy of letting go (1976, dir: John Gregory, Essex)
This movie tells the story of a bored housewife who decides to dabble in prostitution while her husband is away on a business trip.
Naked afternoon (1976, dir: Alan B. Colberg, Cal vista)
Probably Abigail Clayton's best movie, this features her as a girl dreaming of becoming a movie star.
Night pleasure (1976, dir: Hans Christian)
This movie gives us the story of a woman in control of her own sexuality.
Oriental babysitter (1976, dir: Anthony Spinelli, Essex)
This film has few, but long scenes, and each of them features the all-time Oriental superstar Linda Wong.
Roller babies (1976, dir: Carter Stevens, VCA)
An enjoyable sci-fi movie set in a future where birthcontrol has failed and sex has been outlawed.
Notable for the fact that it was put on the voting list for a Hugo (the yearly major science fiction award) and that it was the only hardcore porn movie ever shown at a World Science Fiction Convention.
Starlets (1976, dir: David Summers, Rainbow, aka: X-rated starlets)
One of the very few porno movies shot in 3-D, and the best of the bunch.
Through the looking glass (1976, dir: Jonas Middleton, Quality-X-pix)
This is one of those movie to point people to who think that sex movies have no plot. Be advised that the star, Catherine Burgess, only did simulated sex scenes for this movie.
Expectations (1977, dir: Anthony Spinelli)
A nice movie in which a socialite and a hippy decide to swap places.
Georgia peach (1977, dir: Cecil Howard, Command, originally called Peach fuz)
This is a nice movie telling the story of two college Juniors in flashback.
Hot cookies (1977, dir: Howard Ziehm)
Interesting movie that tells the story of a mysterious enchantress who, in the backroom of a bookstore, makes erotic paintings come to life for special visitors.
Inside Jennifer Welles (1977, dir: Jennifer Welles + Ken Anderson, Video-X-pix)
This was the first of a series of profiles on some of the major porn stars of the time. This one consists of cult favourite (she only made a few movies, but was very popular) Jennifer Welles telling us about her 'most memorable sexual experiences' in flashback.
Teeny buns (1977, dir: Godfrey Daniels, VCX, aka: Buns in the USA)
Despite it's title this is a very nice movie about three young girls who discover they can make a lot of money by having sex.
Visions of Clair (1977, dir: Thomas Erp, Cal vista)
This is an very unusual and confusing film, and even the director admits it is too cryptic.
Cave women (1978, dir: Annette Haven, Vivid, aka: Once upon Annette / Once upon a time)
This movie about an anthropologist who somehow is able to study the sexuality of cave men and women is notable because it was directed by Annette Haven.
China cat (1978, dir: Bob Chinn, Caballero)
This is one of the best of the Johnny Wadd hard-boiled detective pornos.
Legend of Lady Blue (1978, dir: A. Fabritzi, TVX)
A truly romantic story of two lovers who go their separate ways. She tries to make it in Hollywood but becomes a hooker, he tries to become a doctor but ends up a cabby.
Teenage Twins (1978, dir: Carter Stevens, VCA)
Not one of the best movies ever made, but historically significant because of the fact that it was the first one which starred a pair of real-life twin sisters. Not only did both girls get it on in this movie, they even get it on with each other...
Telefantasy (1978, dir: Bob Chinn, AFV)
The best of many films where a TV station is desperate for rating and they decide to use sex to boost them.
Debbie does Dallas (1978, dir: Jim Clark, Caballero)
Despite the fact that Debbie Does Dallas is one of the best known porno movies of all time and one of the all-time sellers, it is not a superior movie. It a happy little formula effort with all the standard sex scenes.
Intimate illusions (1978, dir: Paul Levis, Essex, re-released: Boiling point)
A strange movie which begins as cops and robbers with a good plot, but suddenly becomes an unrelated giant orgy (as if they ran out of money).
Lure of the triangle (1978, dir: Philip Ronald, VEP, aka:Wet and willing)
This is probably the movie with the best underwater sex ever shot.
(Hot 'n saucy) Pizza girls (1978, dir: Bob Chinn, VCX)
An enjoyable piece of fluff about a pizza delivery service specializing in sexual favours.
Slaves of pleasure (1978, dir: Warren Evans)
An excellent example of the so called 'East Coast grinder' movies: lots of sex and usually a fairly depressing story line.
Daisy May (1979, dir: Fred J. Lincoln, VCA)
A fairly crude parody of the Lil' Abner comic strip, with some fairly funny lyrics to the songs.
Female athletes (1979, dir: Leon Gucci, Video-X-pix)
Probably the best movie made by Leon Gucci, king of the low budget grinders. This has a female editor of a sports magazine who is given a chance to do an article series on women equality in sports.
Misbehavin' (1979, dir: Chuck Vincent, Quality-X-pix)
Another early example of a movie directed more towards couples, with lots of humor.
Satin suite (1979, dir: Philip Drexler jr.)
A good blend of story line (about a cut throat career woman's rise to the top) and erotic sex scenes.
Serena an adult fairytale (1979, dir: Fred J. Lincoln)
A good modern adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale set in a whorehouse.
Star virgin (1979, dir: Linus Gator, VCX)
Essentially a loop-carrier movie based on the premise of a robot explaining love and sex to the last person on Earth.
Taxi girls (1979, dir: Jacov Jaacovi, Atom)
A classic example of the quintesential raincoater movie: lots of girls and lots of hot sex. Also the best of Nancy Suiter's handful of film appearances.
Young doctors in lust (1979, dir: Darr Michaels, Now showing)
Another one of those non-stop sex movies which seem to have been made with a lot of flair in the late 70's early 80's.
Champagne for breakfast (1980, dir: Billy Thornberg, Essex)
A fun and erotic story where John Leslie pretends to be gay in order to land a job as chauffeur/body guard to Lesllie Bovee
Inside Seka (1980, dir: Ken Yontz + Seka, Video-X-pix)
This third profile picture is probably the worst of the series, but of course it centers on one of the all time fan favourites.
October silk (1980, dir: Henri Pachard, Command)
A very nice vignette movie with lots of lingerie and great sex scenes.
Stormy (1980, dir: Bob Vosse, Cal vista)
This loop carrier is so skillfully put together that it actually looks like a movie that was shot all at one time, instead of being built up around older Swedish Erotica loops.
(This lady is a) Tramp (1980, dir: Chuck Vincent, Cal vista)
A nice comedy of a women telling her rags to riches story.
Deep inside Annie Sprinkle (1981, dir: Annie Sprinkle, Video-X-pix)
Another of the profile series movies, this one features one of the kinkiest and horniest women in porn.
Desires for men (1981, dir: Caroll Connors, Mitchell brothers)
This features the return of Carol Connors to porn after her Candy movies, and shows her most passionate scenes ever.
Filthy rich (1981, dir: Michael Zen, Caballero)
A silly story with hot sex scenes of a rich couple trading roles with the servants for a day.
High school memories (1981, dir: Anthony Spinelli + Godfrey Daniels, VCX)
This movie shows (by it's non-stop comedy first half, and the character evaluation of the second) that the director had an argument with the company halfway though and left, to be replaced by another.
Indecent exposure (1981, dir: Robert McCallum, Caballero)
A comedy about a successful photographer that also tries to explore the motivation of the main characters.
Naughty network (1981, dir: Howard Ziehm, VCA)
This is a comedy, about a TV station that goes hardcore to boost ratings, where the comedy isn't particularly funny and the acting is terrible, but the sex is very good.
Never so deep (1981, dir: Gerard Damiano, VCX)
A movie with lots of emphasis on oral sex, since it's the story of a female detective who is hired by a Hugh Heffner type publisher to find the hooker he once met who gave him the best blowjob of his life.
Please mr. Postman (1981, dir: Louie Lewis, VCA)
A pleasant little movie about two letter carriers and their adventures with pretty hot sex.
Same time every year (1981, dir: Fred J. Lincoln, Video Home Library)
Cute story of three guys who pretend to go to a convention every year to cheat on their wives. Unbeknownst to them the wives are hip to their game and use the annual opportunity to do a little playing themselves.
Cafe flesh (1982, dir: Rinse Dream, VCA)
A cult adult movie: a very well made movie about a post nuclear holocaust world where most people no longer function sexually. The main problem is that it is very lacking in erotism.
Expose me now (1982, dir: Joe Sherman, Cal vista)
A totally silly movie about two brothers, of whom the pure pious one inherits a fortune, while the conniving brother gets nothing. However the sex is hot.
Foxtrot (1982, dir: Cecil Howard, Command)
A very classy vignette movie, and probably preferred by many over the deeply psychoanalytical stuff Cecil Howard usually made.
Irresistible (1982, dir: Edwin Durrell, Essex)
A light comedic movie about a guy who is sent back in time to meet some of the best known erotic women of history.
Roommates (1982, dir: Chuck Vincent, Video-X-pix)
One of the most acclaimed adult films of all time, and a standard setter for the so-called crossover movie: superb production values, very good acting and a solid story. Unfortunately it is almost completely unerotic.
Society affairs (1982, dir: Robert McCallum, Caballero)
A nice movie which is probably most noteworthy for marking the return of Harry Reems to porn after a 7 year absence.
Dark angel (1983, dir: Peter Vanderbilt, VCA, aka: Devil wore high heels)
A dark story of a man obsessed with a woman (played by Desiree Lane) he has once seen.
In love (1983, dir: Chuck Vincent, VCA)
Another one of Chuck Vincent's crossover movies (now often called 'couples' movies), this however as a sex film is much better than Roommates.
Little girls blue 2 (1983, dir: Joanna Williams, VCX, aka: Touch of blue)
A light, fluffy young schoolgirl movie, very similar to the original. A highly enjoyable movie, but not as good as the original.
Naughty girls need love too (1983, dir: Edwin Durrell, Essex, aka: Naughty girls)
One of those early 80's movies with lots of pretty girls, this one is notable for introducing the lovely Hyapatia Lee.
Private moments (1983, dir: Robert McCallum, Cal vista)
An enjoyable movie about three lawyer couples who meet every Saturday night, with the guys talking shop and the girls having sexual fantasies.
Taste of Money (1983, dir: Richard Mailer, Atom)
Not the best movie ever made, but it has some nice erotic moments and of course it marked the return of 70's legend Constance Money.
That's outrageous (1983, dir: Fred J. Lincoln, Caballero)
A nice movie about a guy who is dating two sisters at the same time, without one knowing about the other.
Young like it hot (1983, dir: Bob Chinn, Caballero)
This is a light and fun comedy centering on a phone company in financial trouble, and it has an awesome cast.
All the way in (1984, dir: Bob Chinn, VCA)
This is notable only for being Candy samples first starring role in a movie she performs explicit sex in.
Frisky business (1984, dir: Craig Alexander, VCA)
An enjoyable movie about a sister who moves in on her older sibling's boyfriend.
(Little bit of) Hanky panky (1984, dir: Svetlana, Collector's)
Another of the pure sex films made by Svetlana, this marks the debut of mid 80's legend Ginger Lynn.
Insatiable 2 (1984, dir: Godfrey Daniels, Caballero)
The return of Marilyn Chambers in the role of Sandra Chase from the original. Not as good as that original, but any film with Marilyn is worth watching.
Jailhouse girls (1984, dir: Henri Pachard, VCA)
This is a very hot 'prison girl' movie featuring Ginger Lynn as an innocent girl being thrown into jail on trumped up charges.
Matinee idol (1984, dir: Henri Pachard, VCA)
Nice movie about a film studio whose two major stars can't stand the sight of one another anymore.
Pleasure hunt (1984, dir: Lawrence T. Cole, Now showing)
Hot movie featuring Ginger Lynn who must follow a pleasure hunt map to get the inheritance of her rich husband.
Snake eyes (1984, dir: Cecil Howard, Command)
This is one of those cryptic, often confusing stories of Cecil Howard which centers on man-women relationships.
American babylon (1985, dir: Richard Mahler, VCA)
A very confusing movie which has some very hot moments.
Ball busters (1985, dir: Alex deRenzy, Cal vista)
One of the better examples of Alex deRenzy's loop carriers, with each loop a winner.
Between the cheeks (1985, dir: Greg Dark, VCA)
Another one of the Dark Brothers movies filled with hot sex, lot's of weirdness, and the 'story is usually degrading to the women (often referred to as "ho's").
Ecstasy girls 2 (1985, dir: Robert McCallum, Caballero)
This sequel to the great classic is not as good as the original, but it is a nice movie, and it does continue the original story.
Grafenberg spot (1985, dir: Artie Mitchell, Mitchell brothers)
This film has a tremendous cast of virtually all the major stars of the period, a fairly cute story, and the 'squirting female orgasm' gimmick.
Hot stuff (1985, dir: Erik Andersson, Video-X-pix)
A hot little movie that is an obvious patchjob using footage from a never completed shoot.
Nasty (1985, dir: Lawrence T. Cole, Now showing)
If you like men being humiliated, this is the movie for you. It's also got some very hot sex scenes.
New wave hookers (1985, dir: Gregory Dark, VCA)
Probably the Dark Brother's (the self-proclaimed 'new answer to great porn') best known movie, it has their usual offbeat antics and hot sex, but it is also, as usual, not erotic. It also has a very nice soundtrack by the Plugz.
Tickled pink (1985, dir: Jay Paul, VCA)
A nice movie about a bored married couple who decide to try their hand at swinging, and mistake a house hunting couple for their swing dates.
Wild things 1 (1985, dir: Alex deRenzy, Cal vista)
Another one of the fine loop-carrier movies Alex deRenzy seemed to specialize on in the mid 80's. This one doesn't seems to contain one mediocre loop, all are winners.
Babyface 2 (1986, dir: Alex deRenzy, VCA)
Enjoyable fluff with a great cast of 80's cuties, little plot and virtually no connection to the original classic.
Crazy with the heat (1986, dir: Robert McCallum, Cal vista)
Nice movie starring Joanna Storm as a computer designer about to sign a contract when she becomes a sexual berserker gone crazy with the heat.
Devil in Miss Jones 3 + 4 (1986, dir: Greg Dark, VCA)
A two part continuation (or really a new start) of the Justine Jones story in the crass Dark Brothers style, this would probably have benefitted from being one movie, since the second part is markedly weaker then the first.
Every woman has a fantasy 2 (1986, dir: Edwin Durrell, VCA)
Yet another sequel to a very good movie, this too doesn't make the quality of the original (it misses Rachel Ashley's great performance), but it is a good movie and one of those few sequels that actually continue the original story.
Make me want it (1986, dir: Michael Carpenter, Caballero)
One of those movies that has a limited plot, very limited acting, but brims with hot sex action.
Peeping Tom (1986, dir: Robert McCallum, Cal vista)
Interesting movie about an investment magnate who has a terrible problem: he's a compulsive voyeur.
Wild things 2 (1986, dir: Alex deRenzy, Cal vista)
This deRenzy loop-carrier that capitalizes on the success of the original is almost as hot.
Nightshift nurses (1987, dir: John Leslie, VCA)
This, the directing debut of legendary porn actor John Leslie, is a nice movie, but not nearly as good as some of his later directing efforts.
Catwoman (1988, dir: John Leslie, VCA)
This early John Leslie effort has some flaws, but is clearly superior to many of the movies made at that time.
Dirty debutantes (1989, dir: Ed Powers, 4 Play)
Significant for the fact that this (more so than his earlier Busstop Tales series) first episode in a continuing series started a whole new genre of pornography: that of the first time 'amateur' performer being introduced to the audience.
My bare lady (1989, dir: Scotty Fox, Moonlight)
Significant in it being one of the very few porno musicals.
Night trips (1989, dir: Andrew Blake, Caballero)
One of the first porno movies by Andrew Blake, here he already showed that he loves beautiful photography, but at least he didn't forget to include hot sex scenes here.
House of dreams (1990, dir: Andrew Blake, Caballero)
This later Andrew Blake movie already shows the gradual change in his products: even more 'dreamy' photography than his previous movies, and the sex is already beginning to become less important than the images (a trend which would continue in his next productions).
American Buttman in London (1990, dir: John Stagliano, Evil Angel)
Another one of the seemingly endless stream of good Buttman, this takes us to Blighty to prove that the British do have sex, or at least some of them do.
Justine: Nothing to hide 2 (1992, dir: Paul Thomas, Cal Vista)
An acclaimed movie that clearly tries to emulate the Golden Age classics with it's high production values, actual character development and substantial plot.
Hidden obsessions (1992, dir: Andrew Blake, Ultimate)
A typical late Andrew Blake porno movie, where the beautiful photography is far more important than the sexual content. This goes so far that most of the sex is between girls only, simply because the female body photographs more beautifully. Significant in that it unleashed Janine Lindemulder unto the world of pornographic movies.
Realities 2 (1992, dir: Layne Parker, Zane)
A movie that is a perfect showcase of the incredible sexual energy of the top porn star of the first half of the 90's; Ashlyn Gere.
Secret garden 1 + 2 (1992, dir: Michael Zen, X-citement)
Two nice movies that showcase the acting abilities of two of the better actresses in porn today (Ashlyn Gere and Ona Zee) in a queer story about a very strange family.
Sodomania (1992, dir: Patrick Collins, Elegant Angel)
A good example of a modern vignette porno movie whose director isn't interested all that much in story, he wants to show stuff which will arouse the viewer sexually.
Slave to love (1993, dir: Alex deRenzy, Rosebud)
A nice movie with an interesting story, fairly nice acting and some very hot sex scenes.
Steamy windows (1993, dir: Paul Thomas, Vivid)
One of those movies that show that Paul Thomas can make very good movies, if he doesn't forget that pornographic movies need some hot sex and not only a nice story.

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