Some very good movies that only just miss out on classic status

Behind the green door (1972, dir: Jim & Artie Mitchell, Mitchell bros)
Still one of the all time top selling adult movies this movie gave porn viewers the incredible Marilyn Chambers as a girl kidnapped to appear in a strange sex show.
Touch of sex (1972, dir: George O'Connor, AFV, aka: Loves of Mary Jane)
Nice comedy of a guy wanting to becme a musician in Hollywood. He is troubled by all the promiscuity he percieves everywhere.
Resurrection of Eve (1973, dir: Artie Mitchell, Mitchell bros)
Good movie of a girl who after a car accident and plastic surgery is slowly learns to enjoy a swinging sex life at the urging of her husband.
Rendezvous with Anne (1973, dir: Lowell Pickett, California)
The stories of three girls named Anne Stewart, who happen to meet at the airport when a fourth Anne Stewart is paged.
Sleepy head (1973, dir: Erik Andersson)
This melodrama telling the story off two sisters is an early movie that combines a plot with very erotic sex.
Whatever happened to miss September (1973, dir: Jerry Denny, VCA)
This very well made detective story centers on a guy hired to find Miss September for a rich guy who hass fallen in love with her.
High school fantasies (1974, dir: Morris Deal)
This great High School movie set in the 50's is porn's answer to American Graffiti.
Seduction of Lyn Carter (1974, dir: Anthony Spinelli, AVC)
This, the first movie Jamie Gillis made on the West coast, documents the affair a woman starts with a charming but demented sexual expert, leading her to ever greater heights of ecstasy and ever deeper humiliation.
Marriage and other 4 letter words (1974, dir: Rick Robinson, VCA)
A very good movie about a young happily married couple. But after a year of marital bliss he's grown tired of her and starts to cheat. After talking it out they decide to try swinging.
Naughty victorians (1975, dir: Robert Kinger, VCA)
This fine S&M and B&D movie, based on Victorian literature, follows the descent of a woman into degradation and humiliation in the hands of her lover.
Oriental blue (1975, dir: Philip Drexler jr.)
A well made movie about a white slavery ring with the requisite kidnapping and raping.
Pleasure masters (1975, dir: Alex deRenzy, VCA)
To all intents and purposes this is just one elaborate loop reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode continaing very hot sex.
Punishment of Anne (1975, dir: Henry Paris)
A good example of a sensual and erotic movie dealing with the theme of bondage and S&M. Note however that it has fairly little hardcore sex (most of the sex is softcore).
Cry for Cindy (1976, dir: Anthony Spinelli, AFV)
A very nice movie combining plot and production values with sex, this tells the story of how a sweet innocent girl becomes a succesful hooker.
Expose me lovely (1976, dir: Armand Weston, Quality-X-pix)
One of the better adult detective movie made, this seems more a well plotted movie that just happens to contain explicit sex.
Fantasex (1976, dir: Cecil Howard, Command)
A good adaption of the Walter Mitty dreamer concept, with two hen-pecked book readers for a publishing house escaping into the fantasy worlds of the books they have to read.
Portrait of seduction (1976, dir: Anthony Spinelli, Essex)
A very hot movie about a mature woman being seduced by her young step-son.
Practice makes perfect (1976, dir: Torgny Wickman, Cal vista)
A very nice Swedish sex comedy with several US stars.
Slippery when wet (1976, dir: Erik Andersson)
A very nice movie about college friends reuniting and finally realizing all the unrealized passion that existed between them.
Spirit of seventy sex (1976, dir: Godfrey Daniels, Ventura)
A funny tale of what the Founding Fathers really were like.
Sweet cakes (1976, dir: Howard Ziehm, VCA)
Essentially a loop carrier held together by an interviewer talking to a Hefner-like publisher, this has some monumentally hot sequences.
Trouble with young stuff (1976, dir: Erik Andersson, VCX)
The trouble of this movie is that the title is completely wrong since it's not about young girls at all. It more of a porn soap revolving around some blue collar workers.
Coming of angels (1977, dir: Joel Scott, VCA)
A take off of TV's Charlie's Angels, this movie has an incredible cast with Abigail Clayton, Annette Haven and Lesllie Bovee playing the angels.
Do you wanna be loved (1977, dir: B.A. Smith, AFV)
A very nice movie featuring Rene Bond, the West Coast's Adult Queen of the early 70's, as a wife neglected by her career making husband.
Jail bait (1977, dir: Carter Stevens, Command, aka: Sweet spot)
This nice movie features one of Wade Nichols finest acting performances as a total wimp being dominated by his wife and any other woman he meets.
Odyssey (1977, dir: Gerard Damiano, VCX, aka: Odyssey the ultimate trip)
One of Damiano's most cryptic movies this one attempst to explore the various stages of humal sexuality.
Pleasure Palace (1977, dir: Carter Stevens, Cal Vista)
Generally considered as Carter Stevens' best movie, this tale of an ex-cop and some mafiosi features some excellent acting by the male leads, especially Eric Edwards and Jamie Gillis.
Reflections (1977, dir: Michael Zen, VCX)
A psychological movie about two siblings who used to play sex games and keep their cousin out of it. Now she is trying to get to grips with these memories as she visits them once again.
Seven into Snowy (1977, dir: ASheppard, Cal vista)
A nice, very erotic addaption of the Snowwhite story, with Abigail Clayton as gorgeous as even in the main role.
Erotic adventures of Candy (1978, dir: Gail Palmer, VCX)
A classic comedy about a 20 year old blond virgin with a heart of gold and a head full of air.
Expensive tastes (1978, dir: Joanna Williams, VCX)
This movie is not for everyone, as it contains several very explicit rape scenes. However, it is probably the best rape movie made, and it is directed by a woman.
Fiona on fire (1978, dir: Warren Evans & Kenneth Schwartz, VCA)
A very good detective story about a black police man who has to solve a brutal shotgun murder.
Health spa (1978, dir: Clair Dia, Essex)
A very nice movie about a journalist who has to do an expose on a health club that features sexercise methods.
Maraschino cherry (1978, dir: Henry Paris, Quality-X-pix)
This may arguably be the worst of Henry Paris' five hardcore movies, but it is still a classic in it's own right, and a very enjoyable movie.
Skin flicks (1978, dir: Gerard Damiano, AVC)
A nice movie about an adult film director who is already 10 days behind schedule as he tries to find the perfect ending for his movie.
Untamed (1978, dir: Ramsey Karson, VCX)
A very nice loop-carrier with a journalist interviewing a Mike Hammer type detective to get him to tell some of the juicy stories he has seen throughout his career.
800 fantasy lane (1979, dir: Svetlana, Cal vista)
This first film by Svetlana has two gas station attendants pretending to be millionairs in search of a mansion so they will be pampered by the girls of the Hollywood Star Realty agency.
Babylon pink (1979, dir: Henri Pachard, Command)
A vignette film that tells about a day in the lives of seven women, and the sexual adventures they have.
Fantasy world (1979, dir: Bob Chinn & Jeffrey Fairbanks, VCX)
Fantasy world is a strange live-sex show place where three sailors and three secretaries happen to wind up.
Jack and Jill (1979, dir: Chuck Vincent, Quality-X-pix)
This humorous, high budget movie tells the story of Jack and Jill who as a married couple try to spice up their sex lives with game playing.
Summer school (1979, dir: Godfrey Daniels, VCX)
A very nice story about a girl who goes to summer school in California determined to stay a virgin, but once there her attitudes towards sex slowly change.
American pie (1980, dir: Jeff Fairbanks, Essex)
This is a very nice 50's movie about two small time drifters and a bimbo who kidnap two daughters of a rich man to get a large ransom. Unfortunately the girls are such spoiled bitches that the father doesn't even believe they have actually been kidnapped.
(A Place) Beyond shame (1980, dir: Fred J. Lincoln & Sharon Mitchell, VEP)
Although the plot isn't much: a woman with sexual hang-ups who visits a therapist for advice, the hot sex makes this an enjoyable movie.
Blondes have more fun (1980, dir: John Seeman, Essex)
A great little comedy about a hustler who starts a health store and soon finds that the useless tonicum he was selling as a cure-all is actually a powerful aphrodisiac which makes people have sex for hours and hours.
Budding of Brie (1980, dir: Henri Pachard, VCA)
This porn version of All About Eve perfectly captures the feeling of 1951, but somehow the plot, costumes, set and dialogue nearly overwhelm the sex.
Coed fever (1980, dir: Robert McCallum, Caballero)
A thoroughly enjoyable movie about the girls of a sorority who are bullied by their dike president and aren't allowed to meat their low-life boyfriends from the Uppa You fraternety. Lots of comedy and hot sex, and a large cast of big names.
Dracula exotica (1980, dir: Warren Evans, VCA)
A very good rendition of the Dracula story.
Pink ladies (1980, dir: Richard Mahler, VCA)
Nice movie about four married women who socialize at different activities while their husbands are at work.
Sex boat (1980, dir: Svetlana, VCX)
A hot film about a Love Boat exclusive for women, where two guys slip on in drag to have the time of their lives.
Taboo (1980, dir: Kirdy Stevens, Standard)
A very good movie that takles the subject of mother-son incest.
Wicked sensations (1980, dir: Ron Chrones, Dreamland)
Good movie about a novelist who seems prefers to watch his macho buddy fuck over making it with his own lover. When his psychiatrist tells him he need to explore his sexuallity more he tries.
American desire (1981, dir: Lasse Braun, Caballero)
Good movie about a couple with sexual problems. He wants to 'let each other free' while she isn't so sure about that.
Beauty (1981, dir: Warren Evans, VCA)
This nice movie has gorgeous Loni Sanders in the title role in this porn adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast story.
Charli (1981, dir: Godfrey Daniels, VCX)
This very nice movie is considered by some as the first real 'women's porno'.
Dancers (1981, dir: Anthony Spinelli, VCX)
A good movie about a troup of malke strippers and their romantic involvements in the town they visit.
Delicious (1981, dir: Philip Drexler jr., Video-X-pix)
A fine movie about an enchanted maid who comes into a sexually frustrated household and soon has everyones sexlife straighted out again.
Girl's best friend (1981, dir: Henri Pachard)
A good light comedy where a mother and son team seduce rich victims only so the other one can rob their jewels.
Neon nights (1981, dir: Cecil Howard, Command)
Interesting movie about the adventures of a girl who leaves home after her mother catches her lover about to penetrate her in the bathroom.
Satisfiers of Alpha Blue (1981, dir: Gerard Damiano, AVC)
The best explicit science fiction movie made, with a plot good enough to complement the sex.
Scent of Heather (1981, dir: Philip Drexler jr., Video-X-pix)
A very nice movie that captures the Victorian athmosphere very nicely, this one has a newlywed couple discovering they are brother and sister.
Tiffany minx (1981, dir: Roberta Findlay, Caballero)
A good detective story of a rich woman someone is trying to murder for her money.
All American girls (1982, dir: Bill Eagle, Caballero)
Very basic plot summed up by 'sorority sisters tell sexy stories during a reunion', but with great production values and gorgeous girls.
Blonde goddess (1982, dir: Bill Eagle, Quality-X-pix)
Light story of a comic book writer and his fertile immagination.
Midnight heat (1982, dir: Richard Mahler, VCA)
Depressing but very well acted movie with Jamie Gillis playing a hit man holed up in a seedy hotel, pondering his existence.
Nurses of the 407 (1982, dir: Tony Kendrick, Caballero)
A porno take-off of the classic TV series M*A*S*H, with a good balance of humor and sex.
Scoundrels (1982, dir: Cecil Howard, Command)
Another one of Cecil Howard's cryptic movies about relationships, this one follows Ron Jeremy as he has problems with his wife, his daugther, and the world at large.
Talk dirty to me 2 (1982, dir: Tim McDonald, Caballero)
A sequel that is obviously inferior to the original, this one concentrates on dirty tlking stid Jack and virtually ignores the Lenny character. However, it does have great sex scenes and introduces Bridgette Monet.
Titillation (1982, dir: Damon Christian, Essex)
Probably one of the best big boob movies made, this tells the story of two bumbling detectives in search of the 'perfect set'.
Up 'n coming (1982, dir: Godfrey Daniels, Caballero)
Marilyn Chamber's return after the classic Insatiable, this movie has much more of a story (about a promising new country singer) and still showcases the incredible sexual energy of Marilyn.
Bodies in heat (1983, dir: Paul G. Vatelli, Caballero)
A very good detective story with a good plot and hot sex scenes.
Corruption (1983, dir: Richard Mahler, VCA)
A not very erotic movie that seems to focus much more on the brain than the crotch, it deals with business man Jamie Gillis and his interactions with various others.
Hot dreams (1983, dir: Warren Evans, Caballero)
A hot movie with married Sharon Mitchell who constantly has these sexual fantasies and dreams.
Maneaters (1983, dir: Fred J. Linclon, VCA)
Nice movie about attorney Joey Silvera who is suddenly swamped by horny girls after his wife goes to visit her sick mother.
Suzie superstar (1983, dir: Robert McCallum, Cal vista)
Nice story about a very promissing young rock singer who is under the control of a nasty manager.
Young Like it Hot (1983, dir: Bob Chinn, Caballero)
Light little story about the personel of a telephone company who decide to give some special service to make the management realize that personal service can't be replaced by a computer.
Girls on fire (1984, dir: Jack Remy, VCX)
An adult version of Some like it hot, with two insurance detectives hiding for a hitman in a house full of gorgeous models.
Great sexpectations (1984, dir: Henri Pachard, VCA)
This secquel to Sexcapades is as good as the original, and it continues the story of x-rated director Harry Crocker.
Kinky business (1984, dir: Jerry Ross, Dreamland)
A take-off of the mainstream Risky Business, this has Tom Byron alone for the weekend and before you know it the house is being used by a plethora of gorgeous working girls.
Trinity Brown (1984, dir: Robert McCallum, Cal vista)
A very nice detective story with good acting and some excelent sex scenes.
She's so fine (1985, dir: Henri Pachard, VCA)
Fun movie about Taija Rae on her wedding day waiting for her intended. A lot of weird friends and neighbors show up.
Taboo 4 (the younger generation) (1985, dir: Kirdy Stevens, Standard)
The fourth instalment in this series again approaches the original in that it has a good story line, good acting, and some very hot sex.
Taboo American style (1985, dir: Henri Pachard, VCA)
This 4 part mini series which captures the spirit of the Dallas and Dynasty tv stuff is packed with heat, has some very good acting, and won best film awards at all three awards ceremonies (AFAA, CAFA and XRCO).
Too naughty to say no (1985, dir: Victor Nye, Caballero)
This fun film of a catholic schoolgirl's dream after she has read a bible story filled with the word 'begat' has some very hot sex scenes, a great cast, and nearly all scenes feature the incredibly beautiful Angel.
Trashy lady (1985, dir: Steve Scott, Masterpiece)
A very well done 30's gangster movie with a cute story, great cast and tremendous production values.
Pretty Peaches 2 (1987, dir: Alex deRenzy, VCA)
A worthy sequel to the classic, this continues the story (with a completely different cast) of a young, innocent girl out in the world.
Beauty and the beast (1988, dir: Paul Thomas, VCA)
Probably the best movie Paul Thomas has directed, this has the usual high production values, coupled with good acting and hot sex scenes.
Candy's little sister Sugar (1988, dir: Gerard Damiano, Vidco)
A very belated sequel to the popular Candy movies, this has the same zany, sexy adventures, this time for Candy's little sister.
Adventures of Buttman (1989, dir: John Stagliano, Evil Angel)
This was a difficult movie to place, since it is a very good movie that revolutionized porn in the 90's and gave rise to a whole new genre, and it only just did not make it into the Classic category.
Chameleon (1989, dir: John Leslie, VCA)
A good movie about a female who can take on the shape of another person, which she does often to indulge in sex.
Buttman's ultimate workout (1990, dir: John Stagliano, Evil Angel)
This third of the Buttman movies made by John Stagliano is probably one of the best.
Masseuse (1990, Paul Thomas, Vivid)
A movie with good acting, an interesting plot, nice sex scenes, and (very unusually) only two sexually active performers: Randy Spears and Hyapatia Lee.
Secrets (1990, dir: Andrew Blake, Caballero)
Probably the best of the Andrew Blake movies, this one has the beautiful photography, the beautiful girls, but also has some very good, hot sex scenes.
Curse of the catwoman (1990, dir: John Leslie, VCA)
This sequel to one of Leslie's earliest directorial efforts shows that he is one of the better directors at the moment, and that he knows how to tell a story without loosing sight of the hot sex needed in a porno movie.

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